After retracting his attention from Cao Tianzheng’s external technique, Cang Ji placed his gaze on the two palaces again.

However, Cao Tianzheng’s avatar suddenly shot out two divine lights that enveloped the palace below and blocked Cang Ji’s gaze.

Cang Ji turned around and a cold light shot out from his eyes.
He said coldly, “You want to stop me?”

These simple words came out of Cang Ji’s mouth, but it triggered a series of thunderclaps in the void.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

This was the power of the Spiritual Sea Realm.
The temperamental emotions would cause the weather to change.

Cao Tianzheng’s expression became stern.
His Dao heart had been frightened by Xing Feng back then, causing his cultivation to be stuck at the half-step Spiritual Sea Realm for many years.

However, it was precisely because of this that he had accumulated a deep foundation.

As soon as he broke through, he entered the first-stage Spiritual Sea Realm and formed an avatar.

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In terms of combat strength, he would not even lose to the Supreme Elder who was about to enter the middle-stage Spiritual Sea Realm 20 years ago.

However, at this moment, facing the phenomenon triggered by Cang Ji’s emotions, his Dao heart already emitted a trembling and uneasy feeling.

It made him understand that there was still an irreparable difference between him and Cang Ji.

However, at this moment, the sword intent in the two palaces was resonating, complementing each other.

Especially in the palace ahead, Xing Feng’s sword intent continuously rose.

If he was forcefully interrupted at this moment, it was very likely that Xing Feng would suffer the backlash of the sword intent.

“Fellow Daoist Cang, don’t forget that you and your Holy Son are here to observe the laws!”

“The two in the two palaces are guests of my Monet Dynasty.”

“If you attack them here, as the head eunuch, I can’t agree!”

Cao Tianzheng forcefully endured the aura and finished speaking.

Seeing that Cao Tianzheng did not give in, Cang Ji narrowed his eyes, his gaze flickering.

Although he did not see the true appearance of the sword cultivator in the two sword intents, he could vaguely sense that their cultivation levels were not high.

The person in the palace ahead was probably only at the Spirit Refinement Realm.

The sword intent from before was only at the True Martial Realm.

However, the more this was the case, the more he felt that it was unusual.

After all, not everyone could comprehend Divine Power Sword Intent.

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Cang Ji could already be considered quite talented in the Sword Dao.

However, back then, by relying on the martial technique he had comprehended, the Seven Forms of the Azure Wave Severance, he had already reached the Martial Intent Realm.

As for the Divine Power Realm, it was after he had polished this martial technique for decades.

Just as he was about to break through to the Spiritual Sea Realm, he struggled to reach the threshold.

Now, the sword cultivators in these two palaces could actually comprehend Divine Power Sword Intent at the Spirit Refinement Realm and the True Martial Realm.

Cang Ji could guess that there was definitely an unknown secret behind this.

With his late-stage Spiritual Sea Realm cultivation, even the Divine Power Realm Sword Intent could not enter his eyes.

However, if there were sword cultivators who had comprehended this level of Sword Intent, they would only be at the Spirit Refinement Realm and the True Martial Realm.

The meaning was completely different.

If he could bring those two sword cultivators back to the sect and study the secrets on them, perhaps the Canglan Dao Sect could step onto a broad path forged by the Sword Dao!

Coupled with Cang Liu’er’s talent, the future height that the Canglan Dao Sect could reach was simply limitless!

When he thought of this, Cang Ji’s heart immediately burned.

Immediately, even his breathing became heavier.

When he looked at Cao Tian, he had already lost his patience.

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