e you won’t be the president next year.”


Ou Xiuyuan sat on the hospital bed.
His face was not very good.
After all, he was still reprimanded by his father when he was so old, and it was humiliating to say so.


“Then you take good care of your injuries and pay attention to the company’s affairs as well.” Ou Lingtian was about to leave when he suddenly turned back.
“If you raise a little mistress, just raise a little mistress, and don’t bring her to the company.”


When Song Ningxuan heard him say this, she was about to say something.


But seeing Ou Xiuyuan beside her giving him a look, she instantly did not speak.
She just looked at Ou Xiuyuan accusingly and firmly.


After Ou Lingtian spoke, he left without concern about his son’s injury.


“President Ou, I am not …..”


Ou Xiuyuan waved his hand.
Did you bring the food?


How could he care about others when he is used to issuing orders from a high position?


On the side of the leading characters, their feelings appeared to have hit a bottleneck.


That was right; without the supporting character on the side as a catalyst, how would the male lead pay more attention to the female lead because of the competition?


After Gu Jingyu quit his job, he met a problem, and now he didn’t know where to go.


Speaking of Gu Jingyu, his family was in a rural area.
The village was so poor that sometimes even eating was a problem.


It was in such a village that Gu Jingyu got into the design school with excellent grades and became the only college student in the village.


As for why he didn’t go back for so many years, there was no trace of this in his memory.


Perhaps the original Gu Jingyu didn’t want him to know, so he hid this away.

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