Then after the heroine got married, he still smiled and wished, then left sorrowfully.
He did not add any difficulties to the main character’s feelings.


And Gu Jingyu was now the devoted second male lead inside this overbearing story.
This kind would bang his head against the wall for the heroine.


In this situation, the heroine Song Ningxuan and the domineering boss Ou Xiuyuan met in the company.
After being verbally humiliated by Ou Xiuyuan as a seductress, Song Ningxuan came to Gu Jingyu for comfort.


According to the plot, Gu Jingyu went to the boss after listening to the heroine’s grievances to clear her name.


And in front of the main character, he said she was his girlfriend.
Then he was fired.


“Miss Song, we are still in a superior and subordinate relationship.
Don’t talk so intimately.
If Miss Song has something to say to me, you can call me Chief Gu.
Otherwise, people inside the company might misunderstand our relationship and think I can’t distinguish between public and private.”


Song Ningxuan tried to reach out to pull Gu Jingyu, but he dodged aside effortlessly.


Song Ningxuan couldn’t respond for a second.
No one could associate the cold man in front of her with the person who warmly comforted her before.


“Miss Song, I remember there is a rule in the staff training manual: you can’t take special elevators at will.
If it’s not that Miss Song has something different in mind, then I can’t quite understand why you would take the special elevator.”


Although this world was a place where logic could not be used to understand everything, the main characters’ IQs were above normal.


Gu Jingyu did not believe that Song Ningxuan could not see such an obvious thing and coincidentally met Ou Xiuyuan.


This little matter, as long as a person with a normal mind could see.
Only the second male with a dozen layers of filters on the heroine would be foolish enough to go up against his boss for her.


Song Ningxuan’s expression was a little overwhelmed, but she recovered immediately.


“How can you look at me like that? I thought you would understand.
I was in too hurry at the time, and I didn’t know …..”


“Ahem ….” Suddenly, a man walked out next to them.


He was Ou Xiuyuan, the protagonist of this novel and the President of Ou Shi Group.


“President.” Gu Jingyu was still an employee of the Ou Shi Group and still had to greet Ou Xiuyuan when he saw him.


“I didn’t expect Chief Gu to like this type of woman.
Before, you looked like you didn’t get near women, but it seems you haven’t met one you like.” Ou Xiuyuan said with a teasing smile.


After looking at Song Ningxuan, standing next to him with a tearful look, Ou Xiuyuan found her a bit familiar.


“This woman.” Wasn’t this woman who seduced him in the elevator yesterday morning?


“President, she is my subordinate.
I’m reprimanding her for entering the special elevator yesterday.
This isn’t the kind of relationship you are talking about.” Gu Jingyu did not have any feelings for the main characters now.
He also did not want to draw the main character’s attention to himself because of this matter.


“It’s her.
Chief Gu’s subordinates still need more discipline, and not everyone will be as good-tempered as I am.
Then I will not interfere with Chief Gu’s staff management.” After Ou Xiuyuan finished speaking, he stepped toward his office.


Song Ningxuan found that Ou Xiuyuan didn’t even look at her and was a little anxious for a moment.


“President, I want to explain myself!”


Gu Jingyu and Ou Xiuyuan did not expect Song Ningxuan to suddenly speak out.


But Gu Jingyu thought about it on second thought.
Yes, the plot was powerful like that.
Even without himself as a trigger, the male and heroines would still know each other and be attracted to each other.


Ou Xiuyuan was suddenly called and found it was Song Ningxuan standing to the side with a stubborn face like a small white flower.


Gu Jingyu’s brain ached a little.
Why did he think of this adjective? He was really affected by the plot.


This plot was too poisonous!

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