These two guys, or rather, the factions behind these two, seemed to have a huge appetite for Ji realm precious artifacts.
It was beyond his imagination.

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What gongzi Liang didn’t know was that because of the demonic land’s existence, Supreme realm treasures were distributed throughout the Empire, sects, and clans.

Middle to Holy Lands, ancient orthodoxies, and aristocratic families.

Even the transcendent powers of the Central Plains.

There’s not a single one that I don’t need!

Otherwise, with a cultivator’s own cultivation base, even if they were a heavenly God, they would not be able to stay in such an environment filled with demonic Qi for too long.

Only with the help of a supreme class precious artifact could he isolate the effects of demonic Qi.

Therefore, no matter how many supreme class precious artifacts Gong Ziliang took out, he did not have to worry about not being able to sell them.

Wearing these supreme class precious artifacts, those forces only needed to go around the demonic lands once, and they would be able to mine astonishing amounts of resources.

Seeing the anticipation on Dong Tianbao’s face, gongzi Liang thought for a while and decided to keep some parts to upgrade his title [weapon Shatterer demon].

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With an average of 15 items a day, that would be 450 items a month.

Gong Ziliang felt that one-third of it was enough.

“Every month, I should be able to forge 3 …”

Gong Ziliang was about to say 300.

However, as soon as the number ” 3″ came out of his mouth, Dong Tianbao suddenly stood up from his chair as if a spring had been installed on his butt.
He exclaimed,”” 30 pieces!”

30 pieces a month!

That would be 360 pieces a year!

In that case, this old man’s Pavilion master position will be in his hands soon!

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At this moment, Dong Tianbao wished he could roar three times to the sky.

He had originally thought that it would be the maximum number for gongzi Liang to be able to take out three to five more pieces of equipment every month on top of the original amount.

Who would have thought that the result that gongzi Liang gave was half of the previous number!

Every year, he would obtain 360 sea of consciousness tier extreme grade precious artifacts!

If the guys at the headquarters knew about this, they would be jealous to death!

No, I can’t let those guys know for now!

Dong Tianbao thought of the past.
If those guys had not been jealous of him and secretly obstructed him, he would have missed that opportunity.

Otherwise, he would have broken through to the heavenly God Realm long ago.

He would not be stuck in the sea of consciousness realm and be transferred from the Zhong province headquarters to the bi Fang Empire, becoming a small Deputy Pavilion master under someone else.

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Gu lianren was also extremely excited.

Even though Dong Tianbao could eat all 30 Supreme realm precious artifacts without any pressure, he was still very confident in himself.

As for the Gu clan, they might not have the opportunity to use medicinal pills to exchange for supreme class precious artifacts like the sky treasure Pavilion.

However, the more supreme class precious artifacts that Gong Ziliang took out, the more the Gu clan would be able to purchase in the future.

Even if it was just one or two more items, it was very important to the Gu family …

Seeing that just 30 supreme class precious artifacts were enough to make Dong Tianbao and Gu lianren so excited.

Gong Ziliang pouted and thought,””It’s too small, the structure is too small.

“Not 30,300,” he said softly.

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He looked at the three fingers that Gong Ziliang extended as he spoke.

Dong Tianbao snapped out of his bad memories.
He was confused for a moment, but he quickly understood that the 300 pieces that Gong Ziliang had mentioned should be the annual supply, although this number should be the annual supply.

Compared to the 360 he had thought of, there was a 60-piece difference.

On average, it was more than a month’s worth, with a monthly supply of 25.

This was the data that Dong Tianbao had calculated at the beginning.

But thinking about how the sky treasure Pavilion only produced over 100 extreme level sea of consciousness precious artifacts every year, he couldn’t help but think.

Moreover, the method of cooperation between the two parties was that young master Liang would first supply him with the Supreme class precious artifacts, and he would then pay him the medicinal pills.

It meant that he didn’t have to take any risks.

Dong Tianbao suddenly felt that he should be content!

” 300 pieces a year, right?”

“No problem!”

“Good brother, don’t worry.
My sky treasure Pavilion is still able to take in this bit of Ji realm precious artifact.”

After Dong Tianbao finished speaking, he activated the clear sky treasure mirror and took out all of the medicinal pills stored in the pavilion.
He was prepared to complete the transaction of these 20 Supreme realm precious artifacts.

However, before he could count the number of pills, Gong Ziliang wagged three fingers and said,”Pavilion master Dong, it’s not 300 pills a year.”

“It’s one month, 300 pieces.

Dong Tianbao’s hand that was holding the bottle of spiritual Crystal Jade essence elixir trembled.
A few round elixir pills fell out of the bottle and rolled to his feet on the ground.

However, at this moment, Dong Tianbao could not be bothered to pick up the elixir.

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In his eyes, there were only three fingers of Gong Ziliang.

In his mind, everything else was thrown to the back of his mind.

Only Gong Ziliang’s voice continued to echo,”

It wasn’t just 300 pieces a year.

It was 300 pieces a month!

300 pieces a month!

In a year, that would be … 1600 pieces!

The moment he calculated this result with what little thought he had left …

Dong Tianbao howled in pain.
He threw it out directly.


The next moment.

Dong Tianbao lowered his knees and knelt down before Gong Ziliang.

Looking at the scene in front of him.

Gu lianren’s beautiful eyes immediately widened.

Although Dong Tianbao’s cultivation was only at the sea of consciousness realm.

Even in the bifang Empire, he was not considered outstanding.

However, he still had the title of ‘sky treasure Pavilion’s Deputy Pavilion master’.

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With such an important status, even the bi Fang dynasty’s sky celestial realm patriarch would have to speak in a low voice in front of Dong Tianbao.

Now, Dong Tianbao was kneeling in front of gongzi Liang in the presence of an outsider.

To Gu lianren, this kind of thing was simply too magical.
She could not accept it at the moment.

Gongzi Liang did not expect that he would be able to scare Dong Tianbao to his knees with only two-thirds of his supreme class precious artifacts.

If he took all of them out, Dong Tianbao would have to kowtow a few times and call him “father” when he knelt down.

Gongzi Liang was right.

If he had taken out all 450 of them instead of 300, Dong Tianbao might have recognized him as his father.

Doing business and earning spirit stones.

Not cold!

The reason why Dong Tian Bao acted this way was not because he could obtain a large portion of the profits from Gong Ziliang’s Ji realm precious artifact, which would bring huge profits to the sky treasure Pavilion.

Instead, it was because he would be able to get back everything he had lost at the headquarters if he did this business!

Those vicious people had once inflicted harm on him.
He wanted to return it a hundred times, a thousand times!

Dong Tianbao knew very well that if he had not met Gong Ziliang and the latter had not given him this opportunity …

Otherwise, with his own efforts, even if he were to endure until his death, at most, he would only be able to move his bottom slightly forward from the position of Deputy Pavilion head.

However, by then, those vicious guys might have already climbed to an unknown height in Zhongzhou province.

Dong Tianbao took a deep breath.
He would not tell Gong Ziliang the reason, so he only said,””Good brother, from now on, you are my great benefactor.”

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