The powerful demonic creatures had power that far exceeded the Nirvana stage in this world, and they could easily destroy the world.

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The weak demonic creatures had at least the cultivation of the spirit-refinement realm.

This caused even the weakest demonic land to have an overall strength that far exceeded the world they were in.

Fortunately, there was an invisible barrier between the demonic lands and this world.

Furthermore, this barrier could only be used in one direction.

The cultivators of this world could cross the barrier and enter the demonic land.

However, in the demonic land, even those who had reached the transcendent level could not cross the line and enter this world.

After discovering the existence of the barrier, some of the forces in this world began to plot against the demon lands.

They would start to cultivate cultivators who specialized in entering the demonic lands, hunting demonic creatures, and extracting resources.

For example, the Gu family’s demon-suppressing guards were such a team.

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However, those demonic lands were filled with demonic energy that could pollute the spiritual energy of cultivators.

This caused those cultivators to have to wear extreme precious artifacts that could isolate demonic Qi.
Only then would they be able to display their strength.

Listening to Dong Tianbao’s story, gongzi Liang could not help but think of the headless general, the wild boss he had fought before.

That guy came from a demonic realm filled with lava and poisonous fire.

If that devil realm was also one of the many devil lands …

In that case, wouldn’t he be able to enter it and search for the deity heart that Xing Tian had left behind?

This thought was dispelled by gongzi Liang not long after.

Because up until now, the cultivation world still had not come up with a public opinion on the reason and pattern of the demonic land’s appearance.

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In addition, the opening and closing of those demonic realms were uncertain.

There were only a few demonic lands that were open all year round like the ones that the Gu family controlled.

It made it impossible to even calculate the exact number of demon land.

Even if the demonic realm where the headless demon general was born really opened to become a demonic land.

It was like looking for a needle in a haystack for Gong Ziliang to find the demonic land.

Pulling his mind away from those unrealistic fantasies, gongzi Liang thought of Gu chengfeng.

Originally, he had planned to discuss with Dong Tianbao about using a supreme class precious artifact to exchange for medicinal pills.

He also wanted to see if he could use a supreme class precious artifact to exchange for the divine Kingdom Key in the Gu clan’s hands.

After he was done with this, he would go find Gu chengfeng and beat him to death.

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But now, it seemed that he might have already run off to some demon land to hide.

“Then you can stay in the demon land, don’t let me catch you!”

“Otherwise, Hmph Hmph …”

Gongzi Liang thought viciously.

He had done something to the batch of Ji realm precious artifacts that he had given Gu chengfeng.

On it were the hairs that he had pulled out from Wu Zhiqi’s corpse.

As long as Gu chengfeng appeared within ten thousand miles, he would be able to locate his position through the Azure demon set.

Not thinking about Gu chengfeng anymore, gongzi Liang pulled the topic back to the deal.”I have my own plans for Gu chengfeng.”

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“Let’s first talk about the matter of the Supreme class precious artifact.

Dong Tianbao thought that gongzi Liang had let Gu chengfeng go because he did not understand the demon land.
He felt that he had lost face and did not want to mention it again.

He followed Gong Ziliang’s wishes and smiled,””If that’s the case, I’ll get someone to draft a contract first.”

“No need.
I can trust Pavilion master Dong’s character.”

“Furthermore, the sky treasure Pavilion is a big business.
I don’t think they would destroy their own reputation for a few sea of consciousness extreme level precious artifacts.

Gongzi Liang waved his hand.
Contracts were written in black and white.

However, the contracts that had to be signed in the cultivation world were not the same as those in the mortal world.
They were not just signed and stamped with a fingerprint.

This required one to swear an oath to the heavenly Dao with one’s Dao heart!

Gongzi Liang did not have a good impression of the heavenly Dao of this world.

However, gongzi Liang also knew that his refusal to sign the contract would definitely raise Dong Tianbao’s suspicions.

“Pavilion master Dong, please give me five minutes,” he said immediately.

Without waiting for Dong Tianbao’s reply, Gong Ziliang opened the system’s personal boss panel and quickly started killing the boss.

After clearing the dungeon five times, he had 17 more parts of the Azure demon set in his bag.

“It’s alright, I just got 20 pieces.

He looked at his backpack.
Together with the 17 pieces of the Azure demon set and the three Azure demon necklaces that he had not sold before, he had just enough to give to Dong Tianbao in the first month.

Gongzi Liang heaved a sigh of relief and his mind returned to normal.

In the main hall.

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To Dong Tianbao, five minutes was a long time that he had never felt before.

Countless thoughts flashed through his mind, causing his bearing that he had built up over many years of doing business to become uncertain.

Finally …

Once the five minutes were up.


In Dong Tianbao’s vision, green light flashed.

Then, 20 parts of the “Azure demon set” appeared in front of him.

“Pavilion master Dong, this is the first batch of supreme class precious artifacts.”

“In the future, I will supply Pavilion master Dong with my supreme class precious artifact in advance every month.”

“As for the resources in exchange, Pavilion master Dong can pay after you have gathered enough.”

Gongzi Liang’s confident voice was heard by Dong Tianbao.

Dong Tianbao was stunned.

In the past, when sky treasure Pavilion did business with other families, it was always the other family who would line up first and pay the down payment.

Then, they would have to wait for several months or so before they could get their desired magic treasure.

The sky treasure Pavilion’s way of trading was undoubtedly a little overbearing.

However, with the foundation of the sky treasure Pavilion, no one would say anything about their actions.


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Dong Tianbao was also used to such a method of taking the deposit first and then delivering the goods.

But now, gongzi Liang actually took the initiative to ask for supreme class precious artifacts first.

Then, Dong Tianbao recalled the last part of gongzi Liang’s sentence and suddenly had an absurd thought.

“This good brother, it can’t be that he thinks that our sky treasure Pavilion can’t take out the resources to buy his supreme class precious artifact, right?”

Thinking of this, Dong Tianbao could not help but smile.

He wanted to tell young master Liang that the profits from this branch of the sky treasure Pavilion in the bi Fang Empire alone were enough to purchase about half of the 20 Supreme realm precious artifacts.

In the land of the nine states, the sky treasure Pavilion had more than hundreds of branches of the same scale as the bi Fang Empire.

Let alone 20 supreme class precious artifacts per month.

Even if it was 200 pieces, sky treasure Pavilion could easily take them all.

He was about to speak.

“However, I have two conditions,” gongzi Liang changed the topic.

“Uh, not counting the two conditions.
As for the second one, if Pavilion master Dong feels that you can’t do it after hearing it, I won’t force you.”

Dong Tianbao was not surprised to hear that Gong Ziliang wanted to add two conditions.
On the contrary, he felt that it was more reasonable.

Dong Tianbao took a sip of tea and said,””Brother Liang, please speak.”

Gong Ziliang didn’t beat around the bush and said directly,””The first condition is that the Supreme class precious artifacts that I sell to the sky treasure Pavilion must not be settled with spirit stones.
Instead, they must be settled with medicinal pills.”

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