Chapter 74: Understanding the Lifetime Monthly Card

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He took out the sect badge and handed it over.

This price was already discounted.
When he first arrived, the other inns had already increased to 1 spirit stone per night!

The residence arranged by the sect cost almost two spirit stones a month.

“If you have any requests, just look for the shopkeeper and attendant here.”

“In addition, when the sect has a mission, the inn will also release the news.
You can just pay attention to it yourself.”

After listening to the outer sect deacon’s instructions on some things, Gong Ziliang walked up to the second floor and went to his room.

The antique room was not big, but it looked very clean.

Gong Ziliang was also quite satisfied.
After closing the door, he directly opened the system and sorted it out.

Including the day he left the sect and the five days he had to travel, there were a total of six days that went by.

Apart from participating in the daily gold farming activity and sign-in vouchers from time to time, the number of vouchers he had saved up now was actually $120.

The copper coins were saved up every day and accumulated to 15 million!

He had also accumulated 6,000 ingots!

Coupled with the daily income from farming the Qi Refinement Angry Beard Cat and the Fire Cat King Boss, the daily VIP gift bag, and his own resources,

Gong Ziliang now had 500 Augmenting Stones and Star Ascension Stones.
He had 12 low-level Experience Pills and 20 red equipment fragments!

There were also 8 Fire Cat King’s spirit cores!

Gong Ziliang: Level 16, 50%

Copper Coins: 15,000,000

Ingots: 6,000

Vouchers: $120

Augmenting Stones: 500

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Star Ascension Stones: 500

Seeing so many resources, Gong Ziliang took a deep breath.

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There was definitely no pressure for him to break through to Level 20.

However, the most important thing now was to take a look.

In the evening, he participated in a new daily gold farming activity.
One was real and two were fake, and there was a new $14 increase.

Voucher Accumulation: $134!

Where should he spend this $134?

Gong Ziliang had already cleared all the gift bags below $30.
Even if he could buy them again, they looked a little dull.

[$58 Magic Artifact Gift Bag…]

[$98 Growth Investment…]

[$128 Lifetime Monthly Card…]

After seeing these options, Gong Ziliang decisively looked at the Lifetime Monthly Card option.

After all, those who played games knew the importance of the monthly card, let alone one that lasted a lifetime.

[Lifetime Monthly Card]

Daily Ingots: +50,000

Daily Vouchers: +$5

Bag Capacity: +200

Unlock: Automatic Retrieval, Automatic Strengthening, Automatic Shopping Function.

Seeing this line of introduction, Gong Ziliang did not hesitate to use the $134 vouchers in his bag to buy the [$128 Lifetime Monthly Card]!

[Ding! Successfully bought the $128 Lifetime Monthly Card!]

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Seeing this introduction, Gong Ziliang was overjoyed.

[Ding! You have received 1280 VIP experience points.
Your VIP level has been increased to 3!]

Gong Ziliang: VIP 3

Attack Speed: +3

Defense: +3

Bag Capacity: +120

Personal Boss Challenge Attempts: +1

Drop Rate: +10%

Recycle: +10%

Daily VIP 3 Gift Bag: 90 Augmenting Stones + 90 Star Ascension Stones (Price: 50 ingots)

At this moment, Gong Ziliang smacked his lips.

Although the vouchers cost $128, after Gong Ziliang received the monthly card reward.

Ingots instantly reached 51,000!

The vouchers returned to $11!

“Good lord, in four days, I’ll be able to buy the $58 Magic Artifact Gift Bag!”

After careful calculations, he calculated the lowest income he could get.

If he killed three fake chickens every day, it would give a total of $6.
Coupled with the monthly card reward of $5 per day, he would earn at least $11 a day!

“Damn, you son of a watermelon!”

“I’m going to be rich!”

Gong Ziliang immediately realized that he had a chance to buy most of the system’s gift bags.

“I’ve already gotten past the most difficult period of having no income!”

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At this moment, Gong Ziliang smiled.

At the same time, the system’s notification sounded in his ears.

[Ding! Your Strengthening Level has increased to Level 5, Sturdiness+5%.]

[Ding! Your Strengthening Level has increased to Level 6, Sturdiness+6%]

[Ding! Your Strengthening Level has increased to Level 15, Sturdiness+15%]

Good lord!

This was the automatic strengthening function of the monthly card!

In the blink of an eye, there were less than 100 Augmenting Stones left.
At the same time, the strengthening level had also increased to Level 15.

Gong Ziliang opened the strengthening interface and took a look.
The resources spent were also beginning to increase crazily like Body Tempering.

After looking at it for a while, Gong Ziliang skipped the strengthening function.
In any case, he still did not understand how powerful this thing was.

Looking at the things in his bag, he discovered that there were still 500 Star Ascension Stones.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang summoned the Heavenly Frost Sword and opened the Star Ascension interface.
Just like the strengthening interface, it strengthened it to the same level.

Then, he stopped paying attention.

After all, the ordinary resources in his bag had been exhausted.

The rest was basically the expensive stuff.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang could not help but look at the low-level Experience Pills in his bag.

12 low-level pills were enough for him to break through to Level 20, which meant that he could directly enter the Meridian Opening Realm.

The power of the Illusory Core Sword Talisman left a deep impression on Gong Ziliang.
The Meridian Opening Realm was definitely a huge step in terms of strength.

However, Gong Ziliang knew that this was only hope.

The resources on him should be able to break through to that level!

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When he thought of this, Gong Ziliang took a deep breath and felt the spiritual vortex in the center of his dantian that spun like a galaxy.
He directly consumed all 12 Experience Pills.

In an instant, the spiritual vortex in his body shook and spun at high speed.

Spiritual power hidden in the depths was spun by the spiritual vortex.

It transformed into spiritual qi that flowed into his limbs and bones, flowing along his meridians to his entire body.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang seemed to have been reborn.
Every part of his body was nourished by spiritual qi.

His internal organs and eight extraordinary meridians.

Spiritual qi began to linger in every part of his body.

“This is the Meridian Opening Realm?”

Gong Ziliang felt the change in his heart.

The Qi Refinement Realm only absorbed spiritual qi and stored it in the spiritual vortex in the dantian.

As for the Meridian Opening realm, it divided spiritual qi that streamed into the entire body, allowing the capacity to increase several times.

No wonder the difference between the Meridian Opening Realm and the Qi Refinement Realm was so great!

However, just as Gong Ziliang thought of this, the spirit circulating in his body became slower and slower before gradually shrinking.

A feeling of weakness surfaced in his heart again.

“Damn, kidney deficiency again… Ah no! Not enough spiritual qi?”

“This is simply a bottomless pit.
I have to think of a way to resolve this problem.”

“Otherwise, wouldn’t it be the end?”

At this moment, Gong Ziliang cursed silently.

He did not want to have kidney deficiency… Ah no, he did not want the spiritual qi in his body to be insufficient.
That feeling was really uncomfortable!

Before he knew it, he recalled the Great Azure Mystic Spirit Technique that the old man in the sect had mentioned.

The Great Azure Mystic Spirit Technique could automatically absorb the spiritual qi of heaven and earth.
This was really too impressive!

According to his situation, with a good spirit absorption technique, he seemed to be able to resolve this problem.

However, now was not the time to think about this!

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