for him, Gong Ziliang, he was at the second stage Qi Refinement Realm and had already grasped spiritual qi.

All of this was thanks to the Qi Condensation attribute in the Body Tempering column.
It had only been upgraded to Level 1 and it was already like this.
If he prepared a few million copper coins to increase its level, what kind of effect would it have?

Gong Ziliang did not even dare to think about this.


Because he was poor!

Gong Ziliang cursed in his mind: Damn, you son of a watermelon! You’re asking for 500,000 copper coins each level.
This system loves money too much!

At the same time, outside the guest courtyard of the City Lord’s Mansion, another man was quickly rushing towards Gong Ziliang’s room.

He was Xu Fei.

“What the hell is going on! Why is there a strange sound coming from Gong Ziliang’s room?”

“What’s going on?”

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“Could it be… No, no, no! This is impossible!”

“Xu Fei, oh Xu Fei, why would you have such thoughts?”

“It’s impossible for Xia to be together with Gong Ziliang.
Therefore, according to the analysis of these factors, there’s another woman in Gong Ziliang’s room!”

“Good! Gong Ziliang, you actually dare to bring another woman into the City Lord’s Mansion…”

“Eh? No, Gong Ziliang only knows Xia here.
Then… is it really Gong Ziliang and Xia doing that in the room?”

“Damn you!”

As soon as he thought of this, Xu Fei ignored the orders of the City Lord of Green Cloud City, Bai Qingfeng, and rushed to Gong Ziliang’s room.


Xu Fei kicked the door open.
This sudden situation directly frightened Gong Ziliang.
He hurriedly clenched his fist and was prepared to unleash a Dragon Roar Fist Technique at any time.

After the smoke dissipated, Gong Ziliang saw that it was Big Brother Xu Fei.

However, he still did not understand what this meant.
He asked curiously, “Big Brother Xu Fei, what happened?”

“What happened? That’s my question! Look at what you’ve done!”

Xu Fei’s face turned red from anger.
He quickly stepped forward and directly removed the blanket on Gong Ziliang’s bed, but he did not see a woman here.

He asked again, “Speak! Which woman did you bring into the City Lord’s Mansion?”

“A… a woman?” Gong Ziliang said in a daze, “What woman? Ever since I went down the mountain for the mission, I’ve only known one woman, Bai Chuxia.
Where did another woman come from?”

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When Gong Ziliang said this, it made Xu Fei even angrier.
He grabbed Gong Ziliang’s collar and cursed, “Alright, looks like you bastard really did something outrageous to Xia.
I’m so angry.
I want to fight you one-on-one!”


Gong Ziliang was stunned again.
What was going on? How could it be a one-on-one battle?

Did Xu Fei misunderstand something?

“That’s right! The winner takes all.
The loser will take the initiative and give up on Xia!” Xu Fei glared at Gong Ziliang and shouted.

When he said this, Gong Ziliang suddenly thought of something.

It seemed that Xu Fei had misunderstood!

Perhaps the sound that he let out after absorbing the spiritual qi had reached Xu Fei’s ears.
He even thought that he was sweating in bed because of Bai Chuxia.

This Xu Fei really liked Bai Chuxia.

However, it was one thing to like her, but what did it have to do with the handsome Gong Ziliang?

“I refuse,” Gong Ziliang replied simply and stood up.

Just as he was about to leave, Xu Fei grabbed Gong Ziliang’s clothes and pulled him back.
He pressed him back onto the bed and roared, “You have to fight even if you don’t want to! This is the dignity of a man!”


Gong Ziliang felt helpless.
This Xu Fei was too serious.

Just as Xu Fei pressed Gong Ziliang onto the bed, Bai Chuxia arrived.

As soon as she stepped into the room, she saw two men on the bed…

Bai Chuxia was extremely embarrassed and stuttered, “I’m… I’m sorry to disturb you.
You guys… continue…”


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