When Mo Shaoyun heard this, he spread his hands and said loudly, “Of course it’s related.
Lin Anruo is my good brother’s woman now!”

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“Although women are like clothes, if you want to strip my Brother Liang, do you want me to sit idly by?”

Yin Zhiping’s vision darkened.
He was really angered by Mo Shaoyun’s nonsense.

Gong Ziliang was amused.
With Mo Shaoyun’s personality, if he stood on the opposite side, it could be said that he was so domineering that one wished they could kill him.

However, as a friend, he was simply too loyal.

As he smiled, Gong Ziliang glanced at the red-faced Lin Anruo behind him from the corner of his eye.
The 70% joy and 30% shyness on the latter’s face made his smile immediately disappear.

This was troublesome!

However, looking at the situation in front of him, Gong Ziliang could only explain to Lin Anruo in the future.

“Good! Good! Good!”

Yin Zhiping gritted his teeth and spat out three words.

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Then, after his cold gaze swept past Gong Ziliang and Lin Anruo, he left with the Crippled Heaven Elder and the others without looking back.

As soon as Yin Zhiping left, a few figures in the crowd were about to disperse.

Mo Shaoyun was agile.
He pointed with his chin, and the Golden Armor Guards behind him immediately swarmed forward and brought those people out.

This change immediately attracted the attention of everyone.
Their footsteps that were prepared to leave immediately stopped on the spot.

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“The few of you, explain yourselves.
What condition did Yin Zhiping give you to be a pawn at the poetry gathering?”

“Also, tell me about the leaked questions.”

Mo Shaoyun’s words made everyone realize something, and they looked at those people with complicated gazes.

After those people honestly explained that they had colluded with Yin Zhiping and leaked the problem to him, it immediately caused an uproar in the crowd.

These people were the few people who had stood out to testify for Yin Zhiping.

Now, from the way they explained it, everyone suddenly understood the truth.

“Alright, kowtow to my Brother Liang and apologize.
Then, quickly get lost.”

As soon as Mo Shaoyun finished speaking, those people rolled and crawled in front of Gong Ziliang and kowtowed a few times.

In Gong Ziliang’s opinion, these people were only a group of lackeys.
They could not make him feel any joy.
He waved his hand and asked them to leave quickly.

On the other hand, Gong Ziliang did not expect that under his domineering appearance, there was actually a meticulous mind.
He could not help but think highly of the latter.

Mo Shaoyun kicked the War Beast and approached.
He put on a posture of asking for credit and said, “Brother Liang, how did I do?”


Gong Ziliang nodded and was not stingy with his praise.

“Of course.”

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“This move of mine is called beating a drowning dog.
Brother Liang, just you wait.
In less than three days, Yin Zhiping’s reputation will be ruined in Firewood City.”

Mo Shaoyun did not hide his smugness.
After saying that, he thought of something and said, “Right, Brother Liang, to be honest, I came here this time because I have a request.”

Gong Ziliang had long expected Mo Shaoyun’s intention.
Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly had a thought.

Seeing two figures running over from afar, he smiled and said, “Prince Mo, the person you’re looking for is here.”

Mo Shaoyun followed Gong Ziliang’s gaze and turned around.
When he saw Zuo Shandiao, his gaze did not stop and immediately landed on Xing Feng.

That face had been tainted by time, leaving behind some signs of vicissitudes.

However, his determined face was identical to the portrait that Mo Shaoyun had seen in the tightly locked room in the imperial city.

Especially the scar on the corner of his brows, it was sharp like a knife.
Even from dozens of feet away, Mo Shaoyun could feel the biting cold that erupted from it.


Mo Shaoyun recalled his aunt.

“Uncle Xing…”

Subconsciously, Mo Shaoyun jumped off the War Beast and was about to shout.

Only then did he remember that the magnificent Eldest Princess of the dynasty had already slept for twenty years under the Imperial City.

That night, the heavy rain could not wash away the blood that covered the imperial city, nor could it wash away the sorrow of the man in front of him.

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While he sighed softly in his mind, Mo Shaoyun blurted out the word “Uncle” and called him “Senior Xing.”

However, Xing Feng walked over at lightning speed.
His gaze only swept past the Golden Armor Army a few times before he did not look at Mo Shaoyun anymore and went straight for Gong Ziliang.

“Gong Ziliang, I heard that you were stopped by the Crown Prince of the Flat River Dynasty.
Are you alright?”

Xing Feng’s tone was dark, and the anger on his face had not dissipated.

Zuo Shandiao, who had come with him, shrank his head at this moment.
When he saw Chen Pingan in the carriage and the Golden Armor Army behind him, he was so nervous that he did not even dare to breathe loudly.

“It’s fine.
Look, I’m fine.”

Gong Ziliang smiled.
Looking at the genuine worry on Xing Feng’s face, a warm feeling rose in his heart.

After sizing him up and seeing that Gong Ziliang was indeed unscathed, Xing Feng nodded and nodded without saying anything else.

Only then did he notice Mo Shaoyun standing beside the War Beast.

Three days ago, in Chen Pingan’s residence, he had already met Mo Shaoyun once.

However, at that time, Mo Shaoyun was focused on avenging Chen Pingan and did not notice him.

Now, from the way Mo Shaoyun looked at him, Xing Feng already understood that Mo Shaoyun knew his identity.

“Xing Feng, this is the Third Prince of the Monet Dynasty, Mo Shaoyun.”

“It was precisely because of him that the people of the Flat River Dynasty retreated.”

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Gong Ziliang knew that Xing Feng had a grudge against the Monet Dynasty, but on the account that Mo Shaoyun did not hesitate to fall out with Yin Zhiping to protect him and Lin Anruo, he might as well do him a favor.

Of course, if Xing Feng was unwilling to bother with Mo Shaoyun, he naturally would not force him.

“The Mo Family’s child?”

Xing Feng looked at Mo Shaoyun coldly.
Even though his strength had already fallen to the Profound Realm, under the powerful aura of the Heaven Deity Realm, Mo Shaoyun could not stand steadily under his gaze.

“I’ve killed many in the past.”

In the next moment, the words that came out of Xing Feng’s mouth made Mo Shaoyun’s entire body turn cold, and he felt as if he was facing a death god.

“How dare you!”

Not far away, the commander of the Golden Armor Army immediately sensed the killing intent on Xing Feng’s body.
As he shouted angrily, he drew his saber and slashed.

Hearing the movement behind him, Mo Shaoyun gritted his teeth and bit the tip of his tongue.
Under the intense pain, his mind quickly recovered.

“Step back!”

After shouting at the Golden Armor Army commander to retreat, the corners of Mo Shaoyun’s mouth were covered in blood.
He took out a yellow envelope from his pocket and said, “Senior Xing, this is the letter my aunt left for you before she was executed.”

This letter was hidden by Mo Shaoyun’s aunt behind the portrait she had personally drawn for Xing Feng in the hall.

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