He rubbed his eyes and confirmed that he was not seeing things.

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Gong Ziliang immediately wanted to say to the system, “You’re a good system, why don’t you just rob money?”

A $999 gift bag.

Gong Ziliang roughly estimated that his previous income from signing in and dungeon farming was only about $100 a day.

In other words, he would have to work for the system for ten days without eating or drinking to buy this new Law Pill Gift Bag.

Gong Ziliang remembered that before the system restarted, the most expensive gift bag in the Merchant Shop was only a $888 Maximum Weapon Level Pill Gift Bag.

Alright, now that it was restarted, the gift bag directly dropped $999.

If this continued, wouldn’t it reach four digits?

However, looking at the words “Law Pill” in thick and golden words on the gift bag column, Gong Ziliang admitted that he was tempted.

During this period of time in the mystic realm, he had obtained a lot of useful information from the Ultimate God.

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For example, laws.

According to the Ultimate God, between high-level living beings and low-level cultivators, the greatest difference was that the power they grasped was not on the same level.

The daily cultivation of low-level cultivators was to guide the wandering spiritual qi in the world into their bodies through breathing techniques.

Then, he removed the spiritual qi and stored it in the various apertures.

In the words of the Ultimate God, this was a process of helping the world refine spiritual qi.

The power cultivated like this did not belong to cultivators at all.

The cultivator himself was equivalent to a transit station for energy.

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When he cultivated to a certain realm, he would be sensed by the Heavenly Dao and be targeted.

Basically, cultivators would not have any room to resist.

With a thought from the Heavenly Dao, it could take away their thousands of years of bitter cultivation.

A high level deity was different.

They cultivated the power of laws.

This power was born from the origin of the Great Dao.

High-level living beings would obtain the power of laws through comprehending the origin and directly fuse it into a part of their mark.

Even the Heavenly Dao could not erase them.

In comparison, the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth that low-level cultivators comprehended was only a trace left behind by the origin of the Great Dao.

Therefore, in front of the power of laws, the power they cultivated was not the difference in numbers, but the difference in dimensions.

It was just like a character in a novel.
No matter how powerful he was, it was impossible for him to jump out of the book and punch someone in reality.

This was also why the Ultimate God had said to Gong Ziliang that without the origin power, even the Nirvana Realm could not move him.

Now, Gong Ziliang had many methods.

In terms of Intent, the Five Elements Intent was still stuck at the Dao Intent realm.

After fusing, the Five Elements Combination Technique had just touched the threshold of a Divine Power.

Sword Intent was also at this level.
It still needed a long time to cultivate it and open up the Sword World.

In terms of martial techniques, although the Sun Moon Sword Technique had been raised to the Divine Power Realm, because only the last move could trigger a phenomenon, it could not open a complete Divine Power World.

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Only the Netherworld Divine Palm had cultivated a Divine Power World.

However, Gong Ziliang knew that even before he fell, with the Netherworld Divine Palm, he could at most pull the Ultimate God into the Netherworld to trap him for a while.

It was impossible to completely deal with the Ultimate God.

However, it was not that Gong Ziliang could not do anything to the Ultimate God.

Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear!

As a martial technique created by the Demon Patriarch to resist the Heavenly Punishment Sword, the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear could already unleash the destructive power of the laws.


In Gong Ziliang’s current situation, he could not even use the Demon Dao Divine Slayer Spear.

After thinking about it, Gong Ziliang helplessly discovered that even if the system restarted, if he wanted to deal with the Ultimate God, he could only think about it from the gift bag.

Otherwise, he did not even have the method to break through the Ultimate God’s defense.

Then, he thought of the system’s nature.

Gong Ziliang knew very well that the system had chosen this moment to put up the Law Pill Gift Bag because it knew that he needed it!

“Dog system, can’t you be a human for once?”

After Gong Ziliang cursed, he suddenly recalled that the system was not human to begin with.

In his anger, Gong Ziliang could not be bothered to complain and prepared to click on the gift bag to buy it.

However, in the next moment, Gong Ziliang was embarrassed.

He recalled that he did not have enough money.

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While the system was rebooting, he could not parkour, farm gold, or farm bosses…

In short, in the past two months, he had not earned a single cent.

Although he still had a few hundred dollars left before the battle between the Primordial Dynasty and the Heavenly Dao, it was still a little lacking when it came to purchasing the Law Pill Gift Bag.

“Therefore, dog system, you know that I don’t have that much money, so why did you get such an expensive gift bag?”

Gong Ziliang was furious.
If the system could stand in front of him now, he would definitely let the dog system know why flowers were so red.

He would rather die than be humiliated!

Immediately, Gong Ziliang said to the system, “System, um, I’m an old customer.
Can I owe you first?”

What replied Gong Ziliang was a dead silence.


Taking a deep breath, Gong Ziliang persuaded himself not to stoop to the system’s level.

When he earned money from gold farming later, those gift bags worth $648, $888, and $999 would be bought with his eyes closed!

He would not stop until he emptied the system!

Just as Gong Ziliang was intoxicated by the thrill of spending money in the virtual world…

[Ding! The Gift Bag Shop has finally released it! The Supreme World Heavenly Dao Gift Bag is permanently available.
You only need $99,999 to buy a World Heavenly Dao.
You can’t miss this opportunity.
If you buy it, you’ll earn a fortune.
It contains 1 World Heavenly Dao+100,000 ingots.]

The Supreme Gift Bag only required…


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It was clearly a cold synthetic voice.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang heard a hint of ridicule.


He had to mine gold for 1,000 days?

So, was that ‘only’ really for him to hear?

Gong Ziliang cracked.

Facing the system that could even put something like the World Heavenly Dao on sale, the thought of emptying the system away had already been thrown to the back of his mind.

However, Gong Ziliang was a little tempted by the Supreme Gift Bag released by the system.

It was not that he really planned to work for the system for 1,000 days.

Instead, Gong Ziliang recalled that when his VIP level increased last time, the system had given him a 10% discount coupon.

Although that discount voucher could only buy specific goods, what if, maybe, perhaps, it was possible…

The next time he increased his VIP level, would the system give him an unlimited discount?

Indeed, the dog system was indeed very scummy!

However, Gong Ziliang felt that one had to have some dreams!

Otherwise, what was the difference between him and a salted fish?

Just as Gong Ziliang was immersed in his beautiful dream…

[Daily Parkour has officially begun.
This activity will last for five minutes.]

In his spiritual sense, a cold notification ruthlessly shattered his dream and rudely dragged him into reality.

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