hen he re-told what he remembered.


“According to Mr.
Gu, this case has not just involved only one place.
If I’m not wrong, this human trafficking syndicate already has a complete set of an industrial chain.”


In modern society, there would still be such a huge chain of human traffickers still existing in the community, tearing apart one family after another.


The chief hurriedly contacted the leaders above, and the case must be pursued simultaneously in multiple provinces.


The next day, police officer Xiao Zhang took his colleagues to Gu Jingyu’s home.


The investigation was just now starting.
As the first to call, Gu Jingyu was under the protection of the police department.


The investigation was at a standstill at the beginning.
This human trafficking group had existed in society for more than a decade, or perhaps more than a few decades.


It had wholly integrated into society.
If you went to investigate brazenly, you could not find anything.


Gu Jingyu was fine now, but two more police officers were at home.


Honestly, he did not think these two people could protect his safety.


It was just two people who were a little better than average.
If someone really wanted to harm him, what would be the use of this protection?


Gu Jingyu was searching for a suitable place for his retirement.
He thought about looking for a home with beautiful mountains and clear water when this time of his life was over.


That day, the police chief again found him with a gloomy face.


Gu, I am very sorry to disturb you.
I would like to …..”


After the police chief’s explicit and implicit hints, Gu Jingyu knew precisely what was happening.

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