Chapter 320 Demonic Creature

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“Did it succeed?”

Holding the spear in his hand, Gong Ziliang could clearly sense that this spear was different from before.

The spear that had just condensed was powerful, but it was only a false weapon condensed from endless dark flames!


This spear seemed to have been injected with a soul.
Its terrifying power could be said to be continuously emitted!

“Oh? What is this…”

However, just as Gong Ziliang was about to celebrate, he suddenly felt powerful fluctuations coming from the endless space around his body!

Gong Ziliang hurriedly looked over.

Unknowingly, shadows began to continuously walk in the void!

These shadows looked extremely strange, as if they did not exist in this space at all!

Moreover, their shapes were even stranger, looking like hyenas!

However, unlike hyenas, these demonic creatures were almost completely black.
Only a pair of scarlet eyes were exposed, looking a little terrifying!

Their bodies were almost ten meters long!

Endless shadows continuously appeared from all directions!

In just a moment, Gong Ziliang’s surroundings were already completely surrounded!

“Gong Ziliang, be careful! These are the demonic creatures we mentioned previously…”

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At this moment, Qin Yu’s voice suddenly sounded from below.

When Gong Ziliang heard this, a knowing expression immediately appeared in his eyes!

Demonic creature!

So these things were those demonic creatures!

Previously, Qin Yu had told Gong Ziliang that this Heaven-rank martial technique was very strange and was very difficult to cultivate.

Moreover, there would be endless demonic creatures that continuously attacked from all directions!

This was because Qin Chuan and the others had built this Black Gold Heavenly Platform to suppress the existence of these demonic creatures!

As expected!

After seeing Gong Ziliang, these demonic creatures kept roaring.

However, none of them attacked, as if they were very afraid of the Black Gold Heavenly Platform under Gong Ziliang!

“As expected!”

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang immediately nodded, having already made up his mind!

“Since you don’t dare to come over, I’ll attack!”

Gong Ziliang looked at these demonic creatures and chuckled.

In the next moment, his body suddenly emitted a dazzling light!

At the same time, a golden light appeared.

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A golden figure jumped out of Gong Ziliang’s body and arrived in front of these demons!

This golden figure looked like a qilin.

However, the white wings on its back looked like they had grown wings for it, causing its aura to look extremely terrifying!

This was the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon equipped with the Heaven Ascension Wings!

Ever since Gong Ziliang gave it the Heaven Ascension Wings the last time, the Fierce Wind Fire Dragon had not been summoned by him again.

Now that it had finally come out, it could not help but be extremely excited!

At the same time, a blue shadow also appeared beside Gong Ziliang!

This shadow looked like a wolf with combat strength.
Its entire body revealed an extremely powerful aura!

When this shadow appeared, the surrounding air seemed to have become a little sticky!

Then, this shadow roared at the sky and transformed into a ray of light that directly possessed Gong Ziliang’s body!

This was Gong Ziliang’s soul beast—the Gale Demon Wolf!


This was not the end.

Immediately after, a few figures almost directly appeared beside Gong Ziliang.

At this moment, those artifact spirits all appeared and attached themselves to Gong Ziliang’s weapon.

This caused Gong Ziliang’s strength to almost increase by a few times in an instant!

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“Woof, woof, woof!”

The demonic creatures outside looked at Gong Ziliang and could not help but howled again!

Then, under Gong Ziliang’s gaze, the first demonic creature finally could not hold back and rushed towards him!

“You’re courting death!”

Looking at this demonic creature, the black dragon spear in its hand trembled slightly.

In the next moment, an extremely terrifying force erupted from the spear.

Under this power, the demonic creature that rushed up did not even resist.

Almost instantly, it turned into a stream of smoke and disappeared!

“What is this…”

While Gong Ziliang was fighting, the disciples of the Qin Family below were also stunned!

This was especially true for Qin Chuan and Qin Shanhe.

They looked at the demonic creatures that continuously rushed towards Gong Ziliang, their eyes filled with confusion!

“That’s not right.
I remember that the demonic creatures that attacked me was much bigger and stronger than these things now!”

Qin Chuan looked at these hyenas that were attacking Gong Ziliang and could not help but rub his head, feeling a little puzzled.

“That’s right! The body that attacked me back then was not so blurry! It was a demonic creature that had already materialized!”

Qin Shanhe nodded in agreement.

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Even he felt a little puzzled by this situation.

“Gasp! Did you notice that these monsters are like the shrunken version of the huge monster from before…”

Suddenly, Qin Chuan seemed to have discovered something.
His tone suddenly changed slightly, and he said in surprise.
“Right, right, right! It’s true!!”

Hearing Qin Chuan’s words, Qin Shanhe’s eyes could not help but light up!


These demonic creatures were like the subordinates of that demonic creature!

“Could it be that this demonic creature also has intelligence?? It sensed Gong Ziliang’s strength and sent these things out to test your strength?” Qin Chuan looked at these demons and suddenly guessed an extremely important decision in his heart!


When Qin Shanhe heard this, his heart skipped a beat.

This was because his father’s guess was not impossible!

After all, Gong Ziliang could be said to be the first person to successfully cultivate this Heaven-rank martial technique.

If the demonic creature really had so-called intelligence, it would definitely not directly come out to fight.

Instead, he first sent out some miscellaneous soldiers to test Gong Ziliang’s strength!

“Gong Ziliang, be careful! These monsters are only small fries.
The stronger ones are still behind…”

When he thought of this, Qin Shanhe could not help but speak and hurriedly shouted at Gong Ziliang in the sky.

Just as Qin Shanhe finished speaking, it suddenly sounded!

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