>Thinking of the mysterious and unpredictable white-robed man beside Qiao Xingnan, Ilir felt uneasy about how the other’s details were unknown.
Could the knights in the manor really stop that powerful man?

A thought flashed in his mind, and Ilir was just about to open his mouth to tell the steward when there was a sudden knock on the wooden door.

Ilir’s face darkened, and he closed his mouth.
He turned and walked over, and opened the door.
If the person knocking didn’t have anything important to say, they would attend special training!

“Sir, that Excellency and the white-robed man would like to see the steward.” Joel looked at the dark face of the chief, swallowed, and added: “The other side looks angry.”

Ilir frowned at his words, “Wait, I’ll go with the steward.”

Qiao Xingnan did not stand stupidly waiting for the other party in place as that would not have an emperor’s style.
Instead, he brought Zero and Herrick to find a white stone pavilion to rest.

Of course, only Qiao Xingnan was sitting, and the white-robed man stood at his side to guard him.

On the other hand, Herrick stiffly distanced himself from the two men.
Herrick always felt creeped out by these two mysterious beings.
He kept thinking of Joel in his mind, hoping he would come back soon.

Qiao Xingnan did not know Herrick’s thoughts.
He looked around at the flower racks filled with delicate flowers, and his eyebrows slightly relaxed.

‘Zero, do you want to take a look outside?’

The shadows under the wide hood blocked Zero’s face, and his expression was stiff, but his puzzlement was faintly visible.

‘Follow master, go.’ Zero replied earnestly.
As long as he followed his master, he could go anywhere.

The smile on Qiao Xingnan’s face deepened as he softly told Zero in his head about his plans for this script, the purpose of which was to go out and make money without any problems.

‘The economic base determines the superstructure.
Today, our arrangement is to go out and shop around, understand what is popular in this era, what is needed, and make plans for making money.’

‘Only when we earn money do we have the capital to survive from the tyrant…’

‘The plan to have good relations with Ilir cannot be interrupted either, but there may not be much chance today.’

Qiao Xingnan planned in his mind.
Then, his eyes fell on Zero’s confused and clueless face under the hood.
He paused shortly and said no more.

Zero was still confused.
It was enough to just know these things now.
After the upgrade, it may be easier for Zero to understand the script.

At this moment, three figures came out of the wooden door not far away.
In addition to Joel and the steward, Ilir was also mixed in.

Qiao Xingnan watched the three get closer and closer to him.
Finally, he stood up and silently brewed his emotions in his heart.

“I don’t know what they’re up to.”

The steward muttered to himself.
Ever since that one came, the manor has not been peaceful for a single day.

All of the man’s actions were unpredictable.

The three of them walked quickly toward the stone pavilion.

The sunlight dipped into the stone pavilion.
The black-haired man sat by a flower stand, his white fingers brushing the petals, and his delicate, handsome face was expressionless.
The sunlight hit his body, making his skin appear white as if it were shining, and a white robe with gold patterns that flowed made him look even more noble and gorgeous.

It must be said that this man is really good-looking.
At least in the eyes of the three who have seen countless beautiful people, he was at the top of the list.
And what made most people unable to look away was his noble temperament which was different from that of ordinary people.

The three of them could not help but feel a little shaken.

But all together, they were awakened by the man’s cold gaze.

“Your emperor has kept me waiting for too long.”

Qiao Xingnan lowered his eyes, and his low voice carried an immensely suppressed anger.

“No one has ever made me wait for such a long time, and it makes me wonder if your emperor is worth waiting for any longer.”

The white-robed man stood by his side in silence, his body tensed as if he was suppressing his anger.
There was a cold intent all over his body as if all he needed was a command from the man, and he would tear this group of them apart.

Of course, this was only the imagination of the steward’s group.
In fact, Zero just followed Qiao Xingnan’s instructions and stood straight next to him.

The steward didn’t know what this man really meant for a moment and only had to say soothingly, “Our emperor is on his way and will arrive later.”

The man laughed lightly, somewhat mockingly inexplicably: “I have been in this manor for five days, and I have yet to see your so-called emperor.
This is an insult to my pride.”

The original body stayed in this manor for two days, while he crossed for three days, which adds up to five days.

The steward vaguely sensed the other party’s intention.
Could it be that he wanted to run away?

This was not possible.
Before the emperor’s arrival, this person must not be allowed to escape.

He deliberated for a moment, ready to block the other party’s idea of running away: “Your Excellency, our emperor will come to the manor the day after tomorrow.
Please be patient.
If you feel bored at the manor, we are willing to introduce you to some of the small towns nearby.”

“After all, you left your country to come here.
It would be a pity not to see the customs of our country and the people who are proud of it.”

When the man heard this, he frowned, his eyelashes slightly drooping and his white fingertips gently stroking the petals before him as if he was deliberating the steward’s proposal.

In fact, the steward’s words were right on target, and Qiao Xingnan should have been happy.
However, his mind was now filled with what the steward’s words revealed.

The tyrant was coming over the day after tomorrow!!! How can it be so soon? Qiao Xingnan withdrew his slightly trembling hand and forced himself to hold on to his appearance lest they notice something wrong.

Seeing this, the steward thought that Qiao Xingnan was still reluctant and hurriedly added: “The chief knight of our manor will act as your guide and help you solve your problems.
At the same time, all your needs can be brought up to him.”

Ilir looked at the steward, and he understood what he meant.
The white-robed man was unknown but extremely powerful and needed to be watched over by him.

“At your service, Your Excellency.” Ilir bowed toward the other party.

Seeing the good attitude of the two men, the dark-haired man’s face gradually looked better as he nodded reluctantly and confirmed again, “Is your emperor sure to come the day after tomorrow?”

“Yes, Your Excellency.”

It was only after receiving an affirmative answer that Qiao Xingnan nodded his head haughtily, “Very well.” At the same time, he dropped a sentence, “I would like to take time to see your so-called small town this afternoon.”

The man’s white robe cut through the air, and he left without looking back.

Looking at the other party’s back, the steward was a little tired: “Finally got him to stay.”

Finally, they could go out.

Qiao Xingnan was glad but flustered.
According to the original plan, the tyrant would not arrive for another six or seven days, but he did not expect it to be so soon.

This completely disrupted his plan to slowly change the impression of the people in the manor.

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