The next day, when Gu Jingyu went to work, he heard the company discussing the matter of Ou Xiuyuan’s car accident.


After all, the group had lost a lot of money because of this news.
As Chairman of the Board, Ou Lingtian was holding a board meeting to deal with the mess left by Ou Xiuyuan.


Gu Jingyu recalled that there seemed to be a plot like this in the story.


The woman hadn’t become the man’s secretary at that time and met the man in a car accident on the road.
The man said before he passed out not to take him to the hospital, and the woman was so foolish as to believe it.


Then she carried the man home to take good care of him.
As for the car owner who collided with Ou Xiuyuan then, he was naturally the cannon fodder.


As for why there were no police to investigate, and such a big traffic accident so far, this could only be attributed again to the magic of the plot.


As long as the plot was for the main characters, all logic was taken for granted.


In the plot, the male lead Ou Xiuyuan had a different view because he was taken care of for a while.
Also, after the male lead recovered, he did not return to the company immediately.
Still, he continued to be involved with the female lead, and the group’s interests were put to the back of his mind.


Speaking of which, without a long time together and an in-depth understanding of the female lead, he did not know if the male lead would like the female lead.


Gu Jingyu felt that the plot would make up for it in one way or another, and in just a few short days, he pretty much saw the stubbornness of the story clearly.


So, he was now worried that the time he could easily have a break would be ruined because of the female lead, which would not be something he wanted to see.


Gu Jingyu was sitting in his office; from there, he could see the entire design department.


He had a resignation application on his computer downloaded from the internet.
With a single click, the resignation report would be sent to the head of the design department.


At this time, the office door was opened.


At this time of the day, all the people in the design department were known to be working, and usually, no one would bother them.
Except for the employees of the design department, then only the female lead would enter his office recklessly.


“Brother Gu, didn’t I say I couldn’t call the police? How did you call the police? Do you know how much the group lost? I almost lost my job too.” Song Ningxuan and the supporting character Gu Jingyu had always spoken like this.
Long-term indulgence and entitlement to the female lead had long made Song Ningxuan lose the caution that she had just come to the company.


Gu Jingyu was a bit annoyed when he saw Song Ningxuan, a collection of troubles.


Initially, he thought that by sending her to the male lead, she would not come to bother him.


“Secretary Song, if I remember correctly, you are not an employee of our department right now, so what is the matter with you coming here? And do the things you said to have anything to do with me? I’m just an employee of the group.
Do you have anything to do with me in these difficult times?”


Gu Jingyu’s unforgiving words made Song Ningxuan somewhat incredulous.
She had long forgotten the time when Gu Jingyu rejected her.


“Brother Gu, what do you mean?”


Song Ningxuan’s heart panicked inexplicably.
It was the same feeling of dullness and loss when she heard the sound of the ambulance and police car when she was in a car accident, and it was as if something was about to be lost.


She looked fixedly at Gu Jingyu, wanting to see something in his expression.


But apart from a blank look of indifference, there was no longer that look of affection in his eyes from before.


“I think that my meaning was obvious before.
Before seeing that you graduated from the same university I did, I took more care of you.
It led to some not-so-good voices that greatly affected the harmony in the department.”


His eyes were very calm as if he was not talking about himself.


“But ….
But, obviously you said, treat you like a brother, so I… I’m the one who…”


Gu Jingyu sighed and said, “It’s my fault for not doing a good job of separating public and private.
In the future, I shall learn from my mistakes and do a good job of treating every employee the same.”


Song Ningxuan: “……”

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