He nodded with a smile, and said,”the second condition is the supply of supreme class precious artifacts …”

Dong Tianbao’s heart skipped a beat when he heard this.

What he was most worried about was that this business deal with Gong Ziliang would not last long.

In that case, even if they could earn some profits in the early stage, they would still be able to make a profit.

However, when the headquarters went back to evaluate him, they would at most give him a few points on his annual performance.
It would not have the influence to make him a Pavilion master candidate.

“Sigh, I’ve already earned enough from my good brother.
I should be content.”

“As for the pavilion master, we can take it slow in the future.”

At this point, Dong Tianbao could only comfort himself in his heart.

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Gu lianren, who was standing at the side, had the same thought as Dong Tianbao.

His excited expression quickly turned into disappointment.

Originally, when she heard Gong Ziliang’s first condition, she wanted to ask if the Gu family could use the same method to obtain a supreme class precious artifact from Gong Ziliang.

Later on, after considering that other than the 20 supreme class precious artifacts that were to be supplied to the sky treasure Pavilion, gongzi Liang might not be able to take out more supreme class precious artifacts, he did not say anything.

Now, the second condition of young master Liang was indeed about the number of supreme class precious artifacts.

She immediately understood that the Gu family’s medicinal pills could not be exchanged for the Ji realm precious artifact in Gong Ziliang’s hands.

Seeing that the two people in the hall suddenly became deflated balls before he could finish his words, Gong Ziliang was a little confused.

However, he didn’t think too much about it and continued,””Actually, the number of supreme class precious artifacts that I can obtain every month isn’t just 20.”

“If more are produced, I wonder if the sky treasure Pavilion can take over a few more?”

Gongzi Liang did his own calculations.

According to the price of 100 million spirit stones per supreme class precious artifact …

Every month, he would supply the sky treasure Pavilion with 20 supreme class precious artifacts.
At most, he would be able to exchange them for 100 pills.

It was equivalent to a big gift bag of 10 experience pills!

However, in the case where the vip level did not continue to level up, after killing five individual bosses, if one was lucky, they could basically get 20 supreme class relics in a day.

The remaining supreme class artifacts could still be used to fuse and shatter to increase the experience for the title [weapon Shatterer demon].

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However, compared to upgrading the parts of the ‘Azure Demon Armor set’, Gong Ziliang wanted to quickly synthesize more origin pills and increase his own level.

Of course, he did not have any extravagant hopes that the sky treasure Pavilion would be able to digest all of the extreme grade precious artifacts.
He was only planning to sell as many as he could.

After saying that, gongzi Liang was a little nervous.

In his mind, gongzi Liang could already imagine the scene of him being politely rejected by Dong Tianbao.

However, when Gong Ziliang looked over, he realized that Dong Tianbao was staring at him.

Not only Dong Tianbao.

There was also Gu lianren.

Their gazes were exactly the same.
Other than disbelief and shock, there was also a trace of inexplicable excitement.

How could he not be excited?

With even more supreme class precious artifacts, Dong Tianbao’s position as the pavilion master would be secured!

The Gu clan could also use the medicinal pills in the clan’s Treasury to exchange for Ji Ziliang’s supreme class precious artifacts.

With this batch of sea of consciousness tier supreme class precious artifacts, the Gu clan’s demon suppression guards would be able to upgrade their weapons.

Many of the demonic lands that had been abandoned due to equipment limitations could now be developed!

Just this sum alone would bring a considerable amount of profit to the Gu family every year.

The more they thought about it, the more difficult it was for them to control themselves.
Dong Tianbao was the first to lose control and said,””May I ask brother Liang, how many supreme class precious artifacts can you forge at most every month?”

From Dong Tianbao’s and Gu Lian Ren’s reactions, gongzi Liang had already figured out something.

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