Before his resignation was approved, Gu Jingyu started packing his things in the company.


Most of these things belonged to the original man.
As a designer of some fame, he had many things.


The people in the Design Department watched their Chief Gu in and out of his office, moving the things that belonged to him out bit by bit.


The people around were bewildered and asked Secretary Su next to them what was happening, but Secretary Su was also confused.


Just in time, the Head of the Design Department was hurrying over.
He looked like he had just gotten off the plane, followed by only his personal secretary.


“Xiao Gu, what are you doing? I haven’t even agreed yet, and you’re already packing your things.
Are you really willing to let go of your teacher?”


Yes, the Head of the Design Department was Gu Jingyu’s teacher or the kind of teacher who had paid proper attention to him.


The worry and eagerness in the old man’s eyes wasn’t a pretense.
It could be seen that he had great expectations for Gu Jingyu.


“Teacher, I have my reasons.
Besides, I feel a little tired and want to rest for a while.”


Gu Jingyu was sick, something he knew very well – he had an emotional deficiency disorder.


This disease would allow him to live better without sympathy in his original world.
But in this peaceful world, a self that could calmly analyze everything and still kill without blinking an eye was not suitable for this job.


The design was a job that required a lot of emotion.
He could quickly analyze everyone’s psychology as someone with an emotional deficiency disorder.
Still, he couldn’t do empathy to make a design filled with passion.


He could stir up trouble in the mall, but with this bit of design, he couldn’t do it himself.


“Really?” The Head doubtfully looked at this student he valued the most.
He did not know until he looked, but his heart jumped violently.


There was nothing in a designer’s eyes but a feeling for what he loved, but Gu Jingyu only had a blank, empty one.


The first time he saw such eyes in his life was on a dead person.


“Xiao Gu, what’s wrong with you? Did something happen?” The Head hurriedly took Gu Jingyu’s hand.


It was warm, and his heart sighed secretly.


“You come with me.” The Head took Gu Jingyu to his office, and the two people sat opposite each other.




No one spoke, but Gu Jingyu didn’t feel any discomfort, and he was just curious at the old man giving him a detailed look.


“You… You’re not him, are you?”


Gu Jingyu was stunned.
He didn’t expect this old man to see through him so easily.


“You’re not him.
I saw Xiao Gu growing up, and he has a love for design, which is completely different from you.”


Gu Jingyu pursed his lips and said, “How did you see that?”


This was an admission that he wasn’t the person.


“The eyes, you and Xiao Gu have different eyes.
I can feel that Xiao Gu is full of emotion when he looks at me, while you look at me like you’re looking at a rock.” Gu Jingyu had nothing to say.
Up to now, he couldn’t understand exactly such a thing as emotion.


“You ….
Who the hell are you, and why are you in Xiao Gu’s body? He is… Is… Is…”


The old man couldn’t say that word, but he already had a premonition in his heart.

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