hat you misunderstand me just like everyone else in the company?”


Gu Jingyu sorted out his memories and finally figured out who the person in front of him was.


Readers hated the many novels in which the lovesick supporting male character gave everything for the heroine but ended up tragically.
He was assigned by the Time and Space Administration with the task – to beautifully act solo after putting off the lovesick supporting male character role.


As for why he knew, it was what the memory that suddenly appeared in his mind told him.


This mission’s world was a piece of a long-ago domineering novel, “The President’s Little Sweet Wife,” in which the heroine was called Song Ningxuan.


She was a little white flower ostracized by her colleagues in the early stage but was tough and became a world-renowned designer in the late setting.


As the most crucial part of the story, this world had little to no sense of reality.
It could be said that all those sets of traps would happen sooner or later.


What white moonlight, scapegoat, amnesia, car accident, running with the baby, digging your way out, and so on.


A novel that featured all five evils so to speak.


As for the hero and heroine in it, they finally came together after a series of trials and tribulations and became a legend in the wealthy circle.


For every paragraph of the gross content, there must be a role that would be difficult to replace, and that would be the second male lead who was deeply attached to the heroine.


In it, the second male lead served as a haven for the heroine: he supported her child and paved the way for the queen’s return.


Everything was done, losing his health and career to finally be just the heroine’s brother.

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