“Looks like I have to capture this old man later and dissect him to study him.
Perhaps there will be a surprise discovery.”

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After suppressing this thought, Gong Ziliang entered the system and opened the attributes of this weapon that had fused three swords.

[Heavenly Dragon Purple Blade] (Red)

Level: None

Attribute: Attack Power+70%

Special Attribute 1: Facing enemies below the Rank 1, you can use the True Dragon Domain to reduce their defense by 40%!

Special Attribute 2: Every normal attack has a 100% chance of using the Heavenly Dragon True Shadow.
The power of ordinary attacks will increase by 100% and deal damage to the soul!

Looking at the attributes of the Heavenly Dragon Purple Blade that had fused three swords, compared to the Heavenly Dragon Blade that had only fused two swords, the increase was not much.

The attack attribute increased from 60% to 70%, and the defense lowered from 30% to 40%.

In addition, ordinary attacks had an additional soul damage.

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In Gong Ziliang’s opinion, these were only slightly stronger than nothing.

However, the key was that Gong Ziliang had confirmed that the Profound Heaven Sword could not only fuse with one weapon.

This result was far more important than increasing some simple attributes of the Heavenly Dragon Blade.

When he fused with the Soul Transformation Sword previously, the experience of almost causing the lightning to explode made Gong Ziliang realize.

The more weapons fused into the Profound Heaven Sword, the higher the grade, and the difficulty would probably increase correspondingly.

Immediately, Gong Ziliang thought that since the Profound Heaven Sword could fuse with longsword-type weapons, could it fuse with other types of weapons?

Or perhaps, other than weapons, could artifacts be fused?

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As soon as this thought appeared, Gong Ziliang’s entire body began to become excited.

An idea about an ultimate divine artifact appeared in his mind.

Just think about it, an ultimate divine artifact that had fused the Profound Heaven Sword, Crimson Dragon Blade, Divine Striking Whip, Extreme Realm Artifacts… Which man could refuse it?

However, before Gong Ziliang could take out the Divine Striking Whip and the Artifact Set in his bag,

the voice of the artifact spirit, Gong Ziwu, sounded, “Master, the Profound Heaven Sword can only fuse with longsword-type weapons.”

“Moreover, there’s a limit to the number.
The current limit is weapons that don’t exceed the grade of the Profound Heaven Sword.
You can fuse three.”

“After Master reaches Level 80, I can fuse with the fourth one.”

“Every 20 levels later, I can fuse more.”

Hearing Gong Ziwu’s words, Gong Ziliang was immediately a little disappointed.

However, so be it.

‘I, Gong Ziliang, have lived my life unhindered.
I’ve always relied on my own bitter cultivation and never relied on others!’

As for weapons, it did not matter.

When he thought of this, Gong Ziliang sent a voice transmission to the system, “System, lend me four high-level Experience Pills!”

Gong Ziliang had already reached Level 76.

If it increased by four levels, it would be exactly Level 80.
It could let the Profound Heaven Sword fuse with another weapon.

Hearing Gong Ziliang’s voice transmission, the system: “Get lost.”

“So be it.
Look at how petty you are.”

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Gong Ziliang retracted his mind from the system and looked at Wu Zhiqi with a heavy expression.

This guy had been watching with his arms crossed when he fused the Heavenly Dragon Purple Blade.

Gong Ziliang did not think that Wu Zhiqi was going to be merciful and stop the battle.

However, in Wu Zhiqi’s eyes, he was not a threat at all, so he played with him for a while.

It was like a monkey showing off.

In Wu Zhiqi’s eyes, the Five Elements Intent and the Heavenly Dragon Purple Blade were all a joke.

He shook his head and shook off these thoughts that affected his mood.

Gong Ziliang raised the Heavenly Dragon Purple Blade and slashed at Wu Zhiqi.

After a faint purple sword qi slashed out from the blade, it expanded in the wind.

When he crossed a few miles and slashed in front of Wu Zhiqi, he had already transformed into a thousand-foot-long sword force.

Wu Zhiqi still stretched out his ape palm, wanting to explode the sword force like he did with the five-element light ball.

However, suddenly, he sensed something, and anger surged in his eyes.
The ten thousand feet tall demonic body was about to turn around.

However, his turn looked a little slow.

At the same time, behind Wu Zhiqi, ripples appeared in the void.

A bracelet appeared from the ripples.

It was Gong Ziliang’s Void Bracelet.

As a product of the system, it was a Levelless Divine Artifact like the Crimson Dragon Blade.

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The attributes of the Void Bracelet could also be said to be heaven-defying.

After wearing it, not only could it greatly increase the attack speed, but it could also reduce the opponent’s speed.

Apart from that, the Void Bracelet could also become invisible.

Coupled with the speed reduction attribute, it could drag the enemy into the mud without anyone knowing.


If the Void Bracelet wanted to completely fuse with the void and become completely invisible, it still needed to be raised to the maximum level.

Now, the invisibility function was not stable enough.

For example, Wu Zhiqi had sensed his aura just now.

Looking at the Void Bracelet that exposed its tracks behind Wu Zhiqi, Gong Ziliang frowned slightly and said in disappointment, “If only there was a Maximum Weapon Level Pill…”

The Maximum Weapon Level Pill could directly raise any weapon to the maximum level and unleash 100% of its attributes.

However, when he thought of the price of the Maximum Weapon Level Pill Gift Bag in the system store,

Gong Ziliang felt that this matter should be discussed later.

“Gong Ziyin, it’s not that I don’t want to buy the Maximum Weapon Level Pill Gift Bag, but I really don’t have any money now.”

“Wait a little longer.”

After comforting the artifact spirit of the Void Bracelet, while Wu Zhiqi’s speed was reduced by the Void Bracelet, Gong Ziliang slashed several more times.

A thick sword qi struck Wu Zhiqi.

The Heavenly Punishment effect carried by the Profound Heaven Sword was triggered from time to time, blasting holes in Wu Zhiqi’s protective demonic qi.

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Then, Gong Ziliang discovered in surprise that the soul damage effect of the Heavenly Dragon Purple Blade was actually very effective on Wu Zhiqi.

It seemed that Wu Zhiqi’s demonic body was powerful, but his soul was his weakness.

After a few times, Wu Zhiqi roared repeatedly.

“Gong Ziyin, well done.
Continue to delay this demonic creature.”

Gong Ziliang shouted and closed the distance between him and Wu Zhiqi.
He used the flexibility of his movement technique to slash at Wu Zhiqi.

On the ground.

When those cultivators saw that Gong Ziliang had actually reversed the situation, from being completely unable to break through his defense to suppressing Wu Zhiqi, they immediately felt deeply excited.
They waved their fists and shouted, “Kill him! Kill him!”

However, as time passed, those people gradually became a little bored.

This was because no matter what, Gong Ziliang was the one beating up Wu Zhiqi.

They did not notice that a dark golden light had begun to surge in Wu Zhiqi’s pupils.

Gong Ziliang was busy sweating profusely.

Suddenly, a terrifying feeling rose in his heart.

Without any time to think, he attacked with the Netherworld Divine Palm and was about to enter.

Then, he suddenly thought of something and sucked at the yawning cultivators below, pulling them into the Divine Power Space.

The moment everyone disappeared, dark golden flames condensed into two thick pillars of fire that spat out from Wu Zhiqi’s eyes.

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