Chapter 54: Profound Heaven Sect, Three Divine Bodies!

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“I’ve checked.
After Shangguan Yan entered the sect, he has been working as a servant disciple.”

“Therefore, the Seven-Orifice Spirit Spiral Body has never absorbed spirit stones before, or perhaps it has never come into contact with so many spirit stones.
It’s very normal for it to be so hungry.”

Elder Guan explained the situation since Shangguan Yan entered the Profound Heaven Sect.

When the elders heard this, they nodded slightly.

This Divine Body disciple clearly had a good character and was very loyal to the sect.

As long as they took good care of him, he would definitely not let down the Profound Heaven Sect in the future.

Just as everyone was discussing animatedly, the expression of Xuan Guangzi who was sitting above suddenly changed.
His figure flashed and suddenly appeared outside the Elder Pavilion.

This action made everyone feel strange.

“Sect Master, what are you doing?” Elder Zhang asked curiously.

However, at this moment, they discovered that Xuan Guangzi looked up at the sky with a grim expression.

Tsk, tsk, tsk.
What was there to see in this sky?

Wasn’t it like that every day?

But when they also looked up, they were all shocked.

Unknowingly, in the sky above the seven large spiritual qi vortexes, the phenomenon of a Fire Furnace spat out endless flames that condensed under the light of the sun!

However, when the flames scattered and touched the seven large spiritual qi vortexes, spiritual qi was directly refined and thrown into the kiln phenomenon.

At this moment, the kiln began to become slightly transparent.
The illusory figure of a disciple wearing an outer sect green robe appeared in the kiln and was training.


“This… this is… the Blazing Sun Furnace Body?”

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“Are you talking about the Blazing Sun Furnace Body that appeared in the Crimson Flame Sect 500 years ago?”


“Sect Master! Let’s hold the ancestral worship tomorrow!”

“The Profound Heaven Sect can finally stand tall!”

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This was crazy!

This was First Elder Liu’s first thought.

If they could endure it, the sect would prosper.

This was First Elder Liu’s second thought.

He had to nurture these disciples well and hide them well.
Only then could he ensure their growth.

This was First Elder Liu’s third thought.

The high-grade Golden Dragon Divine Body, the Seven-Orifice Spirit Spiral Body, and now, there was the Blazing Sun Furnace Body!

He could brag about this for the rest of his life.

“Golden Dragon, Seven-Orifice Spirit Spiral, Blazing Sun Furnace… This… Sect Master, what should we do?”

At this moment, Elder Li, who had been indifferent all this time, spoke with a trembling voice.

There was more than one true dragon in the Profound Heaven Sect!

This was simply a nest of dragons!

If this news spread, those high-grade sects would definitely go crazy!

Three high-grade Divine Bodies meant that in the future of the Martial Spirit Continent, there would definitely be three new experts at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm.

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Xuan Guangzi looked at the phenomenon in the sky and asked with a flickering gaze, “Old Liu, 500 years ago, how did the body of the Crimson Flame Sect develop after that?”

To be honest, at this moment, even he, the sect leader, was nervous.

“Sect Master, I’m not too sure about this, but I heard that the Crimson Flame Sect recommended that disciple to the higher-ups and obtained a large amount of resources!”

“After breaking through to the Tribulation Transcendence Realm, they might have left the Primordial Dynasty!” First Elder Liu recalled.

Hearing this, Xuan Guangzi took a deep breath.
Then, he turned around and said, “You also saw it.
We have three high-grade Divine Bodies.”

“Do we need to recommend it to higher-ups? That way, we’ll obtain a large amount of resources and will definitely be able to increase the sect’s strength greatly.
However, compared to the future, the gains do not make up for the losses.”

Immediately, all the elders fell silent.

Three high-grade Divine Bodies could indeed obtain a large amount of cultivation resources.

However, this also meant that in the future, they would lose three experts at the Tribulation Transcendence Realm!

At this moment, no one dared to speak because if they took a wrong step, it might cause the Profound Heaven Sect to be doomed!

However, right at this moment, First Elder Liu took a step forward and said sternly, “Sect Master, I think we can discuss this matter later.
There’s no hurry.”

“Listen to me.
First of all, we haven’t found the two Divine Body disciples, the Golden Dragon and the Blazing Sun Furnace.”

“The only thing we can be sure of is that the Seven-Orifice Spirit Spiral Body is Shangguan Yan.”

“Although Shangguan Yan usually does the chores, I’ve seen it all.
I’ve chatted with him and also given him some cultivation medicinal pills.”

“After interacting with him for a long time, I feel that he has a strong sense of belonging to the Profound Heaven Sect.
Now, he can completely be said to be one of the candidates to succeed the sect…”

When he spoke of this, First Elder Liu suddenly fell silent.

However, everyone came to a realization.

If a disciple who had such a sense of belonging to the sect was sold for resources, wouldn’t that be digging their own roots?

Moreover, the other two high-grade Divine Body disciples had not been found yet.
What was the point in thinking so much?

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They would take it one step at a time.
They would think about the future later!

At this moment, everyone’s thoughts were sorted out.

“Then let’s do this first.
We’ll discuss this in the future.
Today, we still have to ensure that Shangguan Yan can awaken.
Even if we can’t find the other two high-grade Divine Bodies, just Shangguan Yan alone is enough.”

At this moment, Sect Master Xuan Guangzi issued a decree.

However, the elders looked at the shadow of an outer sect disciple with the Blazing Sun Furnace Body and fell into deep thought.

What was going on with these outer sect disciples?

They had Divine Bodies, so what were they hiding?

Couldn’t they just come out directly?

What were they hiding for!

Would the elders harm them?


Sigh! They’re so worrying!


In the outer sect’s residence, Gong Ziliang’s body moved slightly, and a sound similar to a mirror shattering was emitted from his entire body.

Then, pieces of burned black stuff that looked like charcoal continuously fell from his body.

Soon, pure white skin was revealed.

“Damn, you son of a watermelon!”

Gong Ziliang was shocked.

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Circulating the spiritual qi in his body, his body suddenly shook!

The charcoal that covered his skin directly turned into black powder that scattered down.

“I really thought I was roasted…”

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang muttered.
Then, he summoned the system’s game interface and checked.

Gong Ziliang: Level 13, 20%

Copper Coins: 350,000

Ingots: 1,303

Vouchers: $2.50

Augmenting Stones: 3

Star Ascension Stones: 3

Good lord!

It directly decreased by 4 million!

In the Body Tempering interface, the Iron Bones attribute was still at Level 13, but the Qi Condensation attribute had increased to Level 5.

Seeing that every level of the Qi Condensation attribute cost 500,000 copper coins, Gong Ziliang’s expression darkened.
He suddenly felt so poor again!

After stretching his body, he felt that his strength had still increased by more than one level.

The spiritual vortex in his body had expanded more than three times.
His spiritual qi was abundant, and he even felt like it was leaking out.

His strength and consciousness felt like he had gained new life.

More or less, his overall strength had increased by two times.

“Although the Qi Condensation attribute is expensive, it’s indeed impressive!” Gong Ziliang said in disbelief..

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