tual sense on the person who had spoken outside the imperial study.

He surprisingly discovered that the other party’s aura was only at the True Martial Realm.

Immediately, Cao Tianzheng thought that he had made a mistake.
He sent out several spiritual senses again and swept the person outside the imperial study from the inside out.

The result was that there was no change at all.

Just as Cao Tianzheng’s mind was filled with complicated thoughts, outside the imperial study, the voice sounded again, “There’s no need to test me.
Twenty years ago, I was intercepted and attacked.
I was heavily injured and my Dao Realm fell.”

“Now, I’m only at the True Martial Realm.”

Hearing Xing Feng outside personally admit that his Dao Realm had fallen,

Cao Tianzheng should be happy.

After all, he was now an existence half a step into the Spiritual Sea Realm.

There was no need for the True Martial Realm to attack in front of him.

A spiritual sense could easily take the other party’s life.

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However, when he thought of the past twenty years, the imaginary enemy who had trapped his Dao heart and stopped his cultivation realm.

He was actually only at the True Martial Realm!

Cao Tianzheng suddenly fell into a daze.

Then, a clear cracking sound sounded in his ears.


His trembling Dao heart cracked.

At the same time, Mo Zhongtian fell back into his chair weakly, his expression filled with despair.

He was the last hope of the Monet Dynasty, the Heaven Deity Realm mighty figure.

Now, he had actually fallen to the True Martial Realm.

“The heavens want to destroy my Monet Dynasty!”

He raised his head and let out a sorrowful cry.
In the past few days, his extremely haggard mental strength could not withstand it anymore.

His vision darkened and he was about to faint.


However, before his consciousness fell into endless darkness.

A familiar shout suddenly sounded in his ears with an anxious tone.

It made Mo Zhongtian barely open his heavy eyelids and look in the direction of the voice.

“Shaoyun, why are you here?”

“Quickly, Mr.
Xing, bring him away from here.
The people of the Flat River Dynasty want to kill him!”

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“No, Young Master Xing has fallen… Tianzheng… Tianzheng, take Shaoyun away…”

Mo Zhongtian tried his best to maintain a trace of rationality.
As he spoke, he struggled to stand up and tried his best to push Mo Shaoyun away.

Looking at this scene, Xing Feng suddenly could not hate Mo Zhongtian anymore.

The hatred and anger that had accumulated for 20 years in his chest.

After seeing the letter left behind by Mo Qinglan in Firewood City, it disappeared.

At this moment, the remaining 20-30% dissipated.

This Mo Zhongtian was the monarch of a dynasty.

When he could not even protect himself, he still thought of Mo Shaoyun’s safety.

Twenty years ago, if not for his helplessness, how could he watch Mo Qinglan die?

A moment later…

Mo Zhongtian calmed down and saw that other than Mo Shaoyun, there were also a few unfamiliar figures who had suddenly appeared in the imperial study.

Soon, his gaze landed on Xing Feng.

After staring at it for a few seconds, behind the scar at the corner of the latter’s eye,

with a plop, Mo Zhongtian actually ignored the monarch’s dignity and knelt in front of Xing Feng.


“Your Majesty!”

Mo Shaoyun and Cao Tian were at the same time.
They cried out in surprise and went forward to help Mo Zhongtian up.

Mo Zhongtian waved his hand and said, “Don’t come over.
This is what I owe him and Qinglan.”

Seeing Mo Zhongtian’s determined attitude, Mo Shaoyun and Cao Tianzheng could only stop after looking at each other.

Seeing this, Mo Zhongtian turned to look at Xing Feng and said, “Mr.
Xing, I’m to blame for what happened back then.”

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