“Oh? What do you have to say?” The most unexpected thing for Gu Jingyu was that Ou Xiuyuan stopped just like that.
He looked interested in hearing what Song Ningxuan had to say.


In the live streaming room


“Hmm? What is this live stream? The streamer is quite good-looking.”


A person came in suddenly to the live streaming room that had been ignored by Gu Jingyu.
It looked like he wasn’t sure what this was about.


“Little elder brother, you are so good-looking.
Why are there so few people in the live room?”


“Who are these two people? Are they actors hired by the streamer? Why haven’t I seen them online?”


“Why isn’t the anchor talking?”


Gu Jingyu looked at the blue screen above, showing the number of viewers from the original 0 to the current 1.
He didn’t say anything.


Judging from what this person said, Gu Jingyu had a different understanding of this live stream.


The number of viewers seemed to be people from different worlds.
From that person’s words earlier, we could understand that this viewer lived in a world where the internet was developed.


At least concerning the live streaming, she wasn’t unfamiliar.
The technological level should be similar to that of his original world.


Only, it seemed a little different too.


“Why still not talking, little elder brother? Do not you read the comment section?”


“Forget it.
It’s not interesting.
The show is still so clichéd plot.
If not for the face, I don’t want to stay here.
I’m leaving!”


Gu Jingyu wasn’t sure what the live stream was and didn’t really want to take care of the people in that room.


He watched in disbelief as the number of viewers went from 1 to 0 again.


While Gu Jingyu was focusing on the live stream, he didn’t know what the two main characters were saying.
He saw Ou Xiuyuan smiling evilly.


To be honest, Gu Jingyu couldn’t look straight at this evil smile; it was really twisted.
Apart from the male and female leads, there weren’t many people who could appreciate it, right?


“Woman, you have successfully caught my attention!” After saying that, he thought he was very dashing and left.


The heroine also had a humiliated expression and looked at the hero’s back with a face of indignation.


It would be a perfect opening shot for a novel if it wasn’t for Gu Jingyu in the background.


Gu Jingyu obviously did not want to be the enabler of the leading characters’ feelings right now.


Back in the office, the secretary came running over with an anxious face at this time.


“Chief Gu, the meeting is about to start.
You can’t be absent.
It’s a meeting about our next quarterly bonus and our customers’ operating capital.” Gu Jingyu belonged to the design department of Ou Shi Group and was the second in the design department.


The Head of the Department would be retiring soon, and now he was basically delegating his powers to Gu Jingyu.
Evidently, he intended to let Gu Jingyu take over his position.


If Gu Jingyu hadn’t offended Ou Xiuyuan in the plot, he would have been the head of the Design Department now.


It could be said that in the original plot, Gu Jingyu had failed everyone around him except the female lead.


He thought he had always looked after his leadership, his subordinates, who had always trusted him, and the head of the department, who had high hopes for him.


“Come here immediately.
Help me prepare the meeting materials, print them out, and bring them to the conference room.” Gu Jingyu arranged matters orderly.
The anxious secretary saw her boss’s calm face and, for some reason, suddenly stopped worrying.


The chief’s face was calm as if he was not facing a group of old foxes whose age was more than two turns older than he was.


Since the department had a new employee, the boss seemed to have lost his soul.
He was usually fine, but as long as he met the new employee, it was as if everything was unimportant.

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