The girl was naturally drowned by Gu Jingyu’s older brother, the woman’s first child.


Witnessing her child’s death scene, the string she had been holding on to collapsed.


She went crazy while she was pregnant.


However, under the close supervision of the man, the child was born.


Although the woman was crazy, there would be times when she was sane.
She could not control her emotions when she saw her first son.


In her eyes, her first son was no longer a person.
Like the man who bought her, he had been demonized.


Without expression, he pressed his sister into the pond without hesitation.
This behavior was no different from the devil.


There was no telling what was going on.
She was partial to her youngest son, Gu Jingyu, being especially good.


She even named him, “The sun is shining by day, the moon is shining by night.” It was a symbol of her desire to pursue the light.


She taught him from a young age, and he let him study.


After all, he also wanted a student to come out of his own family instead of always being a lowlife.


Although this man was ruthless to women, he could be considered reasonable to these two sons.


After all, this was his seed too.


Under his mother’s teaching, Gu Jingyu gradually formed his outlook on the world.
He could understand clearly that what the people in the village were doing was wrong and that they had broken the law.


It was just that all of his words were taken as a joke.
When he spoke, the children around him would laugh at him.


Gu Jingyu felt he was different for the first time from the sound of ridicule.


When he returned to ask his mother, she laughed dumbly or was silent.


“Yu’er, look at those people.
They are not considered human anymore; They are all a bunch of demons.
You can’t learn from them, you know?” After saying these words, the woman was not sane again.


Her mentality was so unstable that little Gu Jingyu could see that the times when her mother was normal were becoming less and less.


By the time he was almost junior high school, his mother was rarely awake.
On the rare occasions when she was awake, she said to him, “Yu’er, you have to escape.
You can’t be like them, forget about this place, and don’t come back.”


These exact words gave little Gu Jingyu the urge to get out.


Speaking to his father, he unsurprisingly got a rejection from him.
“What’s the use of reading so many books? Is it to be able to be the village chief or to make money? Get taught from your damned mother.”


Every time Gu Jingyu brought up the matter of going outside to study, all he got was a refusal.


After more times, Gu Jingyu realized that there was no possibility of his father sending him out.


On a dark and windy night, Gu Jingyu secretly stole the money hidden in the corner.


As for why he knew that this place would have money, he learned about it when he heard his big brother and father talking once.


His father said the money was to help his big brother buy a wife.
In that case, the money was not much of a psychological burden for little Gu Jingyu.


With this money, Gu Jingyu left the village.


Once outside the village, Gu Jingyu found the police station with great difficulty and was sent to a local orphanage, according to what his mother said.


Later, through his efforts, he went to college.
The money he took from his father was left somewhere in the orphanage.


Gu Jingyu grew up remembering his mother’s words that he should not return after leaving.
He subconsciously put this memory so deep that he had forgotten about it too.

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