He brought pingxiu along because of the unknown key that Yi kun used to curse him to death.
Gongzi Liang had already figured it out.
It was one of the three keys to open the divine Kingdom’s ruins.
With this key, he could use the divine Dao techniques he had cultivated during his rest days as a guide to find the location of the divine Kingdom ruins.
However, in order to open the ruins of the divine Kingdom, he still needed a God to guide him, or to gather the other two keys.
According to the information provided by ping Xiu, the other two keys were in the hands of the nine Dragon sanctuary and an ancient orthodoxy.
With Gong Ziliang’s current strength, he didn’t have the ability to break into a Holy Land or an ancient orthodoxy to seize the key.
Therefore, Gong Ziliang brought along Lin anruo, who was a ‘Reaper’… Gongzi Liang’s plan was to activate the ‘Reaper’ divine will in Lin anruo’s body after finding the divine Kingdom ruins.
He would then open the divine Kingdom ruins and let the ‘Reapers’ fight with the evil god inside.
However, before that, Gong Ziliang still had to go to a place, which was the demonic sect’s sub-altar.
This was because the teleportation formation of the Monet dynasty had been razed to the ground along with the Imperial City.
The divine Kingdom relic that young master Liang was looking for was not far from the bi Fang Empire.
It was pingxiu who had provided the information again.
This time, they were heading to the bi Fang Empire to fight for the ancient bi Fang seed that was about to be born.
The heavenly God stage altar master of the demonic sect’s sub-altar used his great divine power to temporarily build a teleportation array to the bi Fang Empire.
If it hadn’t been dismantled, they would be able to use it when they rushed over.
If it was before, the demon cult’s sub-altar would be a Dragon’s pond or a Tiger’s Den.
However, when the heavenly God altar master went to the bi Fang Empire, the two sea of consciousness emissaries who stayed behind were also killed by Gong Ziliang.
The few nobodies left in the branch were not a threat to Gong Ziliang at all.
The Phoenix-winged divine Peng’s golden body covered the clouds and the sun.
He carried the three of them and headed to the demon cult’s sub-altar.
In South Peace City.
Countless commoners, no matter what they were doing, raised their heads and looked at the Phoenix-winged divine Peng that flew over their heads.
“Look, that divine bird has appeared again!” “There are people on the bird’s back, and there are three of them,” “Hiss, which one is … The good Saint!” This Phoenix-winged divine Peng had caused quite a stir when it came to South Peace City a few days ago.
Then, he suddenly disappeared, leaving behind endless legends.
But today, when he appeared again, the focus of the People’s attention quickly shifted to Gong Ziliang, who was on the back of the Phoenix-winged divine Peng.
Immediately after, countless people knelt on the ground in the most pious manner.
In the throne room.
Mo Shaoyun, who was discussing the matter of the dynasty’s promotion in three days, felt something.
He looked up and saw the Phoenix-winged divine Peng and gongzi Liang sitting on it.
He walked down from the Dragon Throne and bowed in the direction where the Phoenix-winged divine Peng had disappeared.
“Mo Shaoyun, farewell absolute Saint!” As he lowered his head, mo Shaoyun spoke in a voice that only he could hear,””So, I was wrong.” “It turns out that I’m also an idiot …” Before he could finish his sentence, mo Shaoyun’s face was already covered in tears.
…… White Cloud City.
It was located at the far west border of the bi Fang Empire and had a population of less than ten million.
Such a scale was not even worthy of being ranked among the many cities under the rule of the bi Fang Empire.
In addition, it was located in a remote area and was adjacent to the myriad demon mountain range.
The products in the mountain were all occupied by countless demons.
Under such circumstances, the White Cloud City had almost become the city with the least sense of existence in the bi Fang Empire.
But a few months ago, a volcano in the myriad demon mountain that had been dead for a long time suddenly erupted.
The cultivators of the White Cloud City were ordered to set up a formation to prevent the spread of the volcano.
However, he sensed a strong life aura at the bottom of the volcano.
In the beginning, the cultivators thought that there was a powerful demon cultivating Under the Volcano.
However, when they entered the depths of the volcano, the cultivators were shocked to discover that the embryonic breath was coming from a divine seed.
After sending this discovery back to the imperial capital, the celestial God from the Empire immediately set up a teleportation device and rushed to the White Cloud City.
In the end, he confirmed that the divine seed was an ancient bi Fang divine seed! It had been buried under this volcano for tens of thousands of years, absorbing endless fire essence, and was about to be born.
It was precisely because of this that the volcano erupted.
In order not to affect the divine seed’s growth, the sky god patriarch decided to let the divine seed continue to absorb the remaining Earth Fire essence Under the Volcano.
At the same time, a large number of experts from all over the Empire were mobilized to guard this place.
Even though the White Cloud City had sealed off the news in time under the instructions of the patriarch, However, how could such a big move by the bi Fang dynasty be hidden from the eyes and ears of the surrounding major sects and aristocratic families? Soon, the information about the ancient bi Fang divine seed was spread to everyone.
For a time, all eight sides moved.
Not only did the major clans within the dynasty send people over in the name of protecting the divine beast of the dynasty.
There were also countless forces from the cultivation world outside swarming in.
Even orthodoxies and fiend sects thousands of miles away had set up teleportation arrays, ready to take a share of the loot.
This caused the originally silent and unknown White Cloud City to suddenly become the center of attention of all the forces in the southeast Region.
Ye Cheng, the city Lord of the White Cloud City, had not had a good night’s sleep during this period of time.
Although the celestial God forefather of the dynasty was stationed a hundred miles outside the city, the city was still guarded by the celestial God.
However, the cultivators who entered and left the White Cloud City every day were all from powerful backgrounds.
He might be a prodigy of some orthodoxy or a talent of some family.
It didn’t matter if he offended one or two.
However, before the birth of the divine seed, any slight movement could trigger a series of chain reactions.
At that time, the Empire’s patriarch would have to be distracted by the bi Fang divine seed and might not be able to spare the time to help this tiny White Cloud City.
For this reason, Ye City did not hesitate to spend a lot of money to borrow a large number of guards and cultivators from the nearby cities and sects, building White Cloud City into an impenetrable iron bucket.
Regardless of whether they were cultivators or ordinary people, anyone who entered or left the White Cloud City had to go through a strict inspection and record before they were allowed to enter.
However, no matter how much he responded, Ye Cheng was still on tenterhooks and could not sleep at night.
He was afraid that if something went wrong, he, a city Lord in the sea of consciousness realm, would not be able to control the situation.
At the South Gate of the White Cloud City.
Three figures slowly arrived.
A man and a woman were walking side by side.
Both of them were in their twenties.
The woman was dressed in green, and there was no makeup on her face.
However, when she was talking to the man, her every frown and smile revealed an astonishing amorous feeling, and her charm flowed.
She was simply a rare stunner in the world! There was nothing special about the man.
Other than being a little taller, a little more handsome, a little fairer, and having a nice voice, he was nothing special.
Behind the two, a middle-aged man followed closely.
His posture was very low, like a servant.
But on his body, there was an irrepressible majestic aura, looking around arrogantly and circulating.

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