As for the people who watched the live broadcast, the Time and Space Administration would rationalize everything.
Even if it was more ridiculous, it would be reasoned in the mind of every person who watched the live broadcast.


As for that small system before, it was also a taskmaster who came up with it.
According to the average ratio, 10 faith values could be exchanged for one day of life.


That small system before was equivalent to a middleman earning the difference, only that it was a little challenging.


According to the information in his memory, the world he was currently in belonged to the newbie world.
It did not consume life value, and once confirmed as an anchor, there was a chance to be fully promoted.


This was probably all the information in the memory.


What surprised Gu Jingyu the most was that, in addition to this basic information, there was another version of the plot of this fictional world.


The female lead, Song Ningxuan, was kidnapped with Ou Xiuyuan as a child.
The two escaped through a lot of hardship and built a deep friendship.


Following the familiar formula of the old days, the male lead, Ou Xiuyuan, said to the female lead, Song Ningxuan, “When I grow up, I will definitely come to marry you.”


After growing up, a supporting female took over the position and became the fiancée of the male lead.


When Song Ningxuan grew up and accidentally entered the Ou Shi Group, she was too good that her colleagues ostracized her.
Ou Xiuyuan empathized after meeting the heroine repeatedly when she was bullied.


Then Ou Xiuyuan used his authority to ask Song Ningxuan to be his secretary.
After spending time together, Ou Xiuyuan found that he had different feelings for this secretary.


Then he and Song Ningxuan signed an agreement regarding his support.
For a long time afterward, they abused each other.


I love you, but you don’t love me …..


After various mushy dramas, Song Ningxuan came to her senses and decided to break up with Ou Xiuyuan.
With the help of the supporting male character, Gu Jingyu, she went abroad and then successfully returned against all odds.


Then, after going through other tiring dramas, Ou Xiuyuan took the position of the Chairman of the Board of the Ou Shi Group, and Song Ningxuan became his wife in name only and got the blessing of everyone around her.


The plot Gu Jingyu received before was from the perspective of a novel, perfecting everything.
After all, no one wanted to see a novel full of intrigue and calculation.


This story was indeed told from God’s point of view.
The female lead, Song Ningxuan, did not work well because of the supporting male lead’s indulgence while having a lot of resources.
Later, she used the supporting male lead as a springboard to get into the eyes of the male lead, Ou Xiuyuan.
A lot of problems were solved later by using the supporting male lead.


The supporting male character was simply emptying his heart and lungs in 5 years for her from a little designer to an internationally renowned designer.


When the female lead was involved in plagiarism, the supporting character took the initiative to stand up for her, resulting in his reputation being wholly ruined.


When the female lead’s child attacked the firewall of another company because of curiosity, she got into a lawsuit and paid the compensation.
The supporting male lead gave all he had to get enough compensation to save the female lead from jail time.


Did the woman know about these things? Yes, but sometimes she played dumb to pretend that nothing had happened.


So later, when the male lead kept her, it was easy for her to settle down.
It was so effortless to say, “I just treat you as a brother.” That sentence.


After reading the overall plot, Gu Jingyu sighed.
“Sure enough, I simped and ended up with nothing.”


The second male lead Gu Jingyu did things to the extreme and moved himself to the extreme.


In the past, this type of supporting male was prevalent in the readers’ community.
But in recent years, as the readers’ taste improved, this type of supporting male became the object of mockery.

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