Chapter 1: We Are A Perfect Match

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On a winter afternoon with warm sunshine, the shopping mall was bustling with people.

In the office of a high-rise building, Chen Sui propped her chin in her hand as she looked down at the people below coming and going in a daze.
One second before her consciousness was knocked out by sleep, she was startled by the loud and deep shout of her colleague.

“This Burberry dress is so pretty! Look at Guan Jin’s neck! She’s drop-dead gorgeous!”

Chen Sui vaguely asked, “What neck?”

“Don’t sleep, come here and look, a set of photos of Guan Jin at the Bazaar party last night posted by her studio went viral and is on the hot search! Come on, look at this beauty,” her colleague shook the sleeping queen awake, and the phone screen was pressed close to Chen Sui’s face, “These celebrities are really different from us, look at her, she’s in her 40s but still looks like a fairy!”

Chen Sui nodded in agreement while scrolling through the photos.
Who did not know Guan Jin? A female celebrity who excelled in all three fields of modelling, film and music, and also had a great reputation internationally.

Last night, Film Empress Guan wore a black Burberry mermaid dress to attend a fashion show.
Despite being in her 40s, in the taken photos of her, she still looked gorgeous and was not inferior to those new female stars currently in their teens and 20s. 

“This photo is also amazing.
How come I didn’t find Guan Jin so beautiful before?”

The girl with a ponytail sitting in the front, holding her phone in her hand, turned around and said, “These photos were taken by JMing.
Guan Jin’s studio even tagged his name to thank him.”

“Who’s JMing?”

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“How can you not know him? It’s Jian Ming Xi! Jian Ming Xi!” As an amateur photographer, the girl with the ponytail was quite disappointed, “Last time, there were some extremely popular photos of Mexican immigrants, so popular that the Xin Hua News Agency especially opened a category for it.
Those photos were all taken by him.”

Hearing the name of an acquaintance, Chen Sui seemed to hear a “Ding!” radar detection siren in her head.

She immediately woke up, “Jian Ming Xi?”

“Don’t you know? He’s a professional photographer and is extremely popular in the photography field,” the girl with the ponytail’s eyes lit up with stars like a fangirl, “Last year, after I had just graduated and came back here, I even sent my resume to his studio, but unfortunately, I failed to enter the interview round and didn’t get in.
I don’t know how I was so brave back then.”

“How should I put it, in the photography field, he’s no different from the noblest of the aristocracy, the most educated man at Harvard, the most successful man in the financial field like Warren Buffett, and my male god.”

[T/N: Warren Buffett is an American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist.]

“Besides, he’s super handsome, not inferior to those celebrities…”

Chen Sui tried to suppress her conditioned contempt and felt speechless deep inside.

Jian Ming Xi.

He? A male god?

Please tell her this was a joke.

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Chen Sui took her coffee cup and stayed away from the conversation with the three words ‘Refusing to talk’ written on her face.

If she had to describe him, this Jian Ming Xi, in Chen Sui’s memory was… 

A pile of gravel among treasures, the watermelon seeds of a watermelon, and the obnoxious Lord Voldemort.

[T/N: ‘Lord Voldemort’, also known as ‘You-Know-Who’, or ‘He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named’, is a fictional character in the Harry Potter novel series.]

Jian Ming Xi was the first name on the list of the people she hated the most, and was also specially treated as a super-hate VIP level.


Not all childhood friends could get along well with each other.

Starting at the age of six, when little Chen Sui first met Jian Ming Xi, the boy who had just moved in next to her villa, she inculcated this fact.

At first, she was just a little uncomfortable.

On the day the new neighbours moved in, Chen’s parents brought Chen Sui to visit the villa next door.
While the adults of the two families were chatting in the living room, Chen Sui accidentally dropped the apple in her hand, so she chased after the apple to the stairs.
When she picked it up, she looked up and saw Jian Ming Xi, who happened to be walking down the stairs.

A little six-year-old boy with a pink lip, white teeth, clear eyes, and dressed in a very neat British knitted suit, smiled at Chen Sui, a little girl with messy hair.

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What are you laughing at!

Chen Sui suddenly felt a bit embarrassed, so she lowered her head and tugged at her wrinkled skirt.
Without saying a word, she ran towards Mother Chen.

That day, after returning home, Mother Chen and Father Chen praised Jian Ming Xi nonstop right in front of Chen Sui. 

They complimented him ‘Smart’ six times and ‘Cute’ twelve times.

Chen Sui remembered it all.

Sure, he may be smart.

But he was a boy, why even snatch the word ‘Cute’ from her!

Before that, the neighbourhood often called Chen Sui the cutest child, but after his appearance, the name ‘Xiao Xi’ replaced her.

Chen Sui was very dissatisfied.

This dissatisfaction did not lessen as Chen Sui grew up, but instead increased with age, spanning Chen Sui’s entire childhood as if becoming a novel of her life.

In the fifth grade of elementary school, the writing topic in Chen Sui’s class was [The person I… the most.]

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As soon as Chen Sui held her pen to start writing, she seriously chose her topic: [The person I hate the most.]

The topic sentence of the paragraph was: [The person I hate the most is my seatmate, Jian Ming Xi.] 

That day, Chen Sui’s parents were called to the school.

While crying, she was taken out of the office by Mother Chen and saw Jian Ming Xi standing at the door, handing her a bottle of milk with his long eyelashes blinking, “Don’t hate me anymore.”

“No, I don’t like it, go away,” Chen Sui continued crying and pushed the milk bottle back, “Don’t pretend to be nice.”

Jian Ming Xi held the milk bottle and froze in place.

“I saw you write my name in the paragraph, you hate me, don’t you?” Chen Sui sniffed and said forcefully, “Anyway, I hate you too.”

Chen Sui heard that Jian Ming Xi’s parents were also called to the school because of the paragraph he wrote in class.
She had no idea what the content of the conversation was, but she was sure it was related to her.

Maybe the paragraph topic was also ‘The person I hate the most.’

Look at how they understood each other so well.

Chen Sui could not help but admit that having known each other for ten years, she and Jian Ming Xi were indeed a perfect match…

A pair of opposites.

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