While everyone was watching happily, Gu chengfeng had already picked up a few parts of the ‘Azure demon set’ and put them on.

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His movements were Swift and agile, completely different from the state he was in at the profound Gold Pavilion when he was on the verge of death.

Seeing this scene, Gu Dong and the other three, who had originally planned to split up the Supreme class precious artifacts and then go their separate ways, immediately understood that Gu chengfeng’s previous state was all an act!

Realizing this, Gu Dong and the other three looked at each other and surrounded Gu chengfeng from all four directions.

At this moment, all four of them had the same decision.
They would not stop until they beat the sh * t out of Gu chengfeng!

However, before they could reach Gu chengfeng, the latter’s cold gaze swept across the four of them.

Other than Gu Dong, the other three immediately stopped in their tracks.

It had to be said that they were still a little afraid of Gu chengfeng.

“We don’t need to be afraid of him, you three!”

“He’s alone, but we have four people!

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“Besides, he caused us to be unable to return to the Gu family, and we also lost our spiritual treasure.
If I don’t beat him to death, I really can’t vent the anger in my chest!”

After Gu Dong finished speaking angrily, the three people who were frightened immediately became red-eyed when they thought of the resources that they had accumulated over the decades in the Gu family.

Gu chengfeng continued to stare coldly at the four of them, his face revealing an expression of anger.

With his cultivation, it would be difficult for him to fight four people at once.

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But if he wanted to run, the four of them would not be able to stop him.

However, in order to numb Gong Ziliang, he did not make a move.

And now, if it wasn’t for the fact that he still needed to use the four of them, he would have long taken his supreme class precious artifact and left.

When the four of them were almost in front of him, Gu chengfeng finally couldn’t hold it in any longer and shouted angrily,””You four idiots! You only F * cking know about crystals!”

“With these supreme class precious artifacts, we can be like the Gu clan and mine those demonic lands!”

“What are you afraid of if you don’t have crystals? The next time we come back with resources from the demonic land, Dong Tianbao will be the one begging to give us spiritual crystals!”

After being scolded by Gu chengfeng, Gu Dong and the other three seemed to have woken up from a dream.

“Brother chengfeng, why didn’t you tell us that you had such a plan?”

Gu Dong put down his fist, and carefully put away the Ji realm precious artifact on the ground.

The other three people also reacted.
They lowered their heads and followed behind Gu Dong to pick up the Supreme class precious artifact.

Before Gu chengfeng’s words, the value of these extreme grade precious artifacts in their hearts had already fallen to the bottom.

They could only wear a few pieces and they couldn’t sell them.
Besides throwing them into the storage ring to eat dust, they really didn’t know what else they could do.

However, Gu chengfeng’s words reminded them of the resources that the demon-suppressing troop obtained from the demonic land every year.
That alone accounted for more than one-tenth of the Gu family’s total income.

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And this was after deducting the spirit stones that were used to purchase supreme class precious artifacts for the demon suppression guards every two years.

But now, with these sea of consciousness tier precious artifacts, even with just the strength of the four of them … No, the strength of the five of them …

In a year, the resources that could be mined from the demon land were definitely several times more than the same number of demon guards.

Just as Gu Dong had said.

When the time came, with those resources, would they still be afraid that Dong Tianbao would not beg to give them spiritual stones?

Upon hearing Gu Dong’s words, Gu chengfeng snorted coldly, not wanting to talk to him.

Seeing this, Gu Dong quickly took out a pill from his chest and smiled apologetically,””Brother chengfeng, I still have a muscle regeneration pill from the Jiang dynasty.
It’s very effective in healing external injuries.
You should take it now.”

“Once we’re healed, we can go to the demonic land.”

Gu chengfeng’s anger had yet to subside.
He glanced at Gu Dong, but he knew that this was not the time to act on impulse, so he could only hold back his anger.

Taking the pill, Gu chengfeng dissolved it with his spiritual energy and let his body absorb it.
With a dark expression, he said,””There’s no rush for the demonic land.
We need to plan it out.

“Ah? Why do you have to give it further thought?”

Gu Dong became anxious when he heard this.
He wished he could grow wings right now and run to a demonic land to mine to his heart’s content.

It wasn’t that he didn’t have any self-control, but he didn’t even have a single spiritual crystal left in his pocket.

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If he didn’t have any more income, his daily cultivation would soon be affected.

After all, after one’s cultivation reached the sea of consciousness realm, the amount of spiritual energy they could absorb and exhale in a day was a terrifying amount.

If he cultivated without restraint, it would not take long for the spiritual energy of the entire area to be completely drained.

In addition, the spiritual energy drawn in from the heavens and earth was often impure and needed to be refined.

However, spirit stones and crystals were different.
They were formed from high concentration of spiritual energy and were compressed by the power of the earth.

When it was used for cultivation, it only needed to be tempered a little and it could be directly transformed into one’s own spiritual power.

Hearing Gu Dong’s words, Gu chengfeng was so angry that he raised his hand and wanted to slap Gu Dong to death.

But because he moved too much, he pulled on the wounds on his body, and the pain made him gasp.

Enduring the pain, Gu chengfeng gritted his teeth and explained,””You all saw how ruthless that young master is.”

“If he finds out that we’re using the Supreme class precious artifact that we bought from him to mine for resources in the demonic lands, what do you think he’ll do?”

Hearing Gu chengfeng’s words, Gu Dong and the others thought of something.
Their faces darkened and they kept silent.

Gu chengfeng felt that if he wanted the four of them to follow him wholeheartedly, he would have to completely cut off their other thoughts.

“Young master, you and Dong Tianbao are now in the same boat,” he said while the iron was hot.

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“We’ve offended them.
If we were still in the Gu family, it’d be fine.
But now that we’ve left the Gu family, whoever sees us in the future will have to walk around us.

“Moreover, we have screwed up Ma Yuan’s matter.
As for MA Daowu, it’s already good enough that he didn’t ask us for the spiritual crystals.
As for the promised dynasty, don’t even dream about it.

“So now, we are like rats on the street in the southeast Region.”

MA Daowu was the name of the bi Fang dynasty’s celestial God Realm ancestor.

Gu chengfeng had bluntly exposed their current situation.

Gu Dong and the other three’s expressions quickly changed from dark to panic.

“Then … What should we do?”

“You’re not going to the demonic land?”

“Why don’t we leave the southeast Region?”

“With our cultivation and these extreme grade precious artifacts, even if we go to the middle state, we might be able to make a name for ourselves!”

“That’s right, that’s right.
Moreover, gongzi Liang can cooperate with Dong Tianbao and cover the sky with one hand in the southeast Region.
He can’t possibly extend his hand to the middle state, right?”

When we get there, our supreme class precious artifacts can also be exchanged for a large amount of spirit crystals!”

“Yes, yes, yes.
Even if we don’t go to the central Prefecture, we can also occupy a few dynasties and learn from MA Daowu.
We can be respected as ancestors and collect spiritual crystals!”

The four of them discussed and soon found a way out.

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