Chapter 69: Senior Sister Zhao Zhirou Is in Trouble!

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With a point, he cut open the crimson fire lotus without any obstruction and flashed towards the Crimson Flame Sect disciple.


A sword scar appeared on the forehead of the Crimson Flame Sect disciple, and then blood flowed.

“Martial… Martial Intent… Junior Brother Wu… Run…”

Seemingly having used all his strength, after the Crimson Flame Sect disciple with a half burned face spat out a few words with all his strength, he directly fell to the ground with a bang.

The fire lotus formed from spiritual qi behind him instantly dissipated.

At that instant, the entire battlefield fell silent!


Such a powerful Meridian Opening disciple of the Crimson Flame Sect had died under this sword?

In an inn, many Martial Body Realm cultivators had yet to react.

However, after seeing Gong Ziliang pull out his sword, the Meridian Opening Realm cultivator was gone.

“So this is the legendary sword technique that has reached the Martial Intent Realm?!” Wang Er sat at the side and spoke in a daze.

At this moment, when the disciple of the Crimson Flame Sect who was called Junior Brother Wu saw his senior brother being instantly killed with a single strike, he instantly revealed a terrified expression.

In a few breaths of time, he circulated all the spiritual qi in his body and turned into an afterimage, running out of the White Rock City and disappearing from everyone’s sight.

“Run! I want to see where you can escape to!”

Gong Ziliang looked at the fleeing figure and a smile flashed across his face.

Then, he turned around and walked towards a collapsed inn.

It turned out that the unconscious soldier had already opened his eyes.
Although he could not move, he had been observing the surroundings.

“I’m Gong Ziliang, a disciple of the Profound Heaven Sect.
What urgent news do you have that you actually let two Meridian Opening Realm cultivators pursue me?”

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When Jiang Gongliang walked into the soldiers, all the cultivators around him stepped back.

He’s too terrifying!

We don’t dare to provoke him!

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He was clearly at the Qi Refinement Realm, but he could instantly kill someone at the Meridian Opening Realm!

This was no longer something that could be described as a genius.

“The details… are not with me…”

“The Profound Heaven Sect… must… obtain the spirit mine!”

“800 miles ahead… meet up with the general… he has the news… it’s there!”

When he said this, the soldier used all his strength and actually fainted.

However, Gong Ziliang finally understood that the news was not with him but with his general.

He had only returned to report this.
Most importantly, he had to let the Profound Heaven Sect obtain the spirit stone mine.

There should be something important.

Moreover, this soldier said that they needed to meet with the general.

After smacking his lips, Gong Ziliang looked at the people from an inn and said without saying, “Take care of him.
I’ll go ahead and take a look.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gong Ziliang turned around and leaped into the sky, instantly disappearing into the horizon.

At this moment, Li Xiaohao, who originally wanted to go forward and chat, swallowed his words.

As for Wang Er, he looked at Gong Ziliang’s disappearing back and fell into deep thought.

Originally, he thought that he was not much different from the disciples of a medium-grade sect.

However, after this time, he understood that the difference between the two was like the difference between heaven and earth.

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When they were still happy about breaking through a certain realm or learning a certain martial technique, the other party had already used his strength to slash open the Meridian Opening Realm with Qi Refinement Realm cultivation!

In the future, at that time, when many people chased after Gong Ziliang, they shockingly discovered that that this battle in White Rock City was the first battle for him.

In a dense forest in the northern region of the White Cloud Kingdom, a ten-feet tall Green Fire Divine Husky was burning with green flames.
It lay in the forest with its head lowered, as if it was looking for something.

On his back was a black-robed young man who sized up the surroundings with a sharp gaze.
This person was Gong Ziliang.

This place was already 500 kilometers away from White Rock City.

Yesterday, after leaving the city, Gong Ziliang summoned the Green Fire Divine Husky and chased after the disciple of the Crimson Flame Sect.

