Demonic flames stepped under his feet as he roared and rushed up.

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However, in the next moment, Gong Ziliang’s palm force brazenly blasted down.
there was a bang.

The headless warhorse flew out at an even faster speed, and the Demon General on its back was thrown down.

Before the Demon General could calm down, a dense aura erupted from his Demon Body.

That headless warhorse was his companion who had fought the gods with him.

After being sealed in the Lava Demon Realm for thousands of years, the man and horse had long formed an extremely deep relationship.

Now, he was actually injured by a small human.

“Human, not only are you going to die today…”

“I want to slaughter the living beings of this world as the price for offending me!”

The Demon General’s voice was extremely cold, almost freezing one’s soul.

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However, Gong Ziliang smiled and shook his head, as if he was saying to the Demon General, “You can’t do it.”

Such a careless posture was equivalent to pouring oil on the raging anger of the Demon General.

It made the Demon General’s pitch-black demonic eyes turn scarlet from the murderous aura.


A loud shout exploded from the Demon General’s mouth.

His demonic body had already crossed a thousand meters and arrived in front of Gong Ziliang.

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A ferocious wind assaulted his face, and the tragic demonic qi instantly sealed the space around Gong Ziliang.

Facing the Demon General’s rapid attack, Gong Ziliang had to admit that compared to the Demon General, his combat consciousness was far inferior.

He had formed the momentum before attacking!

Such a method of attacking first was already an instinct that had been fused into the Demon General’s bones.

He needed some time to react.

The time in between seemed to be extremely short, and it was not even the blink of an eye.

However, when he encountered a true top expert, a millisecond was enough to determine a winner.

It could even determine life and death!

He temporarily suppressed the reflection he had obtained from the Demon General’s attack.

Gong Ziliang activated the Illusory Shattering Golden Eyes and quickly found the flaw in the Demon General’s attack.
His fist that had accumulated the power of the Origin Body blasted at the Demon General’s weakness at a tricky angle.

He would use the Demon General to kill the gods and cleanse his battle will in the Lava Demon Realm.

However, when the headless warhorse was sent flying by Gong Ziliang just now, he was worried and attacked in a hurry, causing him to reveal a flaw and be captured by Gong Ziliang.

However, the Demon General was still the Demon General.
He quickly reacted.

Demonic intent surged out, turning endless demonic qi into a shield that blocked Gong Ziliang’s fist just as it was about to hit the demonic body.

Hearing a muffled bang, the Demon General was about to heave a sigh of relief.

Suddenly, he saw that the shield that was enough to block an attack from an eighth-stage low-level demon actually quickly cracked under Gong Ziliang’s fist.

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Not only that, the Demon General also felt a force pass through the demonic shield and directly affect his demonic body.

Immediately, that power turned into a drill that easily pierced through his flesh and blood that had been refined by the poisonous flames of the Lava Demon Realm for thousands of years and destroyed deeper.

This power that pierced through the demonic shield was naturally the penetrating attribute of the Law of Strength.

The Demon General was shocked.

Although he quickly crushed that power with his demonic qi, even the former high-level second-stage god could not easily break through this defense.

How did this low-level seventh-stage human do it?

The Demon General’s gaze swept back and forth on Gong Ziliang.

However, no matter how he looked, he could not see anything special about Gong Ziliang’s body.

It was not strange that the Demon General could not tell.

This was because Gong Ziliang’s Origin Body was not the Divine Body of the gods that the Demon General had fought back then, nor was it any physique of the ten thousand races.

Instead, it was a unique physique forged by the system after fusing his human Postnatal bloodline with the Supreme Heavenly Dao.

It could be said that this was the only one in the myriad worlds!

Being swept by the Demon General’s strange gaze, Gong Ziliang immediately felt a chill.

“I only want to kill you, but you covet my body?”

“Pervert, go to hell!”

As soon as Gong Ziliang finished speaking, his Advanced Origin Body completely erupted.

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The vast power in his flesh and blood that was like a dragon elephant easily shattered the demonic qi that the Demon General used to seal his retreat.


With a series of shattering sounds, Gong Ziliang’s fist shattered the void and blasted towards the Demon General’s head.

Under the Illusion Shattering Golden Eyes, Gong Ziliang could clearly see that the Demon General’s entire body was covered in divine patterns.

No matter where his attack landed, it would be sealed by the divine patterns and most of its power would be reduced.

In this case, out of 100% of his strength, only less than 60% could really affect the Demon General.

This 60% was still including the 10% increase in strength from the Law of Strength’s penetration attribute.

The head of the Demon General was different.
There was no divine pattern seal on it.

Moreover, combined with the fact that the Demon General had condensed a head previously and his cultivation had just broken through to the Divine Opening Realm,

Gong Ziliang could confirm that this head was most likely the Demon General’s weakness.

As long as he killed it, not only would he not kill the Demon General, but he would at least cause the Demon General to suffer a heavy loss.
His realm would fall from the Divine Opening Realm to the Spiritual Sea Realm like his.

Sensing Gong Ziliang’s goal, the Demon General was shocked and furious.

Just as Gong Ziliang thought, this head was indeed his weakness.

Back then, after that high-level second-stage god cut off his head with a divine artifact, he deprived him of 99% of his strength and brought it back to the Upper World with this head to be sealed.

Then, his demonic body was sent into the Lava Demon Realm.

This time, it was because the gods needed him to kill Gong Ziliang in his place.

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Therefore, they temporarily returned the head to him.

However, the gods of the Upper World naturally would not undo the seal on the head.

Otherwise, it was impossible to subdue a Demon General who had recovered all his strength with the divine patterns on his body.


The Demon General’s head had not really fused with his demonic body.

The powerful defense of the demonic body could not cover it at all.

Once he was hit by Gong Ziliang, the Demon General did not dare to guarantee that the seal left behind by the god on it could block his strange power.

If this head was destroyed in Gong Ziliang’s hands, the Demon General would also suffer a huge backlash.

Even if he could return to the Lava Demon Realm and fuse with the Demon Heart, he could not protect his realm.

As for returning to the high level, it was forever impossible.

When he thought of this…


The Demon General roared.
The demonic light protecting his body was extracted without caring about the consequences, forming a thick light cocoon that protected his head layer by layer.

Suddenly, the Demon General’s heart skipped a beat as he suddenly realized something.

“He did it on purpose!”

“He knows that I know that my head is my weakness.
He deliberately made a posture of attacking my head so that I had no choice but to be wary and reveal a flaw!”

At this moment, the Demon General’s consciousness became extremely clear.

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