de a fool of himself: “Don’t I just have a few more lovers? Are you all satisfied now?”

Luna and Jessica really did not expect a knight to show such an ugly face in shock because of an arm injury.
In this war-torn world, even women have seen brutal battlefields without changing their faces.

The man they liked was such a coward who only blamed women.
The two of them only feel disgusted now, and Neil is not worth a single tear from both of them.

Qiao Xingnan watched both women let go of the relationship and was relieved.
When his eyes fell on Neil again, he couldn’t help but sigh a little at the different types of people.

However, no matter what he thought in his heart, he still had to be stable on the surface.
So he still showed a condescending attitude in front of the crowd.

They saw the black-haired man throw the sword into the white-robed man’s arms with some disgust: “With such a knight, I really feel sad for the emperor of Arilance.”

Then, he raised his hand, and the white-robed figure behind him flashed, picking up the sword that Jessica had thrown on the ground before.
He appeared beside Ilir and reinserted the sword into the other’s scabbard.

“Many thanks.” The hoarse voice uttered the words of thanks so plainly as well.

“Your Excellency, in any case, this is a knight of our country.
Please leave it to us.” Ilir’s eyes fell on the knight who sat down on the ground with his ugly appearance.
He said this matter which he very much did not want to admit, with patience.

The white-robed man did not speak.
He was not qualified to decide this matter for his emperor.

“Of course, it will be handed over to you.” The black-haired man raised his head slightly, the green gem glowing in the sunlight.
His every move seemed to be written with elegance and nobility, especially when set off by the knight next to him, looking more confident and powerful.

“I will not treat any of the people of Arilance rudely, just as I love my people dearly.”

His voice was low and earnest, making people unable to resist being convinced.

If Neil had not been injured when he said this, Ilir might have nodded politely, but now he could only listen to the other party’s words in silence without knowing whether they were true or not.

“Likewise, I will forgive him for his disrespect in my presence.” The dark-haired man lowered his eyes as if to show his forgiveness.
The noble emperor suffered unprecedented humiliation.

Ilir’s body stiffened.
The incontinence of the knight was a fact.
There was no way to argue with it.
Damn Neil, he decided in his heart that he must compile the list of knights transferred from Utia and throw them all out for special training tomorrow without fail!

Then, Ilir held back his anger and asked his subordinates to take Neil away.

And when the two maids were also about to be brought in for questioning, Qiao Xingnan stood beside Ilir and sighed softly to Zero, but not too loudly, just enough for Ilir to hear.

“In my country, those who can put the mark of shame on a betrayed partner are the pride of the entire empire.
They know how to cherish themselves, and their pride cannot be tarnished.
They are my proud subjects.”

“I also wonder how Arilance would treat such commendable subjects.”

That’s right, Qiao Xingnan was here to stimulate Ilir.
At that time, to dispel Luna’s search for death without collapsing his persona, Qiao Xingnan could only do this to reveal Luna’s negative emotions.

But he didn’t do it so that Luna would be punished for attacking the knight afterward.

“Of course, we certainly won’t hurt them.” Ilir was annoyed by Neil’s disgrace and couldn’t help but say back when he heard the other man say that, “People who have the courage to pick up a sword should be respected anywhere.”

Ilir knew that if the two women were really cheated of their chastity by Neil, their future would undoubtedly be dark if they left the manor.
In this case, the two would not be able to teach Neil any lessons.

“However, they still need to be fined silver coins for doing it in the middle of the manor.” Ilir then closed his mouth.
He felt he had said a little too much.

Ilir turned his head to look at the dark-haired man, wanting to leave the place and teach Neil, who had embarrassed himself.

Only to find that the black-haired man who was just lamenting this matter with Zero didn’t care about what he said.
The other man just nodded his head to express his understanding and then started to sigh with the white-robed man, “This knight doesn’t seem so stupid.”

This person is really unpleasant in every way.

Ilir’s face darkened again, and he left without looking back.

He did not know that behind him, Qiao Xingnan looked at his figure, and his lips showed a smile of triumph.

Qiao Xingnan, who was in a good mood, did not know at all that his performance today, together with the investigation, had been sent to the table of the emperor of Arilance at a fast pace.

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