ity guards.

At this moment, two spiritual pressures that looked like boiling water seeped out of the window on the second floor.


Two fiery red spirit energy blade qi transformed into three feet of moon blades that slashed out on the second floor of an inn towards the unknown soldier!

This caused chaos!

“Quick, dodge! That’s the Saber Qi of the Meridian Opening Realm!” On the first floor, Li Xiaohao shouted when he saw this scene.

Unfortunately, it was still too late!

That slash even brought about flames that burned the surroundings.

Clearly, this attack was meant to kill this soldier.

However, at this moment…


A dragon roar sounded and exploded in the street.
An illusory golden dragon shadow formed by spiritual qi jumped down from the second floor with boundless ferocious qi.

It actually bit towards the two saber qi!


A slight burning sound sounded, and then a bang!

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Three spiritual energies suddenly exploded in the air, turning into a shock wave that spread outwards!

Crack! Crack!

The plaques of the surrounding shops were all shattered by this strike!

“Who?!” A hoarse voice sounded.

Two red-robed figures holding sabers and swords suddenly appeared in the street.

This made the people of an inn shiver.
Weren’t these the two Meridian Opening experts on the second floor?

At this moment, everyone realized.

The window on the second floor slowly opened, revealing a handsome face.
It was surprisingly Gong Ziliang.

“So it’s you! You’re only at the Qi Refinement Realm and actually dare to meddle in our business?”

The two red-robed people naturally recognized Gong Ziliang who had just been on the second floor.

“The two of you at the Meridian Opening Realm are waiting here to kill a Martial Body Realm soldier who came to report the news?”

Gong Ziliang narrowed his eyes.

Just as the two of them were mumbling, they realized that something was amiss!

When he heard the words ‘silence’, Gong Ziliang had a guess!

“Kid! I advise you not to meddle in other people’s business.”

At this moment, the red-robed man who spoke more steadily removed his face cloth, revealing a firm and very young face.

However, what was terrifying was that on the left side of his face, there was a fire made of unknown materials.
It swayed and burned like real fire.

“Crimson Flame Sect?”

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In an instant, a shout sounded from an inn.

At some point in time, the Wang Er of the Great Sword Sect stared at these two people, a trace of gloominess flashing past his eyes.

“That flame is indeed the Crimson Flame Mark! Quickly go and ask Senior Ma Baoguo, the Meridian Opening Realm cultivator of White Rock City, to guard the city.
Why would the Crimson Flame Sect appear here?”

On the other side, Li Xiaohao of the Extreme Sword Sect shouted in shock.

The experts of the Crimson Flame Sect directly came here to intercept and report the soldiers.
Then, what happened on the front line?

“It’s good that you know about the Crimson Flame Sect!”

“Mind your own business! Otherwise, everyone here will die!”

“In addition, don’t expect the guards of the mortal city to save you.
Although the two of us are only at the fifth-stage Meridian Opening Realm, we are not something that an eighth-stage Meridian Opening Realm cultivator like him can stop.”

The hoarse voice sounded again, and the other red-robed figure revealed his face.

A male face with a hideous face and half of it burned black appeared, making one feel fear!

At this moment, the spiritual pressure of the two Crimson Flame Sect disciples spread in all directions on the street, making people not dare to move.

However, in an instant, a black-robed figure suddenly leaped up.
He stepped on the air like it was the surface of a lake, stirring up strands of spiritual qi, suddenly appearing before the heavily injured soldier.

Then, he picked him up and returned to an inn.
He lay the soldier on the ground and said, “Who’s that? Send him to the city guards!”

The sudden scene stunned everyone.

However, the next scene stunned everyone.

Spiritual light flickered.
An illusory golden dragon filled with spiritual qi that was even more majestic than an ordinary sixth-stage Qi Refinement Realm cultivator roared out from in front of an inn..

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