As soon as the magistrate said this, it was instantly like a heavy bomb thrown on a calm lake.

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Even the family heads revealed extreme shock.

Originally, they thought that the magistrate had summoned them again to cooperate and appease these commoners.

Who would have thought that the magistrate would add fuel to the fire?

Moreover, this blood rain came strangely.
Until now, there was still no accurate source.

However, the magistrate insisted that it was related to Gong Ziliang.

Immediately, those family heads even began to suspect if this magistrate in front of them was one of the sources of the rumors!

After the Tong City magistrate finished speaking, he fell silent and gave the commoners some time to digest.

The reason why he wanted to publicize the situation of Gong Ziliang triggering the blood rain was because

It was not that he was the source of the rumors as those family heads suspected.

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Instead, the Imperial City had already sent the news.

In the news, the current monarch said firmly that Mr.
Liang would definitely be able to resolve the problem.

He told the officials in the various regions to stabilize the commoners first.

For this, he could tell the truth first.

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Although he did not know why the current monarch was so confident in Gong Ziliang, now, in less than half a day, those cultivators already showed signs of being unable to hold on.

What was even more terrifying was that the environment of this world seemed to be collapsing.

It made the speed at which those cultivators recovered their spiritual qi become slower and slower.

If this continued, perhaps not long after, those cultivators would take turns to attack.

They probably could not maintain the spiritual qi barrier in the sky for too long.

At that time, the buildings in Tong City would not be the only ones destroyed.

There was also the support of the people.

Before that moment arrived, the Tong City magistrate had no choice but to place his last hope on Mr.

“That Gong Ziliang is really a jinx!”

“Let’s go in together and tear down that demon’s ancestral hall!”

“Right, go in and tear down his ancestral hall!”

The commoners were furious when they suddenly saw the magistrate of Tong City gesture to the few bailiffs behind him.

The few of them immediately carried the killing rod and blocked the entrance of the ancestral hall.

After a short moment of shock, the gazes of the commoners looking at the magistrate changed from respect to surprise.

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The leading old man even said angrily, “Dog official, that demon caused my grandson to be unrecognizable.
He’s still lying in the medical hall.
The doctor said that he might not be able to be saved!”

“Why don’t you let me go in and smash that demon’s statue to avenge my grandson?”

Hearing the old man’s words, the people who were originally retreating in fear immediately showed signs of surging forward again.

“That’s right.
Magistrate, why are you protecting that evil person?”

“Is it an order from the Imperial Court? Magistrate, as our official, shouldn’t you plead for the people?”

“Sir, where’s your backbone?”

Those people did not dare to address the magistrate of Tong City as a dog official like the old man.

However, their tone had already become very impolite.

No matter what those people said, the magistrate’s expression did not change.

Until those people were done talking and scolding and venting, only then did the Tong City magistrate look at the old man who had insulted him at the beginning.
He saw that because the old man was old and drenched in blood, he stood in front of him trembling.

Immediately, he removed the cloak from his official uniform and covered the old man.

Looking at the actions of the Tong City magistrate, in the minds of those commoners, they suddenly recalled that ever since the blood rain descended, this figure in front of them had not stopped for a moment and was running around the city.

Immediately, the anger in their hearts dissipated a little.

The Tong City magistrate bent down to look at the old man.
In his deeply tired eyes, there was no trace of arrogance as a higher-up or anger at being scolded.

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There was only a gentle and firm force.

“Sir, I’m extremely sorry about your grandson.”

“However, tearing down this ancestral hall can’t stop the blood rain, nor can it improve your grandson’s injuries.”

These words were slowly spat out from the magistrate’s mouth.
There was no profound language, but it made the old man clearly understand what the magistrate meant.

Seeing that the old man did not dare to refute, the magistrate of Tong City moved his gaze away and looked at the commoners, “I’m not saying this to let everyone stop here.”

“I want everyone to wait for another half a day.”

“The current Emperor has already sent an urgent letter.
In half a day, if the blood rain doesn’t stop, the Emperor will abdicate and give up the throne!”

As soon as the words ‘give up the throne’ jumped out of the mouth of the magistrate of Tong City, the commoners were shocked speechless.

“The-the old man Emperor really said that?”

The old man’s eyes widened.
After saying this, he realized that he had used an offensive term and his face immediately turned pale from fear.

Fortunately, the Tong City magistrate did not pursue his words.
Instead, he nodded heavily, and the firm strength appeared in his eyes again, “In half a day, this blood rain will not stop.
I’ll be the first to enter and drag out the clay statue worshiped inside to smash it into pieces!”

Seeing the magistrate roll up his sleeves and smash things, the old man said, “Sir, you’re a good official.
I’ll believe you.
Let’s sit here and wait for half a day.”

When the others heard this, they echoed, “That’s right.
The magistrate loves the people like his own children.
He definitely won’t lie to us!”

“Everyone, don’t wait here.
The West City River is about to drown again.
Those who still have the strength to go over quickly and widen the river channel.”

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“Alright, I, Li Dazhuang, will dig the river first.
I’ll come back in half a day.”

The magistrate smiled and said, “Don’t worry.
I’ll wait here with everyone for half a day.”

Hearing the magistrate’s words, those people left in peace.

When they left, those people did not notice that the magistrate’s smile was mixed with a bitter smile.

When the surging citizens of Tong City were resolved by the magistrate, after the local officials guaranteed that Mo Zhongtian would abdicate, the situation finally obtained some control.

In the minds of those commoners, the identity of the Emperor was the Son of Heaven.

Now, even the son of the heavens said that if the rain of blood did not stop for half a day, he would not become the emperor.
He must have said something to the heavens.

Nan’an City.

In the imperial residence of the Monet Dynasty.

Mo Zhongtian stood in front of a hall with his hands behind his back.
He looked at the blood rain above his head that was also isolated by the spiritual qi barrier and muttered, “Mr.
Liang, I used the throne as a bet this time.”

“I hope you won’t let me lose this time…”

Mo Zhongtian no longer cared about the throne.

Moreover, he knew very well that if there was no news of Gong Ziliang from the Imperial City in half a day…

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