Chapter 88: I, Gong Ziliang, Am the Saint Child of the Five Peaks!

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Their mouths were trembling as they looked at Gong Ziliang.

They seemed to want to say something, but in the end, they could not say a word.

No matter how much they did not believe it, the strength displayed by Gong Ziliang ruthlessly shocked their brains!

Gradually, as time passed, the dust around Gong Ziliang slowly fell.

Everyone hurriedly looked over.
In the end, their gazes changed from shock to terror!

At this moment, the square was in a mess.

The puppet that was fighting with Gong Ziliang just now was actually covered in countless small rocks.

As for Gong Ziliang, he stood there unscathed!

“Oh my goodness! He, he, he… he really shattered the doll!”

“How is this possible! Could this guy be a humanoid demon beast?!”

“How is this possible! How can such a terrifying disciple appear in our medium-grade sect!”

Immediately, all the disciples felt their mouths dry.
They felt as if they were in a dream!

It was already incredible that ordinary disciples could withstand a punch from this doll.

To be able to leave a mark on the puppet meant that he could reach the level of Profound!

Now, Gong Ziliang actually directly shattered this doll?


This was simply too dreamlike!

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“Test completed!”

“Talent Evaluation: Saint Child of the Five Peaks!”

“From now on, you can head to the five peaks of Heaven, Earth, Profound, Yellow, and Human to cultivate at will without any restraints!”

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After hearing this evaluation, the eyes of all the disciples reddened!

“Saint Child of the Five Peaks!!!”

“He can cultivate at any main peak!”


“I’m so envious!”

“I’m jealous!”

This evaluation was too terrifying!

One had to know how harsh the conditions for the Myriad Spirit Sect to accept disciples a thousand years ago were.

The title of Saint Child of the Five Peaks was too valuable!

The elders outside had been paying close attention to the performance of the disciples on the screen.

When they saw that even after a thousand years after the destruction of the Myriad Spirit Sect, the figure of the Myriad Spirit Elder was still alive and protecting this place…

They were also very shocked and felt that it was unbelievable!

Then, they saw the harsh testing system of the Myriad Spirit Sect.

When First Elder Liu saw the first disciple of the Crimson Flame Sect flying after going up, he directly pointed at Chi Song’s nose and laughed loudly, not showing any mercy!

“Hahaha… Is this the disciple of your Crimson Flame Sect? It’s really too funny.
He was directly sent flying.
Tsk, tsk, tsk!”

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First Elder Liu looked at Chi Song’s angry red face and felt very proud in his heart.
It was extremely beautiful!

However, as the accumulation of the test continued, First Elder Liu quickly could not smile anymore…

“Hahaha! Good! What a good Chi Ming!”

In the end, after Li Dan and Chi Huo passed the test, Chi Song suddenly praised Chi Ming!

This was because in the test this time, Chi Ming was the only disciple whose evaluation had reached the yellow level and who had reached the yellow level!

On the Profound Heaven Sect’s side, other than Li Dan, the other disciples were all from Human Peak.

It was not that the Profound Heaven Sect did not have disciples comparable to Chi Ming, but Su Ling was heavily injured and Zhao Zhirou could not fight.

This caused the disciples of the Profound Heaven Sect to be inferior to the Crimson Flame Sect in terms of top cultivation.

This led to this situation!

From the looks of it, there was only Chi Ming in the entire Yellow Peak.
If nothing went wrong, wouldn’t the entire Yellow Peak be left to Chi Ming to reap?

Although the things on the Profound Peak might be better, there was also the Profound Heaven Sect’s Li Dan!

In Chi Song’s opinion, Chi Ming was even more useful than Chi Huo!

What Chi Song could think of, First Elder Liu also thought of.

At this moment, First Elder Liu’s expression was slightly ugly.

If Chi Ming really went to reap the benefits of the Yellow Peak alone, the losses to the Profound Heaven Sect would be too great!

“Eh? First Elder Liu, that kid is going on stage!”

Just as First Elder Liu was worried, Lin Xiao and Gong Ziliang appeared above the square.

Seeing Gong Ziliang, First Elder Liu’s eyes immediately lit up!

“This brat comprehended Sword Intent back then.
He’s definitely a good seedling! I wonder if he can rush to Yellow Peak and compete with Chi Ming!” First Elder Liu said in his mind.

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However, First Elder Liu did not expect that he would see such a magical scene next!

Before Gong Ziliang could attack, just Lin Xiao beside him had already shocked First Elder Liu until he grabbed his beard!

In fact, it was not only the disciples present.
They had only seen Lin Xiao stretch out his hand and pass this test.

The entire process could be said to be extremely strange!

What was even more strange was…

Lin Xiao had actually obtained the evaluation of the Profound Level?!

What was this?

Was he really lucky?

“Good! Good! Ahahaha…”

No matter what, First Elder Liu heaved a sigh of relief.

Lin Xiao’s sudden appearance could be said to have broken the stalemate on the Profound Peak!

This made it very likely that the Profound Heaven Sect would obtain even more good things on the Profound Peak!

Now, as long as Gong Ziliang could reach the Yellow Level, their trip would not be a loss!

However, when Gong Ziliang started the test, First Elder Liu directly could not help but stand up!

It was not only him.
The other elders behind him, as well as all the elders of the Crimson Flame Sect, also looked blankly at the long rainbow that rushed into the sky and did not speak for a long time!

“Gasp… this kid actually…”

Looking at the long arc that rushed into the sky ahead and the shattered doll, First Elder Liu’s heart stopped for a few seconds because he was too excited!

Good lord!

When did such a small monster appear in his sect?!

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This spiritual qi fluctuation was too terrifying!

“Could it be… that he’s the high-grade Divine Body that we old men are searching for?”

When he thought of this, First Elder Liu’s beard trembled because he was too excited!

Divine Body, a high-grade Divine Body!

They did not expect that they, this group of old men, would be discovered here after searching for a high-grade Divine Body for so long!

He would definitely ask the brat when he came out later!

“If he really has a high-grade Divine Body, I’ll protect him even if I have to die!”

At the same time, First Elder Liu also secretly made this decision!

“What… What kind of demon is this? When did such a disciple appear in your Profound Heaven Sect?!”

Opposite him, Chi Song also looked at Gong Ziliang with widened eyes, and he was extremely shocked in his heart!


The strength that Gong Ziliang displayed at this moment was really too unbelievable!

How could such a talented disciple appear in a medium-grade sect like theirs?!


However, after the shock, incomparably crazy killing intent immediately appeared in Chi Song’s eyes!

The potential that Gong Ziliang displayed now was really too shocking!

If he really matured, what could their Crimson Flame Sect do?

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