Dong Tianbao suddenly thought of something and turned to look at Gu lianren.”Goddess Gu, why don’t we go and try my new tea together?”

Gu lianren was slightly surprised.
She did not expect that Dong Tianbao would actually invite her.

With her status, it was more than enough to be a guest of honor in sky treasure Pavilion.

However, Dong Tianbao was going to discuss the cooperation of supreme class precious artifacts with gongzi Liang in detail.

As an outsider, it would not be convenient for him to go over.

As if he had guessed Gu lianren’s thoughts, Dong Tianbao continued what he had just said,””It just so happens that I can hand over the Ji realm precious artifacts that the Gu clan has reserved to goddess Gu.”

Upon hearing Dong Tianbao’s words, Gu lianren still felt a little strange.

Dong Tianbao could have handed over the Gu clan’s supreme class precious artifact at another time, so why did he have to do it now?

“Eh? Could Pavilion master Dong be planning to sell the Ji realm precious artifact that he obtained from this gongzi Liang to my Gu clan?”

After she uncontrollably glanced at Gong Ziliang, Gu lianren immediately guessed something.

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The sky treasure Pavilion opened its doors to do business, doing two things: “buying” and “selling.”

Now that he had a stable source of supreme class relics like Gong Ziliang, he naturally had to find a good buyer.

The sky treasure Pavilion had been working with the Gu clan for so many years.
Dong Tianbao naturally knew how much the Gu clan needed Supreme realm relics, especially high-grade Supreme realm relics.

It was reasonable for him to look for him first.

Gu lianren peeked at gongzi Liang again.
She saw that he did not reject Dong Tianbao’s suggestion, nor did he show any joy.

As she heaved a sigh of relief, a faint sense of loss grew in her heart.

“Since you’re so kind, I don’t dare to decline.”

After she finished speaking, Gu Lian Ren’s face had a gloominess that even she herself did not notice.
She forced out a smile.

Dong Tianbao noticed Gu lianren’s small actions and emotional changes.
He thought that her relationship with gongzi Liang had not developed to the stage he had imagined.

“That’s good.
Today, I’ll make a good match.
It’ll be a good story if it’s spread in the future.

Dong Tianbao thought so.

There were two reasons why he wanted to get Gu lianren involved.
One, it was just as Gu lianren had thought.

It was to find a long-term and stable way to sell the Supreme class precious artifacts that young master Liang was going to supply.

Secondly, it had to be said that Dong Tianbao had the heart to help others.

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As for Dong Tianbao’s second thought, Gong Ziliang and Gu lianren, who were involved, were completely kept in the dark and had no idea.

Gongzi Liang’s thoughts were the same as Gu lianren ‘S.
He thought that Dong Tianbao was considering the problem of selling supreme class relics, so he had pulled Gu lianren in.

Although this was a little different from his idea of directly bartering with the sky treasure Pavilion.

However, he thought about the Gu family behind Gu lianren.
They were very powerful.
There should be a lot of pills that he needed in the family’s Treasury.

Moreover, the Gu family had a key to open the divine Kingdom’s ruins, so Gong Ziliang acquiesced to it.

After Dong Tianbao opened the passage to the second floor of the profound Gold Pavilion with the Haotian treasure mirror.

The three of them, each with their own thoughts, walked in.

At the same time.

On the street directly opposite the profound Gold Pavilion.

The space twisted, and five figures fell down along with a pile of supreme class precious artifacts.

Such a situation was no longer new to the passers-by, the shopkeepers, and the waiters of the surrounding shops.

Ever since the sky treasure Pavilion established the profound Gold Pavilion, there were cultivators who caused trouble in the pavilion being thrown out almost every day.

However, those people took the time to take a look.

Oh, who had offended Pavilion master Dong so badly this time?

His clothes were all stripped off!

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