Gu Jingyu did not want to look deeper into what was happening.
Still, suddenly it was like a constraint had opened up, and his childhood memories suddenly dawned in his mind.


After sorting out this memory, Gu Jingyu’s face suddenly gloomed.


Gu Jingyu’s village was actually a human trafficking village.


This village was on a mountain where people were rare, and the people here were impoverished.


Along with poverty, there was also ignorance.
Only these, this was nothing.
After all, people had no right to say anything about the way of life of others.


Most of the people in the village valued sons over daughters.
Often, newborn girls were thrown into the river and drowned or were left to fend for themselves at home.


We knew that newborns were very fragile.
Instead of food and drink, they were starved to death at home in a few days and then wrapped in clothes and buried in a pit.


The girls were killed, resulting in boys growing up without a marriage partner.
This time, he did not know who was in contact with people outside.


For decades, their village had to buy wives from the outside.


The people who were bought were tricked by human traffickers from outside, and Gu Jingyu’s mother was such a woman.


They were all young girls who were tricked into becoming the wives of several, or even dozens, of people in the mountains.


Their task was to keep giving birth to children and continue to do so after a period of rest.


In this way, everyone in this village started earning money from a young age to buy a wife when they grew up.


Gu Jingyu’s mother was a senior designer who was tricked by a friend into coming to this place.


As a highly educated person, she naturally couldn’t stand it and ran away several times.


The saddest thing was that she was caught back every time.
This village was so remote that she couldn’t get out without acquaintances.


Each time she escaped, she was greeted with a beating.


But she didn’t give up, and later she was bought by Gu Jingyu’s father.


He paid for Gu Jingyu’s mother all by himself, so she didn’t have to be the wife of several or dozens of people like everyone else.


She didn’t give up hope of escaping.
After pretending to be a good girl for a while, everyone let down their guard on her after she got pregnant.


During that time, she mapped out the terrain and was ready to escape.


Ultimately, she was caught before the plan could be carried out.


This time, not for any particular reason, but simply because of a woman who had also been trafficked.
This woman had lived in this village for more than ten years and had assimilated into it.


It was not the same as when she first came here.
She had convinced herself that she was a member of this village and would later persuade the people abducted to follow her.
She brainwashed them little by little and slowly acculturated them.


Gu Jingyu once heard his mother say that this woman studied psychology, so she could quickly obtain the trust of so many people.


The most heart-wrenching thing was not being captured back by the people of this village but being betrayed by the woman who was also trafficked.


After this time, Gu Jingyu’s father supervised her closely until the baby was born and broke her legs just after her confinement.


Thus, Gu Jingyu’s mother had no hope of escaping and could only keep giving birth to children.


Gu Jingyu was the third and last child she gave birth to.


A boy and a girl were before him; naturally, the girl was drowned.

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