Two thick legs that were like pillars that supported the sky stood in the black sun.

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The black sun that had been split into two was at the foot of the huge body.

It looked like two small puddles.

Bai Litian followed the thigh up and saw a torso branded with pitch-black runes.

The dense runes emitted an extremely evil aura.
Bai Litian only took a few glances and felt like his soul was about to be absorbed.

He was so shocked that he hurriedly raised his head and looked high.

Then, he saw that the upper part of the body had an arm broken.

He was shocked.
How could Bai Litian not think that the black hand that even he could not resist was an arm of this body?

Continuing upwards, Bai Litian tried his best, but he could only see a black demonic qi that covered the true appearance of the body.

Bai Litian gasped.

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What kind of existence had Bai Niansheng attracted this time?

What made him even more uneasy was whether the ancestor could deal with this big guy in front of him.

Just as Bai Litian had doubts about the Bai Family’s ancestor for the first time…

“I am the Great Demon God King of the Nine Nether Demon Realm.
I was summoned by the blood sacrifice of the Demon Disciples of this world and fell into the Demon Sea of the Northern Region.”

A deafening demonic sound came from the mouth of the body that was wrapped in demonic qi.

When it entered the ears of the Bai Family, they immediately felt an irresistible will.

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He could not help but want to step forward and throw Bai Niansheng into the black sun at the feet of the Great Demon God King.

“Dream on!”

Suddenly, the shout of the Bai Family’s ancestor sounded again.

Everyone trembled.
Their minds, which had been bewitched by the Great Demon God King’s demonic voice, instantly recovered their clarity.

All of them had hopeful expressions as they looked at the Bai Family’s ancestor, hoping to see him display his might again and kill the Great Demon God King!

The Bai Family’s ancestor did not disappoint them.
His avatar that emitted a holy aura condensed.

Soon, it expanded to the same size as the Great Demon God King.


The avatar and the Bai Family’s ancestor formed ancient hand seals at the same time and slapped towards the Great Demon God King.

When everyone saw the Great Demon God King raise his remaining only arm and casually wave it, the avatar of the Bai Family’s ancestor shattered inch by inch under their frightened gazes.


The Bai Family’s ancestor also spat out blood.
His figure was like a shooting star as he was blasted flying from the ancestral land.

The unexpected scene instantly stunned the Bai Family.

Didn’t the Bai Family’s ancestor easily blow up that huge black hand just now?

Why was the Bai Family’s ancestor so weak when facing the Great Demon God King who had lost an arm?

Our ancestor was invincible.
How could he be defeated by a demonic creature?”

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“Illusion, I must be affected by the demonic qi and have an illusion!”

“Ancestor, Ancestor, where are you?”

After regaining their senses, the Bai Family still could not believe the scene they had seen and shouted in despair.

Bai Litian’s pupils dilated.
His entire body seemed to have lost all his bones as he fell to the ground weakly.
He muttered the words “Bai Family” and “It’s over” repeatedly.

The Bai Family could do without talent.

It could also be without him.

However, they could not do without the ancestor of the Bai Family who was at the Heaven Deity Realm!

Without them, the Bai Family’s reputation would at most suffer a loss.

However, without the Bai Family’s ancestor, they would be crippled!

The other factions that could only be intimidated by the Bai Family’s ancestor.

After knowing what had happened today, they would definitely transform into cruel tigers and wolves that would swarm forward and devour the Bai Family’s flesh.

Therefore, the moment he saw the avatar outside the Bai Family’s ancestor collapse, Bai Litian already understood that the Bai Family was doomed!

On the other side.

After dealing with the Bai Family’s ancestor, the Great Demon God King raised his arm again and grabbed at Bai Niansheng…

Seeing this familiar scene, all the fantasies of the Bai Family were shattered.

It made them realize that the Bai Family’s ancestor had been defeated and his fate was unknown!

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As for Bai Niansheng, who was the most qualified to approach and even surpass the ancestors, he was about to die.

In an instant, everyone’s hearts sank.

However, just as everyone thought that no miracle would appear again…


Rings of golden light suddenly erupted from Bai Niansheng’s body.

At the same time, a figure bathed in golden light appeared behind Bai Niansheng.

His handsome appearance made one feel ashamed of their inferiority.

On its back was a pair of golden wings.

As it flapped gently, the wind that swept up easily tore through the void.

“Great Demon God King, this person is a living being that I, the Divine Son, raised.
You can’t injure him!”

Just as the Bai Family was sighing in surprise, the figure suddenly spoke and revealed extremely shocking information.

The Great Demon God’s one arm hung in the air, and the demonic qi that enveloped his head surged, as if he was thinking about whether to offend that Divine Son for Bai Niansheng.

After a while, he replied, “You can protect him.”

“However, I descended into this world because I was summoned by a Spiritual Sea Realm demonic cultivator with his body as the sacrifice.”

“Therefore, I need ten divine crystals as compensation.”

Hearing the request of the Great Demon God King, the Divine Son frowned.

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Then, he lowered his head to look at the unconscious Bai Niansheng.
After some thought, he said, “Alright, I’ll agree to ten divine crystals!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Divine Son grabbed at a diamond-shaped mark between his brows.

When he opened his palm, there were ten golden crystals lying quietly in it.

Seeing this, the Great Demon God King walked forward and took the ten crystals.

After checking, the Great Demon God King seemed to be very satisfied with the ten crystals.

With a wave of his single arm, he swept up two black suns and entered the crack in the sky above without looking back.

Seeing that the Great Demon God King was actually sent away by the Divine Son behind Bai Niansheng, the Bai Family found it difficult to accept for a moment.

At the same time, everyone was extremely curious about the identity of the Divine Son.
They secretly began to size him up from the corner of their eyes.

The Divine Son’s gaze swept across the Bai Family’s ancestral land.

Then, it pierced through the void and swept through the Northern Region.

Great Xia Empire.

In the center of a huge underground palace was a coffin made of black gold.

In the coffin was the 37th Emperor of the Great Xia Empire, Xia Qi.

It had been almost a thousand years since Xia Qi entered this underground palace to sleep as a seventh-stage Heaven Deity Realm expert.

In a thousand years, even when the Great Xia Empire was in danger, the descendants did not dare to disturb this ancestor at all.

However, on this day, two gazes that connected heaven and earth blasted into the underground palace!

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