Gu Jingyu also lamented that if it wasn’t for this heroine’s aura, in a normal world, this kind of employee would have rolled away.


Gu Jingyu did not want to get involved with the main characters, who represented infinite trouble.


This was especially true concerning his identity, which made Gu Jingyu even more fearful.


He had to think of a way to get the female lead, the trouble, to leave voluntarily.


“I had been biased in my treatment of new and old employees.
This is a point that I did not do well, and I will try to be fair and just hereafter.
Song Ningxuan’s treatment will be the same as normal interns right from now, and we’ll follow the rules.” As a born businessman, Gu Jingyu quickly made the people around him change their dissatisfaction and easily made his image positive.


The surrounding employees also felt that their boss wasn’t as difficult to get along with as he seemed.
It was just that they had misunderstood him too deeply before.


“Today, it happens that everyone is here.
To celebrate everyone’s achievements in the first half of the year, tomorrow and the day after, I will take everyone to the beach for two days and have a big meal.”


Hearing Gu Jingyu, everyone cheered, and their mouths were full of good words.
Even the customers had never been so praised.


“However, everyone remembers to finish today’s work, or else you will be left with work tomorrow.”


“Boom!” With a bang, everyone returned to their seats.


There was a capitalist routine we didn’t understand.


It was not known whether intentionally or unintentionally, no one reminded Song Ningxuan of the boss’s treat for two days after tomorrow, as if everyone had collectively forgotten.


Song Ningxuan went somewhere and disappeared for a whole morning plus the afternoon.
She came back only when she was about to leave work.


When she returned to the office, no one was bothering her.


She was also happy with herself, sitting in her place.


When the time came to leave work, she was about to go when the supervisor came over.


“Song Ningxuan, you missed a day of work today.
Remember to write a note and finish your tasks before the day’s end.
If not, you can stay in the office and work overtime.”


Song Ningxuan was like hearing some kind of joke.
Looking around the room, no one came out to speak for her.


“Supervisor, I had something to do with the boss today.
I didn’t mean to miss work.
Look, can you make an exception?”


The supervisor looked at Song Ningxuan indifferently, without any room for negotiation.


Song Ningxuan was annoyed by the way he looked at her.
But considering her image all the time, she didn’t curse in the end.


She wanted to go straight away, but the supervisor was in front of her, not letting her go.


“Haven’t I already written the notice? What more do you want.”


A clear and questioning tone showed no respect for the leader.


“Miss Song, are you listening to me? I said, please finish your work.” The supervisor had been displeased with Song Ningxuan for a long time.
She did not have a lady’s life but had a lady’s temper.


If you had the ability, it was okay.
But it was obvious her ability was no better than others.
Yet she had a look as if she was nobler than others.


“But… I have something to do after work with the boss.”


The supervisor smiled indifferently.
She wanted to do this trick again?


“Boss is working overtime today.
Should I go ask the secretary?”


Song Ningxuan’s face paled, and she could only obediently return to her position.


At this time, Gu Jingyu was looking into this floating screen in the air and actually saw the supervisor and the heroine in the office.

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