unfilial son to appear! Therefore, the Bai Family will now sentence the entire Qin Family to death!”

However, the following words of the Bai Family’s Patriarch made Qin Chuan and the others widen their eyes in disbelief!


Qin Chuan looked at the Bai Family’s Patriarch in front of him and felt that he had heard wrong!

“That’s right! You can execute it now!”

The Bai Family’s Patriarch nodded, and then he waved his hand at the disciples of the Bai Family behind him.
“Bring out all the members of the Qin Family in the entire imperial palace! If anyone disobeys, kill without mercy!”

“Let’s see who dares…”

Looking at the Bai Family disciples who were about to move behind the Bai Family’s Patriarch, Qin Chuan directly stood up.
At the same time, his Spiritual Sea Realm cultivation erupted!

Immediately, the expressions of everyone present changed greatly!

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The powerful cultivation of the Spiritual Sea Realm was not something they could withstand at all!

With such a terrifying cultivation level, even if Qin Chuan did not attack, he would probably be able to kill everyone present with just these cultivation levels!

“Qin Chuan, are you rebelling?!”

After sensing Qin Chuan’s aura, the Bai Family’s Patriarch also snorted coldly.
An equally terrifying Spiritual Sea Realm aura erupted from his body!

Immediately, two Spiritual Sea Realm auras appeared in the entire venue.

The two auras intertwined, almost making everyone present feel as if two mountains were smashing into their hearts!

“It’s not that I want to rebel! I really don’t understand the Bai Family’s intention! My Qin Family has protected the Primordial Dynasty for generations.
What crime have we committed? Why do you have to kill our family??”

Qin Chuan looked at the Bai Family’s Patriarch with anger in his eyes.
His heart could be said to be filled with anger!

“Just because you, Qin Chuan, dare to question me now, you deserve to die!”

The Bai Family’s Patriarch looked at Qin Chuan, his tone even more arrogant.


After hearing this, Qin Chuan suddenly began to laugh loudly, and his voice carried a wisp of madness!

“Good, good, good! In that case, the Bai Family should be killed!”

Qin Chuan looked at the Bai Family’s Patriarch and snorted coldly, “A family is so arrogant! Your family’s Bai Niantian really deserved to die!”

“How dare you!”

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When the Bai Family’s patriarch heard this, his voice sounded.

A terrifying airflow actually emitted from his body, blowing up all his hair!

At the same time, the terrifying spiritual qi of the Spiritual Sea Realm simply transformed into a vast ocean that crushed towards Qin Chuan!

When Qin Chuan saw this, he also used the huge spiritual qi of the Spiritual Sea Realm.

The two spiritual qi collided, causing everyone present to vomit a mouthful of blood!

“Let’s go!”

When the two existences at the Spiritual Sea Realm saw this, they practically teleported into the sky at the same time!

This was because if they fought below, their clansmen would probably be crushed to pieces by the aftershock of the battle at the Spiritual Sea Realm!

“Since the Patriarch has already attacked! Disciples, follow me!”

Just as the Bai Family’s Patriarch and Qin Chuan attacked together, two old men walked out from the Bai Family.

Although the aura of these two elders did not have the aura of the Spiritual Sea Realm, their cultivation had already reached the peak of the Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

“This Primordial Dynasty is not something that you can destroy just like that!”

When these two old men came out, Qin Shanhe, who was standing beside Qin Yu, also walked out resolutely!


At the same time, an extremely powerful spiritual qi vortex condensed above Qin Yu’s head!

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