ers, I’m a refugee from Nanni village.” “The blood rain yesterday flooded our village.
We had no choice.
I heard that we could make a living in the city, so I came here.” After the leader, a skinny man, finished speaking, the people following behind him hurriedly nodded in agreement.
Looking at these people, they were all yellow and skinny, the clothes on their bodies could not cover their bodies.
The Guard’s eyes flashed with a trace of impatience, and he turned his head to look at the squad leader.
When he saw the latter nod his head imperceptibly, he helped the man in front of him up and took out a few pieces of silver from his bosom.” “Alright, you guys can go in.” “Take this silver to buy some clothes and food.
The night is cold, if you can’t find a place to rest, be careful not to fall sick.” The man looked at the guard in front of him.
The hand that had formed a seal suddenly lost its strength.
He was actually easily pried away by the guard who wasn’t even in the invigorated Meridian realm, and the silver pieces were placed in his hands.
The group entered South Peace City.
Along the clean and tidy City Road, he saw many newly-awakened citizens working with the government bailiffs to repair the buildings that had been destroyed by the blood rain yesterday.
Every few hundred meters, he could see the porridge shops set up by the rich and powerful families in the city.
There was also a portrait that had been copied overnight on the porridge shop.
The person in the portrait was Gong Ziliang.
Such a scene was completely different from what they had expected before entering the city.
For a moment, they fell silent.
“Stop!” As he was walking, a shout came from behind.
The leading man’s body tensed up.
The hand that was holding the silver quietly formed a seal, ready to burst out a powerful attack at any time.
However, when he came back to his senses, he saw a middle-aged man who was only in the profound martial realm walking toward him.
His tensed mind could not help but relax a little.
The man walked forward and sized them up.
His stern face immediately frowned and said,””You’re refugees from outside the city, right? What is the county government doing? there are still refugees who haven’t been settled!” After saying that, the man showed an apologetic expression and said,””I’m really sorry.
The impact of yesterday’s blood rain was too great.
The city’s manpower is a little insufficient.
” “How about this? you guys walk three hundred meters along this road, then turn left for another hundred meters, and you’ll see the rest point.
You can rest there.” After saying that, the middle-aged man subconsciously reached for the purse at his waist, making a gesture of taking out silver.
However, the feeling of emptiness in his hand made the middle-aged man choke.
He looked at the man in front of him who was stunned and said awkwardly,””That … I still have some matters to attend to, you can go first.” As soon as he finished speaking, the man left in a hurry before anyone could react.
She looked at the man’s back as he gradually disappeared into the distance.
The man, who was stunned on the spot, suddenly felt that the silver in his hand was a little hot.
“It looks like our plan to mess up the situation in South Peace City and save His Majesty is going to fail.” As the man spoke, he put the silver in his hands into his arms.
The man looked in the direction of the Monet dynasty’s Royal Palace and said,””Forget it, I’ll go and have a talk with that kid mo Zhongtian.” “If the price is right, it’s not impossible to redeem Her Majesty.” As soon as the man finished speaking, he transformed into an old man.

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