“Fellow Daoist Gu, you’re really good at scheming.” “You can eat however many spirit stones there are left.
Isn’t that yours?” “Besides, if I bet a few tens of thousands of spiritual crystals on 60 kowtows to me, does that mean that I can make you kowtow to me 60 times with a few tens of thousands of spiritual crystals?” Hearing Gong Ziliang’s words, the crowd initially thought that it made sense! But after carefully savoring it … What did he mean by a few tens of thousands of spiritual crystals? That was a few hundred million spirit stones! If you give them a few hundred million spirit stones and ask them to kowtow … Who wouldn’t kowtow? Do you want to kowtow? Anyway, I did kowtow! With such a thought in mind, the crowd looked on anxiously, wishing that they could kick Gu chengfeng away and kowtow to ask for spirit stones from gongzi Liang.
Gu chengfeng naturally did not know what the others were thinking.
However, after his suggestion was rejected by gongzi Liang, his old face turned uglier and uglier.
“Then tell me, what do you want me to bet with?” he couldn’t help but shout angrily.
Seeing that Gu chengfeng had finally been forced to this step, gongzi Liang stared at him and said,””I’ll bet a key.
” From the discussions of the crowd, gongzi Liang had learned that Gu chengfeng was from the Gu family, one of the three major forces that had sealed the divine Kingdom ruins.
After that, the three leaders each took a key.
Only when the three keys were together could they open the ruins of the divine Kingdom.
In the Monet dynasty, the unknown key that Yin Kun had brought from the Pingjiang dynasty had already fallen into gongzi Liang’s hands.
Now, what he needed to do was to get the key to the Gu family through this bet.
Hearing that Gong Ziliang was going to use a key as a bet, everyone was confused.
Gu chengfeng, on the other hand, immediately understood what the key Gong Ziliang was talking about was.
Immediately, his face revealed an unconcealed shock, and the spiritual energy in his body almost went out of control.
At the same time, Gu Dong and the other three in the spiritual ocean tier also released their auras towards Gong Ziliang.
The matter of the key involved the ruins of the divine Kingdom.
Even within the three major powers, only a very small number of people were qualified to know about it.
Now that an outsider had mentioned it, and with gongzi Liang’s obvious coveting, they had to be on high alert.
On the other side, the Gu family reacted so strongly to gongzi Liang’s mention of a key.
Everyone immediately realized that the key was probably related to a great secret.
However, everyone’s attention quickly shifted from the unheard-of key to Gong Ziliang.
To his shock, he realized that despite the pressure from the four psyche ocean stage Warriors, Gong Ziliang was actually very relaxed.
It was as if the aura that the four of them were exerting on him was just a feather to him.
“Sea of consciousness!” “Such a young man in the sea of consciousness realm!” “At his age, the Supreme youths of our bi Fang Empire should be at the Tribulation passing stage at most!” Someone in the crowd couldn’t suppress the excitement in his heart and shouted.
After being shouted by that person, the others thought of this and the shock on their faces couldn’t help but deepen.
“I’m afraid this person is not only at the sea of consciousness realm …” Dong Tianbao, who had known from the beginning that gongzi Liang was not a simple man, thought to himself.
He could tell that when Gong Ziliang was resisting the aura of Gu Dong and the other three, he did not use his spiritual energy.
This meant that gongzi Liang was able to withstand the pressure of four spiritual ocean tier cultivators with just his physical body.
To be able to do this, it was at least a heavenly God Realm! “If this person is really as young as he appears to be, his talent is already not inferior to those monsters in the central Prefecture!” Dong Tianbao could not stay calm when he thought of the geniuses in the middle state who were able to suppress the era.
He knew that behind those monstrous talents, there was a terrifying force comparable to the sky treasure Pavilion.
And now, a monstrous talent had appeared here.
Could it be that some hidden transcendent power was going to step onto the stage and set up a trap in the southeast Region? However, to Dong Tianbao’s knowledge, there was nothing else that was worthy of the attention of a force of this level other than the bi Fang divine seed that was about to be born.
“Although the divine bi Fang seed is a divine item, it’s not that attractive.” In Dong Tianbao’s mind, he rejected an idea.
As Dong Tianbao was thinking about this, he looked at gongzi Liang and suddenly had an idea.
“This person mentioned the key to the Gu family just now … Hmm? Does the force behind this person have designs on the sealed ruins?” Thinking of this, Dong Baotian was eager to make a move.
He wanted to immediately send this news back to the headquarters of the sky treasure Pavilion.
A divine bi Fang seed was not worth his attention.
But the ruins of a divine Kingdom were different! Not only were there divine Dao cultivation techniques, but there were also a large number of divine artifacts left behind by the deities.
It was also said that in ancient times, the sages of the human race had explored all the laws of the world and created the great Ascension technique.
If he could obtain it! The Nirvana stage patriarchs of the various Overlord forces would not become Immortals immediately.
But at the very least, he would have the hope of breaking the shackles of this world! The last time the divine Kingdom’s ruins opened, some bad things had happened.
It didn’t take long before it was sealed again.
Dong Tianbao was not clear about the reason.
However, seeing that the overlords of the Central Plains did not stop them from sealing the ruins, it was not difficult for Dong Tianbao to guess that something that even the overlords could not deal with had occurred in the divine Kingdom.
And now, since another Overlord force had taken action, it was obvious that they were prepared to deal with it.
He suppressed these thoughts in his heart.
Dong Tianbao’s attention returned to what was in front of him.
Even if he sent the news to the central Prefecture now, he would still be able to escape.
The headquarters also needed time to verify the authenticity of the news, and then decide what level of experts to send over.
As for the Imperial City, the heavenly God Pavilion master was busy.
Therefore, before the people from the headquarters arrived, Dong Tianbao could only take care of the situation on his own.
Dong Tianbao took a deep breath.
He suddenly felt that he had a heavy burden on his shoulders.
However, as much as he felt the pressure, something called ambition grew in his chest.
After this matter was settled, there was a great chance that the ‘vice’ word above his head ‘vice Pavilion master’ would be removed! From an outsider’s point of view, Dong Tianbao was working in the sky treasure Pavilion and was also the Deputy Pavilion master.
It could be said that he had unlimited glory.
But they knew their own business.
Dong Tianbao knew very well that with his cultivation in the spiritual ocean realm, he was more than enough to be respected as an ancestor in the dynasties under the bi Fang Empire.
However, in the sky treasure Pavilion, which was a transcendent power, even if they couldn’t be said to have a large number of them, they definitely had quite a few.
In a situation where he was unable to achieve a breakthrough in his cultivation in a short period of time.
If he wanted to advance in the sky treasure Pavilion, it was no different from a fantasy.
Furthermore, the sky treasure Pavilion had very strict business requirements for the pavilion Masters and vice Pavilion Masters.
If they could not complete the set amount of business each year, not only would they face the punishment of resource allocation being reduced, but they would also be transferred to some poor dynasties.
If they didn’t meet the requirements for three years, they would be kicked out of the sky treasure Pavilion.

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