This time, the Monet Dynasty would probably be buried with the Ultimate God.

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At that time, it would make no difference whether he, the monarch, did it or not.

Time passed minute by minute.

Although the sky was covered in endless blood rain, as the light became darker, the half a day was approaching.

In Tong City, the commoners who were digging the river had already rushed back.

The crowd gathered in front of the ancestral hall gradually expanded from the size of thousands of people half a day ago to tens of thousands.

Looking over, there were heads everywhere.

The old man did not notice this at all.

For half a day, he chatted with the magistrate and nagged about how he had increased the rent a few days ago.

The harvest this season was not good.
After paying the rent, there was not much food left at home.

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After saying these bad things, the old man turned around and spoke happily.
His grandson had already begun to study.

In just a few days, the teacher had taught more than ten words, which was much more than the words that the old man could recognize in his entire life.

Throughout the entire process, the magistrate had been smiling and listening.
Occasionally, he would reveal a praising expression, causing the old man to be greatly encouraged.


The madam did not notice that as the day became darker, the magistrate’s brows were also furrowed.

Just as the old man was about to change the topic from her grandson to the next, suddenly, the magistrate in front of him stood up and bowed to him.

“Sir Zhou, I’ve let you down.”

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The old man was stunned before he reacted.
The magistrate was the designated official.

In this world, how could officials bow to commoners?

His hands that were covered in mud did not know where to place them.

Suddenly, the old man discovered that the sky was already dark.

Half a day passed just like that.

He did not know how his grandson in the medical hall was doing.

However, this rain, this damned rain, why did it not stop?

How troublesome!

In his life, he did not know many words, but he roughly understood the word ‘reason’.

All of this was Gong Ziliang’s fault!

It was not the magistrate’s fault!

The old man’s eyes were red as he wanted to help the magistrate up.

However, the magistrate’s waist was harder than the bent tree behind his house.
He did not move at all.

The magistrate’s painful voice sounded again, “I’ve let down my people and hometown!”

Hearing the magistrate’s words, the anger that was about to burn in the chests of the commoners was suddenly extinguished.

Just like that old man surnamed Zhou, they also understood what it meant to have a debtor for every grievance.

As an official, the magistrate had already done his best to do this.

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“Sir, this is not your fault.”

A family head went forward and comforted him.

When the magistrate heard this, he stood up and shook his head, “Actually, I know that in this half a day, Mr.
Liang can’t…”

The last word was about to leave his mouth when suddenly, a dazzling golden light suddenly lifted the roof tiles that were pierced by the blood rain from the ancestral hall behind him and rushed into the sky.

After enduring for half a day in the sky above Tong City, there was only a thin layer of spiritual qi defense barrier left.

Crack! It split open.

However, in the next moment, under the frightened gazes of the commoners, they expected that the sticky blood rain in the sky did not rush down to drown the city.

On the other hand, when the blood rain encountered the golden light, it actually directly evaporated into a bloody mist.

It was blown away by the wind again.

“Ah, Mr.
Liang has appeared!”

Just as the Tong City magistrate was at a loss…

The old man surnamed Zhou beside him suddenly looked behind him and suddenly knelt on the ground, kowtowing several times.

With a feeling of disbelief, the Tong City magistrate turned around.

What entered his vision was a figure wrapped in dazzling golden light that appeared in the sky above the ancestral hall.

Narrowing his eyes, the magistrate of Tong City barely saw the figure through the golden light.

The handsome face made him feel extremely familiar.

Suddenly, the Tong City magistrate thought of something and lowered his head to look at the ancestral hall below that figure.

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At the end of his vision, the divine platform with Mr.
Liang’s statue had already disappeared.

He took a deep breath.

The Tong City magistrate glanced at the sky that was quickly melting the blood rain.

“The Monet Dynasty is saved.”

“The world is saved!”

As he muttered in his heart, tears flowed down the face of the Tong City magistrate.

Then, the Tong City magistrate saw the commoners kneeling in front of the ancestral hall.

He put away his official robe and bowed to the figure in the sky above the ancestral hall.

At the same time, in the cities of the Monet Dynasty.

Countless commoners rushed into the ancestral hall.

Just as they were about to smash the statue inside, they saw the statue break through the roof.

Then, endless golden light erupted, evaporating the blood rain that filled the sky.

“God Liang has appeared!”

After a loud shout, those commoners quickly knelt on the ground in fear like the people outside the ancestral hall of Tong City.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty.”

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Nan’an City.

Before Cao Tianzheng arrived at the hall, his surprised voice had already entered.


When Cao Tianzheng saw Mo Zhongtian kneeling on the ground in the hall and kowtowing in the direction of the Imperial City,

The joy on his face immediately disappeared.
He walked behind Mo Zhongtian and kowtowed with him.

Half a minute before all of this happened.

In the stone chamber mystic realm.

Gong Ziliang slowly woke up from his coma.

Previously, his consciousness had bitterly endured for several hours.

Finally, the moment he completed Body Tempering, he could not hold on anymore and fainted.

At this moment, after opening his eyes, Gong Ziliang discovered that his limbs and soul were intact.
Only then did he sigh in relief.

Before he could open the system and check the attributes of the ninth-stage Body Tempering, in his mind, countless images suddenly transmitted back from the ancestral halls of the Monet Dynasty.

When he saw that there was only a thin layer of spiritual qi barrier left in the sky above Tong City, the billions of drops of blood were about to fall and collapse the city below, subconsciously, he directly sent a force in his body towards the Tong City in the scene.

He had just reacted that the place he was at was a distance from the city in the scene.

Then, Gong Ziliang was surprised to discover that the power he had sent out just now had actually injected into the divine statue in the ancestral hall of Tong City from an unknown distance.

In the next moment, an aura that could be controlled as easily as his arm appeared in Gong Ziliang’s perception.

After some attempts, Gong Ziliang discovered that on the other end of the aura was the statue of him in Tong City.

Through the aura in his perception, others could use the Divine Statue to use various methods in the stone chamber mystic realm.

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