When Gong Ziliang used the Divine Body with the True Dragon Bloodline, he originally thought that this was Gong Ziliang’s trump card and would definitely be able to suppress Cang Liu’er.

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However, in the end, Gong Ziliang was still at a disadvantage.

Although it seemed that Gong Ziliang did not show any signs of exhaustion for the time being, it was only a matter of time before he lost.

Not far away, Cang Ji heaved a sigh of relief.

However, in his mind, although he did not change his judgment of the outcome of this battle, his evaluation of Gong Ziliang had already increased by several levels.

Not to mention anything else.

Just the Divine Body with the True Dragon Bloodline gave Gong Ziliang the qualifications to stand at a height similar to Cang Liu’er.

Coupled with the sincerity and determination that Gong Ziliang had displayed in the Sword Dao, Cang Ji could only say that between the current Gong Ziliang and Cang Liu’er, the only difference was the cultivation time.

Cang Ji was thinking.

In the anxious battle ahead, the True Dragon phantom behind Gong Ziliang suddenly fluctuated violently.

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“Is it finally going to end?”

“Oh, to be able to last until now with the cultivation of the True Martial Realm is already extremely extraordinary.”

“If this kid had cultivated for five years… no, three… one year, I’m afraid Liu’er would not have been his match.”

A satisfied smile appeared on Cang Ji’s tense face as he walked towards Cang Liu’er.

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However, before his raised foot landed, suddenly, he saw a dazzling light wrap around another phantom and rush into the sky from Gong Ziliang’s other arm.

With an ear-piercing cry, the phantom landed behind Gong Ziliang and echoed with the True Dragon phantom from before.

It was a Divine Phoenix!

Cang Ji raised his neck and looked at the dragon and phoenix that were entrenched above Gong Ziliang.

“True Dragon Bloodline, coupled with the Divine Body with the Divine Phoenix Bloodline…”


After muttering two sentences, a cold breath was sucked into his lungs and could not be spat out again.

True Dragon.

Divine Phoenix.

These two had always stood at the peak of all races in the ancient era when the ten thousand races fought for supremacy.

Even later on, a war between the ancient races erupted, and countless races were involved, causing countless casualties.

As for the Dragon and Phoenix Races, they were not spared either.
Almost all of them died.

However, in the Middle Ages when the human race rose, and today, there was still the bloodline left behind by the Dragon and Phoenix Races.
The Divine Body that was forged shone brightly.

As far as Cang Ji knew, there was a Holy Son in one of the Holy Lands in the southeast region who possessed the Nine Dragons Heaven Devouring Celestial Body.

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After cultivating for less than twenty years, he had awakened the power of seven dragons and condensed the Divine Flame.
His methods were extremely terrifying.

In addition, there was an ancient path.
The female cultivator who appeared a few years ago was the Heavenly Moon Phoenix Body.

It was said that when one cultivated the power of the moon to the peak, they could draw the moon and stars into the world.
Even a Nirvana Old Monster could be blasted to pieces.

Those two people only had the bloodline of the dragon and phoenix, but they could become the Holy Son and Dao Daughter nurtured by the Holy Land and the ancient orthodoxies.

Gong Ziliang had the True Dragon and Divine Phoenix.

Cang Ji had never even heard of such a Divine Body, let alone seen one.

While Cang Ji was shocked, after releasing the power of the True Dragon and Divine Phoenix in his body, when Gong Ziliang attacked again, the power was completely different from before.

Every action was accompanied by the roar of a True Dragon and the cry of a Divine Phoenix.

It made Cang Liu’er’s Dao heart tremble at all times, making it difficult for him to focus.

After a few collisions, Cang Liu’er was retreating continuously.
His calm aura also became more and more miserable.

It was not until he was forced into a corner that Cang Liu’er finally could not endure it anymore.
He took Gong Ziliang’s punch head-on and staggered a few steps back.
He said angrily, “I refuse to accept this!”

“Without the Divine Body, you’re not my match at all!”

Gong Ziliang raised his brows and retracted his fist.
He did not continue attacking but said in a low voice, “Oh? Then according to you, although I have a Divine Body, I can’t use it?”

Cang Liu’er was stunned by Gong Ziliang’s question.
Then, he realized that his words were indeed unreasonable.

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Just like when he fought others in the past, wouldn’t he also rely on his talent to deduce his opponent’s cultivation technique to defeat them?

Although he said that, when Cang Liu’er thought of how Gong Ziliang’s Divine Body almost perfectly countered his method of fusing all techniques, he immediately felt extremely aggrieved.

Seeing Cang Liu’er’s face turn red, he could not refute.

Gong Ziliang smiled and said, “Alright, since you think it’s unfair, I won’t use my Divine Body to fight you well.”

Through the exchange just now, Gong Ziliang had already figured out the power that the Divine Body could unleash.

Although it was not difficult to deal with Cang Liu’er if he continued to fight, he did not want the battle to end so quickly.

“Next, I’ll tell you that even without the Divine Body, you’re still not my match.”

“You can only rely on your so-called talent.”

“But that talent is nothing in front of me!”

Gong Ziliang’s voice spread far and wide.

When it entered Cang Ji’s ears in the distance, he was immediately shocked speechless.

In terms of talent alone, Cang Liu’er’s monstrous level was not inferior to those Holy Sons of the Holy Lands and the Dao Children of the ancient Daoist sects.
In fact, he even surpassed them.

Although Gong Ziliang had the Divine Body of the True Dragon and Divine Phoenix bloodline, strictly speaking, the Divine Body could not be categorized as cultivation talent.

So far, Cang Ji had only seen talent in the Sword Dao on Gong Ziliang.

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However, the Sword Intent at the Divine Power Realm was far from enough to support Gong Ziliang to say such arrogant words.

While Cang Ji was puzzled, he saw Mo Zhongtian and Cao Tianzheng.
He seemed to have thought of something and revealed an enlightened expression.

Immediately, he was surprised and uncertain.
He thought to himself, Could it be that this kid has other methods that he hasn’t used?

On the other side.

When Cang Liu’er heard that his talent was belittled by Gong Ziliang to the point of being worthless, for the first time, he had the urge to defeat the other party.

Seeing the fighting spirit born in Cang Liu’er, in the distance, Cang Ji immediately felt extremely unfamiliar.

In the end, Cang Liu’er was only in his teens.

He looked old, but his temperament and nature had always been there.

However, before meeting Gong Ziliang, the fellow disciples of the Canglan Dao Sect were really too mediocre compared to Cang Liu’er.

It could not interest him at all.

As time passed, Cang Liu’er became used to showing himself indifferently.

It also made Cang Ji ignore Cang Liu’er’s true age and forget that he was still a young man.

Until this moment, on Gong Ziliang, Cang Liu’er finally found the arrogance and competitive mentality that a young man should have.

“Liu’er, you can do it!”

Cang Ji muttered to himself.
He knew very well that this battle was extremely important to Cang Liu’er.

It would determine if Cang Liu’er could be reborn and reach a higher level.

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