nsideration in the slightest.


“Chief Gu, the information has been passed on to the Head.”




The resignation report was eventually sent to the Head of the Design Department.


The Head who received the resignation report hurried to get things done and left some of the wrapped-up work to his subordinates to rush back to see what was happening.


The young man he was optimistic about actually resigned without saying a word.
What on earth happened?


The woman was going to see Ou Xiuyuan after she exited the company.
Gu Jingyu was able to see the woman’s movement on the screen.


The main character, the President of Ou Shi Group, the Chairman’s son, was destined to inherit the Group in the future.


The female lead ended up marrying Ou Xiuyuan.
It would be impossible to think about it in reality if it wasn’t for the plot.


As an ordinary secretary, without knowing his contact information and was still in an exceptionally private hospital, the female lead entered the male lead’s ward quickly.


Moreover, she did not take leave from work.
It was logical that it was time to go to work, but the female lead ignored it.


It was outrageous that the Secretary-General of the Secretary Department didn’t even bother to mention it.


Gu Jingyu secretly pondered that the power of the plot would bypass all factors that hindered the emotional development of the leading characters in various ways.


Then, as a supporting person that existed as a golden finger for the female lead on her way to success, if the current self avoided them, would the plot create another person similar to his existence?

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