ck of God crystals at the very least to obtain a similar upgrade.
Smacking his lips, gongzi Liang thought that if he could kill a few more deities and absorb their power of origin … Wouldn’t that mean he wouldn’t even need divine crystals? However, this was just a thought.
His body of origin did have the capital to shake a God.
However, the gods were not fools who only knew how to fight in close combat.
The accompanying laws were the foundation for them to stand at the top of the ten thousand races.
Right now, the laws that gongzi Liang had grasped, be it the laws of sword or the laws of force that came with his origin source body, were still in the familiarizing stage.
If he were to really go up against those gods, he didn’t need to be too strong.
He wouldn’t even be able to withstand an existence one level higher than them.
Then, he glanced at the Imperial City that was in shambles.
Young master Liang’s mind flickered as he sensed the aura of mo Zhongtian and the others hundreds of miles away.
He summoned the Phoenix-winged divine Peng and took to the skies.
…… South Peace City.
The Golden rays of the sun shone on the earth.
In the temporary Imperial Palace of the Monet dynasty, mo Zhongtian, who hadn’t slept all night, was looking at the rising sun in the hall.
His Haggard face was filled with worry.
Although gongzi Liang had used some unknown method to stop the rain of blood yesterday, he had still managed to stop it.
He had also shown his divinity in the ancestral temples of the Monet dynasty and appeased the hearts of hundreds of millions of people.
However, in the middle of the night, there was a sudden movement in the Imperial City.
The demonic Qi wreaked havoc and the Red Dragon rose into the sky.
The commotion caused by it caused mo Zhongtian to be unable to sleep.
He called Cao Tianzheng over and had him arrange for people to investigate.
Mo Zhongtian sat in the main hall and waited for the rest of the night.
At this moment.
The sound of hurried footsteps came from outside the hall.
Mo Zhongtian immediately perked up and stood up to welcome him.
Seeing Cao Tianzheng walking over quickly, mo Zhongtian quickly said,””Cao Banban, do you have any news about Mr.
Jiang?” Mo Zhongtian saw Cao Tianzheng’s tired face and realized that he wanted to say something.
Seeing mo Zhongtian’s dejected expression, Cao Tianzheng thought for a moment and said,””Your Majesty, when the Golden armor Army rushed there overnight, they didn’t find Mister Jiang.” “However, in my opinion, Mr.
Jiang is wise and resourceful.
Nothing will happen to him.” Mo Zhongtian could naturally tell that Cao Tianzheng’s words were just to console him.
Mo Zhongtian forced a smile and said,””I hope so.” Mo Zhongtian then thought of something else and said,””That’s right, regarding yesterday’s rumors, did you find out anything?” Mo Zhongtian did not even need to investigate to know the answer.
However, the Monet dynasty seemed to have seen the blue sky after the dark clouds were parted.
In reality, under the calm appearance, undercurrents were still surging.
As the Emperor, mo Zhongtian knew that he had to give the people an explanation for the blood rain yesterday.
Otherwise, when the time was over, those people hiding in the dark could still jump out and make a fuss about this matter.
However, mo Zhongtian was also clear that just dealing with the blood rain yesterday, be it Cao Tianzheng’s subordinates or the various major cities, they were all extremely tense.
It was impossible to find any problems in one night.
However, when Cao Tianzheng heard this, he took out a thick stack of letters from his storage ring and said,””Your Majesty, there were a total of 1387 people who spread the rumors in the major cities yesterday.
The yellow booklets are all on the records and have been thoroughly investigated.” 

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