Originally, he had many chances to directly kill this person.

However, Gong Ziliang did not do so.
Instead, he maintained a distance from him.

He wanted to see where this Crimson Flame Sect disciple was going to escape to.

After almost an entire day, this guy finally slowed down when he arrived in the forest.

“Damn it, he finally escaped!”

A red-robed figure was running wildly in the forest.

It was the disciple of the Crimson Flame Sect who had fled from White Rock City previously.

At this moment, this Junior Brother Wu still did not understand why the spiritual qi of the most useless outer sect Qi Refinement Realm disciple of the Profound Heaven Sect was stronger than the two of them who were at the Meridian Opening Realm.

What was even more absurd was that this person not only possessed a martial technique that had reached the Martial Intent Realm, but even the last sword that was not completely unsheathed had actually also reached the Martial Intent Realm!

Even the senior brother who knew how to release the Burning Heaven Red Lotus was killed with a single slash!

It was really too much!

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He felt that the world was abnormal!

“Hurry, faster!”

Junior Brother Wu prayed as he ran.
Then, he took out the sect token and checked.
Their group should be not far ahead!

After a while, when his field of vision completely widened, he saw six disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect who were wearing the same red robe as him were surrounding and killing a group of White Cloud Kingdom soldiers and a white-clothed woman.

“Senior Brother Zhong!”

In an instant, seeing the person leading the group who had three Lotus Flower Scarlet Flame Imprints, Junior Brother Wu shouted.

However, at this moment, a voice that carried a slight smile sounded in his ears, “You’re finally at your destination? Not bad, your mission is completed!”

Junior Brother Wu was stunned and subconsciously turned around.

However, in an instant, his pupils constricted violently!

At some point in time, a huge demon beast burning with terrifying flames emitted a might that surpassed the spiritual pressure of the Meridian Opening Realm.
It opened its bloody mouth and roared at him!

On the back of the demon beast was a black robed figure.
It was the disciple of the Profound Heaven Sect that had killed his senior brother with a single strike in White Rock City!

How… How was this possible?

This kind of massive demon beast that was comparable to the Illusory Core Realm would actually become a mount for a Qi Refinement Realm disciple?

Oh my goodness!

It refreshed his world view again!

However, just as this thought flashed through his mind, a sword shadow suddenly lit up without him realizing it, and it drew out a circle of spiritual qi that was like ripples that flashed past his eyes.


He felt his consciousness slowly dissipate.
Life flashed past like a lantern.


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The sound of sword shadows and corpses falling instantly attracted the attention of everyone in the distant battlefield.

“Who is it?! You killed a disciple of my Crimson Flame Sect?”

There was a roar!

When the group of disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect saw this scene, they immediately erupted.

“I’ll hold back Zhao Zhirou of the Profound Heaven Sect.
Go kill that kid!”

“You dare to kill a disciple of my Crimson Flame Sect? Hand over your life!” A muffled voice that carried an irrefutable tone resounded.

In the blink of an eye, only one person was left behind to fight the disciples of the Crimson Flame Sect who had been surrounding and killing the white-clothed woman.

Then, the other five people actually jumped towards Gong Ziliang.

However, at this moment, a majestic spiritual qi fluctuation suddenly rippled in the battlefield.

A white figure holding a white jade sword obstructed Gong Ziliang.

“Brother, I’m an inner sect disciple of the Profound Heaven Sect, Zhao Zhirou!”

“Please help me escort this group of White Cloud Kingdom soldiers to the side to guard the city.
If we find the White Cloud Kingdom’s general, we will definitely reward you heavily in the future!”

“As for this group of people, I’ll block them!”

“Leave quickly!”

“Profound Heaven Sword Technique—Profound Sword, rise!”

Spiritual qi patterns wrapped in strange symbols appeared on the tip of the woman’s jade sword in the void.

The surrounding space suddenly slowed down like a swamp..

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