“Oh.” A cold and indifferent voice, not a bit interested in the System’s seductive tone.


The small furball kept circling around Gu Jingyu, and the hair on his body blew up.


“Anchor, how are you going to sign a contract? Please, I beg you, it’s hard to transfer.”


Gu Jingyu raised his eyebrows.
In the past few days, he got a lot of information from this small furball.
At least he could be sure that the sudden appearance of the live room was harmless to him.


It was just that he couldn’t understand what the people behind this small furball were trying to do.
Was it just for a good time?


Gu Jingyu did not believe it at all.


As for this kind of cute thing, Gu Jingyu had no fondness.


He always believed this kind of artificial intelligence had no feelings.
They were showing the condition they thought would make people lower their guard.


He just didn’t expect that the people behind this small furball had a complete set of promotion rules that were so humane.


“If you want me to sign a contract, small furball, you have to give me something to see.”


The small fur ball suddenly stopped, with an unbelievable tone, “You finally cared about me.
Finally, paying attention to me.”


It suddenly reacted… What did Gu Jingyu say?


“Isn’t eternal life enough? As long as you stay popular, you can live forever and ever.” The small furball wasn’t a novice either, and he had also taken a few anchors before.
Still, they died because their popularity had dropped too severely, and their life value wasn’t enough.


“Can I keep living, keep being your utility man? Little System, do I look so good to fool?”


The fierce hostility in Gu Jingyu’s eyes made the system, as an AI, scared.


What kind of a person was this?


“Anchor ….
What are you talking about? We are mutually benefiting.
How is it ….
possible that possible …..” The more the system spoke, the more it became unable to continue.
Looking at Gu Jingyu’s expression, it seemed like he knew everything.


Suddenly, Gu Jingyu brought his hand in the air and held it for a moment, and a round orb of metal appeared in his hand.


He played with this small ball in his hand and looked at the system trembling in the air.


“It still took a little time to finally get you out.”


“You ….
How did you ….
How did you know about this thing?” He played with this small ball in his hand and looked at the system trembling in the air.


“You ….
How did you ….
How did you know about this thing?” Gu Jingyu held the system’s terminal in his hand.
This terminal was like the life of the system.
Holding him, he had control over the life and death of the system.


How can a person in the End Times have this kind of power? Who are you?”


Gu Jingyu’s hand gently squeezed, and the metal ball turned into powder.
The system directly disappeared.


A white light shot into his forehead and then disappeared.


In his mind, there were suddenly more memories that did not belong to him.
After fully understanding, there was a more systematic explanation for why he suddenly appeared in this world.


Sufficed to say that anchors like them were the taskmasters, and the ones who issued the missions were people from various worlds.
And as a middle connection between the issuer and the taskmasters was the Lord God.


The mission earned faith value by completing the tasks issued and live-streaming, which was the reward coin that the system said before.

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