Today was also the same.
The meeting time was notified early, but the boss suddenly received a phone call and left.


Looking at the office again, the new employee did not come.


This was not the first time this had happened.
Many old employees in the design department had already complained.
If Gu Jingyu had not stayed in the design department for many years, those senior employees would have complained to the head.


With 20 minutes left before the meeting, Gu Jingyu sat in his office and organized the memories in his mind.


He didn’t know if it was because these memories had nothing to do with the plot, so when he didn’t recall them carefully, they weren’t particularly clear.


Now that he thought about it, Gu Jingyu had at least stayed in the design department for so long.
He had been fired so quickly by Ou Xiuyuan, which had something to do with his way of doing things.


This meeting was a summary meeting to allocate resources and bonuses for each department.
The Design Department’s performance in the past six months was among the best in each department.
The employees were waiting for the bonus to come down.


However, because the chief was absent, other departments directly forced down the bonus and resources.
This made the whole design department reach the highest point of resentment.


There were even some pricks who joined together to remove Gu Jingyu.


At this time, in the design department office, everyone was chatting.


It was rare for the head of the design department to allow a group of people to gather together.


“Do you know, the chief went to that new employee again? I don’t know what it’s about again.”


“I know, I know! I heard people say yesterday that our new employee actually went to take the executive’s special elevator and bumped into the President.”


“So explosive, this is a little intentional.
Anyone is told hundreds of times by the Human Resources Department that one cannot just take a special elevator.
That person either has a brain problem or is a little ambitious.”


“Forget it.
Someone has a big backer.
We can’t afford to mess with that.”


“I don’t want to care about her and the chief’s little affair.
But because she affects my benefits, even though he’s the chief, I have to react.”


The one who spoke was an intern who came in at about the same time as Song Ningxuan.
However, because of Gu Jingyu’s attachment to Song Ningxuan, the treatment of the two was simply worlds apart.


The people around didn’t say anything, but their expressions all indicated that they thought the same thing.


Gu Jingyu followed his secretary to the conference room but suddenly saw the scene inside the office, so she walked over.


Looking at the crowd gathered in the office, the secretary subconsciously looked at her boss, showing no expression.


Just when he wanted to make a sound, he was stopped by Gu Jingyu.
He wanted to see what it was like to be out of the plot.


Gu Jingyu looked thoughtfully at this group of employees described in the original story as jealous of the heroine’s talent.
After another moment, he sighed that the plot was really a headache.


The female lead was actually like this in the eyes of her co-workers.
There also seemed to be a passage in the plot that said, ‘Excellent people are always envied.
Song Ningxuan is always envied by her colleagues in the company.’


The novel did not seem to make sense of reality.


As soon as you leave the main route of the novel, everyone’s logic would be normal.


Come to think of it, after all, it was a novel.
You should not write the female lead to be too annoying.


The voice of the employees discussing wasn’t low.
Maybe they were too serious and didn’t see that right behind them, the main character they were discussing, Gu Jingyu was listening to them.


They were becoming more and more agitated.
When they said they wanted to jointly report Gu Jingyu for using his power for personal gain, Secretary Su’s face turned green.


He couldn’t help it anymore and gently put his hand on his mouth and gave a fake cough.


“Cough, what are you all doing here? Are you trying to deduct your wages by not going to work yet?”

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