Lin Anruo could not help but step forward.

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After taking the piece of paper from the servant girl, she heard a cold voice not far away, “Hmph, I didn’t expect that there would be such a talented person like Young Master Liang in the small Firewood City.”

The source of the voice was naturally Yin Zhiping.

Although the Duke’s Mansion did not pass down poetry and books, Yin Zhiping still had the ability to judge poetry and literature.

It was not until Gong Ziliang’s poem appeared that the outcome of the first round of the poetry competition had already lost its suspense.

If he let the attendant appear on his behalf and belittle and ridicule the other party, the only one who would be embarrassed would be him.

However, it was definitely impossible for him to admit defeat just like that.

He cast a gaze at Lin Anruo’s maid.
The struggling expression on the latter’s face only lasted for a moment before she said.

“Young Master Liang, your poem can indeed be said to be outstanding, but you pay too much attention to your relationship.
Compared to Prince Yin who loves beauties and the grand kingdom more, you’re ultimately a little inferior.”

“Therefore, this match will be considered a draw between Prince Yin and Young Master Liang.
What do you guys think?”

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As soon as the maid finished speaking, a few princes in the crowd immediately waved their arms and objected loudly, indicating that Yin Zhiping’s “Legendary Poem” should firmly suppress Gong Ziliang’s poetry!

Anger and anger flashed in Lin Anruo’s eyes.
She looked at the maid, but she quickly thought of something.
She bit her lips under the thin veil and had no choice but to announce the first draw.

Although the princes were unwilling to accept this outcome, they finally accepted it under Yin Zhiping’s persuasion.

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Seeing the echoing expressions of Yin Zhiping and the few princes, Gong Ziliang only shook his head and smiled lightly, without any intention of standing out to fight.

After the princes saw his posture, they thought that he was afraid.

“This guy is the pretty boy helper Lin Anruo found? He’s quite talented in poetry, but he’s a complete coward!”

“Looks like Brother Yin will definitely be able to fulfill his wish today and obtain the beauty.”

“Come, come, come.
Before the second round begins, let’s drink this cup together and congratulate Brother Yin!”

A few princes even tore off their disguises and raised their wine cups to shout.

Yin Zhiping also raised his wine cup.
The gloominess on his face disappeared and turned to pride.
After saluting Lin Anruo from afar, he raised his head and drank it all.

Looking at Yin Zhiping and the few princes who were clearly bribed, Lin Anruo’s body could not help but tremble slightly.

She was born in the Lin Family of the Bi Fang Empire and was originally the daughter of a noble family.
However, because of her natural Seduction Physique, she attracted the attention of an expert who was about to enter the Heaven Deity Realm and forcefully barged into the Lin Family to kidnap her.

In the end, after the family paid a huge price, they repelled the other party.

However, the secret of her physique was also leaked.

Without a choice, Lin Anruo could only bring a few maidservants and leave the family to hide in a remote dynasty.

In order to return to the family one day, Lin Anruo did not hesitate to use her charm to mediate between the princes of the few dynasties, wanting to find a faction with strength and was willing to protect the Lin Family.

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However, after a few twists and turns, before she could find a suitable candidate, her actions towards the princes of the few dynasties had already attracted the attention of many emperors.

Therefore, she planned to determine the final candidates through today’s poetry gathering.

These descendants of the aristocratic families and nobles of the dynasty, including Yin Zhiping, were all candidates that Lin Anruo had chosen in advance.

According to the plan, all parties would definitely fight to the death for her in this poetry gathering.

A few days ago, these people had still vowed that even if they had to become enemies with the world, they would not let her down.
Today, they had all changed sides to Yin Zhiping.

Even the personal maid that she had brought from the family was bribed by Yin Zhiping without her knowledge, causing Lin Anruo to completely lose control of the situation.

“The Flat River Dynasty has the intention to devour everything, but how can the mighty lord of the Bi Fang Empire sit idly by and watch it grow?”

“When the Flat River Dynasty raises their army, it will probably be the time when the Bi Fang Empire’s army sweeps through!”

“If I give myself to Yin Zhiping, not only will I be unable to protect myself when the nest collapses, but I might even implicate the family…”

Many thoughts flashed through Lin Anruo’s mind.
She covered her thin face and her expression became extremely bitter.

Before the poetry recital, she had already said that the most outstanding person was the person she wanted to find.

Now, even if she wanted to change her words, she would only let Yin Zhiping use this opportunity to attack.

As for Gong Ziliang, he was not in her plan from the beginning.

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However, three days ago, Gong Ziliang had attacked Chen Pingan with hatred.

Moreover, the latter was not moved by the charm technique she used through the zither music, so she decided to invite Gong Ziliang over at the last minute.

From the moment Yin Zhiping’s attendant slandered him and Gong Ziliang pretended not to hear him, Lin Anruo already understood his position.

Turning around, as expected, Gong Ziliang sat there as if nothing had happened.
He even had the mood to raise his cup and drink slowly, causing Lin Anruo’s heart to quickly sink to the bottom.

“Alright, alright.
It’s getting late.
Let’s begin the second round of the poetry gathering as soon as possible.”

At this moment, Yin Zhiping hesitated and urged.

Lin Anruo’s delicate body trembled.
She looked deeply at Gong Ziliang and gritted her teeth as she said, “The second round of the poetry competition will be a poem with the title ‘River’!”

The moment the word “River” left Lin Anruo’s mouth, the smug expression on Yin Zhiping’s face suddenly froze.

Before the poetry gathering, he had already received news from Lin Anruo’s maidservant that the topic of the second round was clearly “Sword”.

Therefore, other than the blood, sweat, and tears poem from before, he specially spent a large amount of money to hire the Great Confucian of the Flat River Dynasty to write a poem.

Who would have thought that Lin Anruo would actually change the question on the spot!

What made Yin Zhiping even more unbearable was that the meaning of the word “River” in the question was obvious!

In the next moment, the temperature in Yin Zhiping’s cold eyes suddenly dropped to a freezing point, flickering with a cold light as he stared fixedly at Gong Ziliang.

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The gazes of those princes also contained killing intent.
If gazes could kill, it was more than enough to stab Gong Ziliang into a sieve.

“That Lin girl is planning to push me into a fire pit.”

He instantly became the target of everyone.

Gong Ziliang’s expression did not change, but a trace of coldness rose in his heart.

Yin Zhiping and the others naturally could not pose any threat to him.

However, if it was anyone else sitting in his position at this moment, no matter what they did next, they would inevitably suffer Yin Zhiping’s revenge.

Lin Anruo clearly did not consider this.

Just as he was considering whether to leave now and let Lin Anruo clean up the mess herself or stay for the token, he heard Yin Zhiping say,

“I think the word ‘River’ is not qualified to be the final question.”

“Therefore, I suggest using the word ‘Sword’ as the topic.
Everyone, please pour your hearts out!”

After Yin Zhiping’s firm voice sounded, everyone in the hall began to bury their heads in writing.

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