Regretfully, it was another wave of defeat.
Gongzi liangrao was already mentally prepared for this outcome.
However, when it really happened, he still felt a little angry when he saw the thick layer of pill residue at the bottom of the furnace.
“Black doesn’t save the wrong, spending money doesn’t change one’s life?” “Am I really that unlucky?” As he mumbled, he scraped out the elixir residue, rolled it into a ball, took out the immortal transformation pot, and threw it in.
Previously, the immortal transformation pot was able to refine the spiritual Crystal Chalcedony into a Jade essence pill that could allow one to level up three times.
Gongzi Liang did not ask for much.
He would be satisfied as long as the immortal transformation pot could use these elixir dregs to refine an origin pill.
Of course, Gong Ziliang also knew that he was probably daydreaming.
The most likely result would be that the elixir residue would be refined by the immortal transformation pot until there was no residue left.
“I’ll take a gamble.
Maybe the bicycle will become a motorcycle.
” With that, Gong Ziliang put away the immortal transformation pot and took out a pile of equipment from his backpack.
Green light flashed one after another, and no less than a hundred parts of the ‘Azure Demon Armor set’ formed a small mountain in front of gongzi Liang.
These were all the green and white grade equipment that he had obtained from Wu Zhiqi in the solo boss dungeon.
Gongzi Liang planned to synthesize all of them and see if he could get a few high-quality parts to replace the ‘Azure demon helmet’ and ‘Azure demon necklace’.
Of these two parts, the former was a normal blue equipment, while the latter was only a green equipment.
Even though it was a level 70 equipment, its attributes were not even as good as a low-level one.
If it were not for the cool six-piece resonance effect of the Azure demon set, he would not have worn equipment of this grade.
Let’s start with the White equipment.
“Azurefiend necklace.” “Azurefiend necklace.” “Azurefiend necklace.” After finding the three identical parts, gongzi Liang threw them into the furnace.
[Ding! [Unfortunately,’azurefiend necklace '(green) synthesis failed!] [Ding! [Unfortunately,’azurefiend bangle '(green) synthesis failed!] [Ding! [Unfortunately,’azurefiend belt '(green) synthesis failed!] 【……】 …… The situation was the same as before.
Gong Ziliang’s ears were going numb after he synthesized more than ten waves.
Not even a single piece of green equipment had been synthesized! The small mountain of equipment before Gong Ziliang’s eyes had already been reduced by a third.
[Ding! [The system has detected that the host has failed to synthesize equipment 13 times in a row.
You have received the title “weapon Shatterer demon” Level 1.
Do you want to wear it?] The title is out? Gongzi Liang stopped throwing the equipment and clicked on the attributes of the new title.
[Equipment Shatterer] Level 1: gained after failing 13 times in a row, Level 2 after failing 26 times in a row.
[Attribute: after wearing it, increases 10% success rate of equipment synthesis, as well as 10% success rate of star Ascension, strengthening, and forging by 10%] Eh? There’s a new harvest? When he saw the attributes of the title [crazy weapon Shatterer], it was obvious that there were a few more words than the title [crazy core Shatterer].
Gongzi Liang read it carefully.
He immediately revealed a look of pleasant surprise.
This title could actually increase the success rate of star Ascension and strengthening! “Not bad, not bad!” From the time he synthesized the pills until now.
A rare smile finally appeared on Gong Ziliang’s face as the dark clouds parted, revealing the clear sky.
He equipped the title.
Gong Ziliang was about to continue breaking the rest of the equipment to upgrade his title.
He looked at the small hill of equipment in front of him, which had shrunk significantly.
Gong Ziliang suddenly thought of something.
These white and green equipment were not even qualified to be equipped by him.
However, if he brought it to the outside world … Any one of them was enough to make sea of consciousness realm cultivators fight over it! Most importantly, with the spiritual stones and resources he got from selling the trash equipment, he could buy level 70 to 80 medicinal pills! One had to know.
For equipment and pills of the same level, the price of the former was almost ten times that of the latter.
After all … Supreme class precious artifacts could only be forged one by one.
As for elixirs, he would refine a cauldron of them at a time! As for equipment … Gongzi Liang had a fixed supply of boss drops.
Spending a few minutes every day to get ten or twenty pieces of equipment five times was too easy.
However, other than some special activities where he could get a small number of experience pills and fragments, he could only get medicinal pills by buying gift bags with ammonia gold.
Furthermore … Gongzi Liang didn’t need any specific pills.
As long as it was a level 80 pill, it was fine as long as it could be crushed.
He didn’t even want to be one level higher! Before that.
Gongzi Liang had also thought of selling Supreme realm precious artifacts in exchange for cultivation resources.
However, he had considered that his cultivation was too low, and that a supreme class precious artifact would be too eye-catching.
It was not a problem to take out one or two.
However, if there were too many of them, they would inevitably be targeted! Moreover … It didn’t matter if it was the blackheaven sect, the Supreme Academy, or the ancient dynasty.
He didn’t have the ability to digest so many supreme class precious artifacts.
However, things were different now.
He had come to the bi Fang dynasty, and the attraction of the bi Fang divine seed in the myriad demon mountain range.
In the White Cloud City, not to mention heavenly gods, there were as many sea of consciousness realm experts as there were dogs.
Even then, sea of consciousness realm cultivators were everywhere! Even if it was a low-quality white equipment, those in the sea of consciousness realm would not be interested.
But who didn’t have a family? who didn’t have children and grandchildren? The birth of the divine bi Fang seed was imminent, and there were turbulent undercurrents in the White Cloud City.
How many people in the sea of consciousness would refuse to have a full set of level 80 supreme class precious artifacts for their descendants? He didn’t have to worry about not having a market for these precious artifacts! “I’m really a F * cking business genius!” He didn’t even think about it.
Gongzi Liang quickly kept the remaining equipment in his backpack.
Gongzi Liang looked at the remaining intermediate experience pills in his backpack.
His mind couldn’t help but be moved.
The intermediate experience pill could increase the experience from level 30 to level 60 by 60%.
In other words, after taking two pills, he could directly raise his realm by one stage.
If he were to sell it.
Those cultivators would go crazy buying it! If he followed this line of thought, there were also high-tier experience pills.
To him, who had formed the origin source body.
The high-tier experience pill had lost its effect.
However … However, it was effective for those great mediums who were still cultivating spirit Qi! Just think about it, a high-grade experience pill could help an old monster who was stuck in the Nirvana realm to increase his cultivation by one level! Even if he were to bid for an entire dynasty, there would still be Holy Lands and ancient orthodoxies that would rush over to buy it! It would definitely not be a problem to sell it for a price higher than a supreme class precious artifact! “No! We can’t sell the experience pill!” Suddenly, Gong Ziliang calmed down.
The effects of the high-tier experience pill were especially terrifying! That kind of tyrannical and unreasonable method of improvement had completely subverted the cultivation system of this world! Once they appeared in the sights of those Holy Lands and ancient orthodoxy families, they would be completely destroyed.
He would definitely be attacked by those forces regardless of everything! Gongzi Liang could guess that if he fell into the hands of those forces, they would definitely not kill him for the sake of the high-tier experience pill.
They would even treat him as a guest of honor.
Use the best conditions to treat yourself.
However … At that time, what he would lose would be his freedom!

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