Everyone was silenced.
The person they had just chatted about and discussed reporting him en masse was standing next to the secretary.


What a moment of social death.


Like seeing something horrible, they flew back to their workstation, and kept silently thinking, “Can’t see me, can’t see me!”


The secretary was also embarrassed.
Really, would not people wait till their shift was over to where no one would see that they were badmouthing?


It was embarrassing to be overheard by the main subject.


Gu Jingyu did not feel anything.
After all, the person was not himself.


“Boss, the meeting is about to start.
Let’s go there first.”


The secretary timely reminded.
Even in this situation, the secretary’s professional upbringing was full marks.


After Gu Jingyu left, the people in the office breathed a long sigh of relief that they had finally left.


Everyone looked at each other.
No one spoke first.


They could only work desperately, hoping that the boss would forget what had just happened by then.




After the meeting, the secretary looked at Gu Jingyu dumbfounded, as if she knew him for the first time.


“Boss, are you ….
heart broken?” The imposing boss at the meeting was ….
simply handsome.


Gu Jingyu returned to the office.
When the secretary came out, those employees probing their brains flocked around.


“Secretary Su, how is the boss today? Tell us what happened to the bonus.
And is there any relation to what the boss heard us say today?” In one go, the people around asked.
Secretary Su felt that she was watched everywhere around him for a while.


At first, when Secretary Su came out with a strange expression, they thought the bonus must not be much this time.
So, more or less, in their hearts, there was some disappointment.


“What you guys said before, the boss didn’t say anything.
I also don’t know what the boss thinks so.
But I have good news to tell you.” Seeing Secretary Su’s expression, the people around knew there was something good at a glance.


“This half-year bonus is 50 percent higher than last year, so hurry up and do what you have planned.
Those purchasing a house can put a down payment on it.” As the secretary of the boss of the design department, one must not only be able to interpret words but also maintain a good relationship with the various employees of the office.


“What down payment? I’ll pay in full directly!” After saying that, he rushed to the pantry to call the agent.


The office was filled with a joyful atmosphere, and Gu Jingyu stood by the window, watching them cheer.


He didn’t have the intention to go out.
He knew that as soon as he went out, the happy atmosphere of the office would instantly cool down.


At this time, the sound of knocking came from the door.


In this situation, the person who could come to the office would definitely not be someone from the design department.


Who could it be?


“Chief Gu, I really didn’t expect that.
Your bearing at this meeting simply made me sigh at myself.”


It was another supporting character in this novel, the second shareholder of the Ou Shi Group.


This book did not only have a hero who was deeply in love with the heroine.
To raise the IQ of the hero, there would be a supporting character who was almost the same in every aspect as the hero but who would always be the second best.


This supporting character had a high IQ and EQ and was even better than the male lead in some cases.
Even if he worked harder, he would always be a little worse than the main character.


The person in front of him was the one who acted in this role in this novel.


“Vice President Wen, how can I help you?” In a sense, Gu Jingyu admired Wen Huan as a person.


Although he was not as good as Ou Xiuyuan in terms of luck, he was responsible for his work.
At least when Ou Xiuyuan caused the company’s interests to be lost when he was chasing a woman, Wen Huan did many things behind the scenes to salvage it.

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