Why did he not take those experienced secretaries to drink with the business partners instead of taking one that had just come over?


This was because his brain was damaged at that time.
So many secretaries with excellent business skills were not brought in but had to get Song Ningxuan.


If Gu Jingyu were here, he would feel the plot’s power again.


As for the fellow Ou Xiuyuan crashed into, everything was fine now.


On top of that, Ou Shi Group promised to provide him with a new car and bear all the medical expenses and the financial loss.


That person had nothing to say with a large amount of hush money.


After all, the Ou Shi Group gave too much.
It was completely impossible to refuse.


Now Ou Xiuyuan could not think about Song Ningxuan.
Everything in his mind was about how to solve the matter this time.


As for Song Ningxuan, who also stayed in the hospital, nobody was with her.
Even the nurse left after a quick look at her to see that nothing was seriously wrong.


Compared to the male lead and the person involved in the crash, Song Ningxuan’s injury was the lightest, and it might have healed a little later.


She didn’t understand why Gu Jingyu had to call the police.
She had clearly said she couldn’t call the police, but why did the police and ambulance come?


Song Ningxuan now especially wanted to go see Ou Xiuyuan.
This was a good time for her to gain good feelings.


Just as she reached the door, she was stopped by a bodyguard.


“Miss, the President said no one should disturb him now.”


Song Ningxuan was about to cry and looked pitiful.


This was her usual trick.
Someone would always speak for her if she showed this expression.


“I was just ….
Just worried about the President and wanted to see if he’s okay.”

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