Without any hesitation, Gong Ziliang directly took off the Black Armor Set and changed into the Azure Demon Set.

[Ding, you have been detected to be wearing the “Azure Demon Set”.
You have activated the “Azure Demon Set” Equipment Resonance.]

In the next moment, after hearing that the new set and equipment resonance function did not disappear, the system did not ask him to get another gift bag without any bottom line.

Gong Ziliang heaved a sigh of relief.

He opened the resonance attribute of the Azure Demon Set:

Azure Demon Set (2 pieces): All attributes+10%.
There is a 20% chance of Wu Zhiqi’s afterimage appearing when attacking!

Azure Demon Set (4 pieces): All attributes+20%.
When attacking, there is a 20% chance of Wu Zhiqi appearing and carrying out multiple attacks!

Azure Demon Set (6 pieces): All attributes+30%.
When attacking, there is a 20% chance to activate the Wu Zhiqi’s innate divine power, “Hair Clone”.
The clone has 10% of Wu Zhiqi’s strength!

Azure Demon Set (8 pieces): All attributes+40%.
When attacking, there is a 20% chance to activate the Wu Zhiqi’s innate divine power, “World Refinement Demon Flame”!


Seeing the resonance attribute of the “Azure Demon Set” listed by the system, Gong Ziliang could not help but gasp.

Just the increase in all attributes of this Azure Demon Set was already twice as much as the previous Black Armor Set.

As for the attributes of the six pieces of the set, activating the Wu Zhi Qi’s innate divine power, the Hair Clone, shocked Gong Ziliang even more.

Wasn’t this the method of the Monkey King in the book in his previous life?

Could it be that that monkey had really appeared in that world?

Or could it be that the person who wrote that book had transmigrated to this world like him and encountered Wu Zhiqi?

The more he thought about it, the more clueless he became, so Gong Ziliang simply dispelled these thoughts.

After retracting his attention, Gong Ziliang looked at his body.
Apart from the four parts of the Azure Demon Set, the remaining Black Armor Helmet and Golden Claw Necklace were immediately a little annoying.

The grade of the “Black Armor Helmet” red equipment could be said to be powerful with the additional immunity to fatal head damage and the immunity to mental attacks.

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The “Azure Demon Helmet” that he dropped from Wu Zhiqi was only an ordinary blue equipment.

Apart from increasing some injuries, it did not have any outstanding attributes.
It could not compare to the Black Armor Helmet at all.

As for the Golden Claw Necklace, although it was only Level 40 equipment, the grade of the golden equipment was enough to instantly kill the Level 70 green equipment, the Azure Demon Necklace.

Moreover, the “Golden Claw Necklace” had the special attribute of increasing attack, double attack, and paralysis.

However, the effect of the six attributes of the “Azure Demon Set” and the “Hair Clone” really made Gong Ziliang drool.

“Damn, aren’t they forcing the OCD player to death!”

Between the forced distribution and the set, Gong Ziliang weighed the pros and cons for a long time but still could not make a choice.
He could not help but complain.

“Being powerful is only temporary, but being handsome is forever!”

Suddenly, Gong Ziliang’s body trembled, and his eyes emitted a light.

Without any hesitation, he took off the Black Armor Helmet and the Golden Claw Necklace.

With a thought, Gong Ziliang summoned the Azure Demon Set.

In the next moment, green light flashed on his body.
His helmet, armor, belt, boots, bracelet, and necklace were completely covered by the Azure Demon Set.

Gong Ziliang threw two punches at the corpse of Wu Zhiqi in the deep pit.


A shadow of Wu Zhiqi appeared behind him.

As Gong Ziliang brandished his fist, the afterimage also brandished its ape palm and blasted towards the corpse in the pit.

After a few slaps, the afterimage seemed to be angry because the corpse in the pit did not react.

After plucking a tuft of green long hair and throwing it out, it landed on the ground and transformed into a few miniature Wu Zhiqi.
They rolled on the ground and screamed as they rushed into the deep pit.

Seeing Wu Zhiqi’s clones, Gong Ziliang revealed a satisfied smile.

It was fine as long as he was handsome!

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