could really be said to cover the sky and sun.
Its terrifying power made even the two Spiritual Sea Realm existences feel extremely shocked!

“Forget it! Die!”

Looking at Qin Chuan in front of him in a daze, the Bai Family’s Patriarch seized this opportunity.
Then, his hand turned into the shape of a claw that grabbed at the Divine Roc Island in the sky!

“What are you doing…”

Seeing the Bai Family’s Patriarch’s action, Qin Chuan could not help but say in fear.

“Of course I’ll let it be buried with you…”

The Bai Family’s Patriarch smiled sinisterly.
Then, a powerful suction force suddenly appeared in his hand and controlled the Divine Roc not far away!

After obtaining the suction force of the Bai Family’s ancestor, the Divine Roc Island in the sky immediately seemed to be controlled by an invisible hand, and its body began to collide in the direction of Qin Chuan!

It could be imagined that if he collided with this Divine Roc, even if Qin Chuan did not die, he would probably become flustered!

“You still want to touch my Divine Roc…”

However, just as the Divine Roc was about to collide with Qin Chuan, a lazy voice sounded from the Divine Roc!

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Then, under everyone’s shocked gazes, a young man stood up from the Divine Roc!

He looked at the Bai Family’s Patriarch and Qin Chuan below.
His finger moved slightly, and the descending Divine Roc Island actually stopped!


Seeing Gong Ziliang so easily resolve the move he sent out and the Divine Roc return to its original state, the Bai Family’s patriarch could not help but feel surprised!

“Kid! As the Bai Family’s patriarch, I order you to crash into him now.
I’ll reward you heavily later!”

The Bai Family’s patriarch looked at Gong Ziliang and said in a tone that did not allow for refusal.

“Bai Family’s Patriarch…”

Hearing the Bai Family’s patriarch’s words, Gong Ziliang’s eyes narrowed slightly, feeling extremely surprised!

This was really a gathering of enemies!

He could encounter this Bai Family’s Patriarch even if he flew in the air!

This inexplicably felt like seeing cabbages in the market…

“Gong Ziliang! This Bai Family’s Patriarch’s cultivation has probably reached the Spiritual Sea Realm…”

When she saw the Bai Family’s patriarch, Mo Yue could not help but reveal a shocked expression.

A Spiritual Sea Realm ancestor was an existence that did not appear in the Bai Family.
He did not expect to encounter one here today!

“Spiritual Sea Realm…”

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Gong Ziliang nodded when he heard this.
Although the Spiritual Sea Realm was powerful, he was not weak either! “Kid, aren’t you going to attack? Could it be that you dare to defy my order…”

The Bai Family’s patriarch looked at Gong Ziliang’s hesitant appearance and could not help but snort coldly.

“Defy? Old thing, who are you ordering?”

Who knew that Gong Ziliang’s next words directly made the expressions of everyone present change.

“Old thing, who are you ordering?”

As Gong Ziliang said this, the expressions of everyone around changed!

The gaze that the Gemini Stars looked at Gong Ziliang with could be said to be filled with shock!

The enemy that Gong Ziliang was facing now was an existence at the Spiritual Sea Realm!

Talking to a Spiritual Sea Realm expert like this was simply asking for death!

“What, what did you say?”

As expected, after Gong Ziliang said this, endless anger immediately appeared on the face of the Bai Family’s patriarch.

His spiritual qi began to riot!


Then, spiritual qi pressure emitted from his body and surged crazily towards Gong Ziliang!

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